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Demo? Multi-language, multi-currency, configure decimal separator and thousand separator, calendar? login for patient, doctor, receptionist?

I became interested in the system. But I added a service and it does not appear in the list. My connection speed is 50MB / s but your system is too slow, is it problem with your server or the same system it takes to load the data?

Hello. I’m sorry for that issue. I have sent a message to my hosting server to fix the slow loading. I have attached the screenshots of my system so you can see the pages of the site. Thank you


Hi, I try your demo, when i click patient report, it only show list of patients. How to read the record? because in medical clinic/hospital it require patient records data.

please inform where or how to see the records. Is it possible to change the currency because i am not using USD

Hi, Thanks for your message. Actually you can attach the patient file under the patient tab. Please choose Patient Record > then click Edit button. It’s show patient details and patient file data.

Yes. you can change the currency. Choose settings on top of the page then click choose account details. Then you can change the currency

Another file for patient data is in the Inpatient Menu.

Nice script. Good luck with sales..

Thank you :)

In my country the decimal separator is a comma and the thousand sepador is the point, I’m meaning is the opposite of yours. I need you to let it set for currencies or any decimal number. On display and also in typing. You are willing to implement this?

I have sent you an email regarding on this concern. Please check and test the new updates, Thanks

where is the new update? In this site: 6 August 15, in mail not exist attachment.

Hi, you must check the demo link under my item. Thank you

i want to buy this but let me know there is any user separate rights like accountant , doctor,patients etc

Hi, Thanks for your message. Yes, we have integrated multiple user account access for the separate system modules.

do i have the ability to build custom forms for the patients?

Hi, Thanks for your message. Yes, you will modify it depends on your requirements.

Is there an audit log for users activities ?

Hi, Thanks for your message. Yes

Hi, Thanks for your message. Yes

Hello, I have several clinics would like to know if your system I can manage them as a multi clinic system

Hi, Thanks for your message. You can create single department for every clinic system.

The Demo is offline

Hi, You must check again the demo link under my item and it’s working. Thanks


bonbo Purchased

Hello, im trying your demo, when i try to add item and services on charge windows it always give me 500 internal server error, can you please check?

Hi, I’m sorry for that, I have a problem issue with my server speed. You can check the screenshot to view the pages of the platform. Thanks

Really like your product. Think is the best out there that truly meets requirements for a hospital. I am a little worried about making the investment.

By the look of your design and layout of the application, you come off as a detailed and task oriented individual. However, not supporting your application and having a slow response time is drooping points.

I guess my question is what is your response time to issues customers have and how easy is it to change text fields to meet individual needs? thanks

Hi Tengtec, Thank you for your message. I have sent you an email regarding on your concern. Thanks

very good project thank you

Hi kiljumper, Thank you for your message and purchased. You can email me if you have question. Thanks

I have put it on XAMPP but it gives some error as below

Notice: Undefined variable: db_timezone_timezone in C:\xampp\htdocs\hcms\include\date_time.php on line 3

Notice: date_default_timezone_set(): Timezone ID ’’ is invalid in C:\xampp\htdocs\hcms\include\date_time.php on line 3

Notice: Undefined index: SessionUserLogUserID in C:\xampp\htdocs\hcms\database\account.php on line 71

Notice: Undefined variable: db_user_user_type_id in C:\xampp\htdocs\hcms\database\account.php on line 99

Hi gmembi89, I have sent you an email regarding on this concern. Thanks

hi. can it work offline

Yes sir.

what is the password of admin

after instllation, whats admin password

Hello Kanisani,

The username is “admin” and password is also “admin”.

does the software have other login like accountant login, nurse login as it in other hospital management

Hello steville, Yes. you can setup it from the User Account. Thanks

have a prescription option and calendar (agenda) ?

Hello andrevanzato, I’m planning to develop that module on the next version.

In your demo, I think it signs me in as a PATIENT. So I can’t access your other modules.

Hi biolaakinsanmi, You can now test the demo. Thanks

Hello, i will buy your product and i have several questions, let me start with the first one. Can i add french translation in this? 2- DOES IT HAVE PHARMACY or Drug storeincluded? 3- Billing, inventory for medicines?

Hello Daphnis1, Yes. You can add Multi-Language and Multi-Department to modules. Thanks