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Cool! If only I had an iPhone – this would be MINE :D! I prefer Android more though. c:

Congratulations on your first item approval, welcome to CodeCanyon, and good luck with sales.

Glad you like it. thanks

I like the design, but what can this provide that , say the iPhone favorites list doesn’t? Or is it just for the convenience of dialing from in-app?

Yes. The more convenient way is from in-app. It also helps new developers to learn how to interact with address book and import specific information. This can be further implemented to interact with Address book’s other informations and make it more efficient tool. This template serves as a basic template tool.

For Example:

1. New developers can learn how to import specific info of a contact from address book.

2. The info that imported currently being used for phone/message. but it can be used for other purposes such as share it with other platform users, set local notifications to remind to call/message/meet (Need further implementation)

3. Address of selected contact can be imported from address book and then can show their locations in a map view (all of them in one map view, need further implementation).

4. There are numeric ways to significantly improve further.

If this (and your other app) had an easy way to integrate with other apps i can see this being super useful.

Just copy the classes and interface builder views into your app and link from your existing interface builder.

if i purchase the other app i need would you integrate and send me a integrated package?

Which are the two apps you want to combine?

I am interested to buy this code. I will integrate this code with my app. But i need to see it’s full operations. So can you please share a video demo showing the full specification of this app ?

It would be great if you do this. Please…

Hi, that might not be everyone needs. I would make that changes if more requests come.

I leave that implementation to you as you can download this file and make whatever changes you wish. You may contact me if you need me to customise it for you.

OK, Thank you very much. I have already bought this code. So can you please make that changes for me and send that customised code to my email ? My email id is partho.maple@gmail.com Waiting fro your reply…

I have already bought this code. So can you please make that changes for me that i have already asked you ? I asked you to do this “There will be a tabbed bar app with 2 tabs. In one tab named “Contacts” will show all of the contacts and on another tab named “Quickdial” will show this feature.”

So please do that for me and send that customised code to my email ?

My email id is partho.maple@gmail.com

Waiting fro your reply…

New version will be available to download soon.

Could you post the new version that Partho requested on CodeCanyon? Then, I’ll buy it.

I think i should put this in my to do list

Hi Samberson, New version was uploaded for review. will be available soon.

I am also interested to buy this item but only the new version. So is it possible to post the new version within 12 August that Partho and Samberson requested on CodeCanyon? ? If you can then i will buy it with Extended License. I need to integrate it with my app. So if you can do it within 12 August then let me know. Otherwise i will go for another solution.

Started to work on it. Please stay tuned.

Thank you for letting me know. I will wait for you till 12 August. Please reply to this thread after finishing the update.

The requested feature has implemented and will be available for download soon.

Hi, Nice app just bought it. I am going to use it as a second and hidden contact list and i will add a passcode.

I was wondering is it possible to delete the contacts from the bottom menu and keep the quick dial only?

Yes. Just delete the unwanted view controller from storyboard and you are ready to go.

Done, Thanks alot.

Hello, I think this may have what I need but would like to purchase the $10 license to check it out and be certain. If I would like to then purchase an extended license can the $10 I spent go towards that extended license price? Thank you!

No unfortunately. They are standalone prices according to marketplace sales terms.

Please explain, with the regular license, can I place the app into the AppStore?

Yes you can but the app has to be free for downloading. If you want your app is changeable then go for extended license.

When will an ios 7 version be released?

in two weeks time

hi, u will make a update with the new google maps framework?

how does the google maps framework useful to this app?

when test the app in real iphone 5s the app show like in link