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I did not understand the concept of this app.

A simple offline store/merchant who doesn’t have any computer , can generate a bill and send the bill to customer email. If he has a online presence, this can be also integrated to Magento, joomla stores or his own product catalog also.

I also did not understand the concept !!! are you saying its a general App which can work with webstores ? like magento, joomla based ?? out of the box without custamizations ?

hi, App currently runs without any integration and able to support add items manually with name & price & generates PDF bill . Also can send email to customers. Any product look up from magento,joomla is not available. Yes this can be integrated.

Would be nice if the user can pay online the bill. Any plan to add it? Thanks.

Hi, Down the line we can do that for top payment gateways like paypal

For this app, Admob might not be relavent to have it. After the purchase if u need admob, we can provide the added Admob code with no cost for your requirement’s

Is it possible to add Product photo feature to this app?? I mean at the time of invoice user will have a choice to select photo of the product from Gallery or Camera??

This feature is not yet available and this feature can be extended with the existing codebase. I will take this as a feedback and it in our queue

How do you edit this? lol

Edit: never mind. Found out how.

How do you change the name of the app?

Please go to Android manifest XML with app name option.

Which folder do I go to the change the assets?

Apology for the delay reply. Here is the Assets folder . You can see the screens shot .https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3XhevZhMhd-dlUzOWpPY1YxYlBXN3QzOU1HVGlYQi1RYXJZ/view?usp=sharing

Hey, I have another problem. I keep getting this error when I try to run the project

Error:(87, 63) error: package R does not exist (It’s in the swipelayout.java file)

Never mind. fixed it.

Need help! Whenever I generate the apk everything works but the “print” and “send mail” section. It doesn’t make the pdf file like in the demo. It just does nothing

Please verify the pdf generation is including the proper the new image path’s.

How do you do that? Sorry for the questions btw :)

can i insert a logo pic inside the pdf file?

Yes. You insert the logo and you can customize the pdf

before buying can traslate to other lenguaje?

Language translation is not available. It reads the six languages and when it comes to content display, it supports 36+ languages.

Hopefully the name, address of the customer (details), date of purchase can be written down in the pdf. Otherwise the bill / invoice will be legally invalid. It’s not a binding contract. Please add this feature.

Ok.. great. One more thing does it need server or not?

And I found 2 symbols are missing in the pdf’s bill. Zipcode and Country has no ”:” symbol. Coudl you fix it too

PDF generation is done through the Android app itself. It doesn’t need Server.

How do i have the client pay through this application? I would like to integrate my paypal account to this app. Im interested in purchasing but just want to make the transaction ability as seamless as possible for the client.

Hi , we need to add PayPal integration and it is seamless integration. We can give a quote for it. Email us Support@kloudportal.com

wanna know if there is no internet connection how they manage to bill? local db an sync when had internet or how?

It has local db for catching previous bill data. It needs Internet for generating bill to avoid sync issues.

can not make like each user had a invoice like a123 b123 so it syncs with server and sync every biller?

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Hi, I downloaded your demo app from play store in that there is a signature in the generated pdf file. can I change that and each time I have to enter the product details for billing ? can you change that like entering all product on the app and at the time of billing choose from the list to add to the cart can you do that.

Yes, you can change the signature of the generated PDF.

Hi is there any planned updates for this project, it seems to be a few versions out of sync with Android dev.

Please let us know what help is required. We will be soon releasing an update

is this project compatible to android studio?


cnuonline Author Team

Yes. It is compatible.