Quick Bill - Store Billing Solution in your pocket

Quick Bill - Store Billing Solution in your pocket

Quick Bill – Store Billing Solution in your pocket

Key Features:
  • Quick Bill is a retail store billing app for Small Business Owners and Consumers. It can be used for anything from grocery store to fashion store to apparel store and you name it!
  • For a Business Owner: You can now send a bill to your customer on their e-mail address – Go green and protect the planet! This a readily available app with no or minimum modifications required.
  • For a Customer: Customers can now keep track of their purchases on their e-mails. Label the bills and find them whenever they need. Start using the app right away!!!

    All a user has to do is

    Step 1: Download the App

    Step 2: Enter the Store details

    Step 3: Start Billing!!!

    Step 4: Send the Bill as an e-mail to your customers.


    Step 5: Integrate your Thermal Printer and print the Bill.

  • Style and Design Leverage the advantage of Android Material Design with beautiful Transitions, including the floating Action, layered transitions.
  • Who can use this App This is a disruptive App that can help Small Business owners to reduce their printing needs and focus on garnering more customers. Business owners can stay connected with consumers/customers by sending sale/discount notifications, holiday sale, special offers etc., to their customers! Its the easiest way to stay engaged with your customers. Customers – get the benefit of receiving offers and notifications on their e-mails and keep track of their bills. Go Green Yay!!!!
  • Generates PDF attachment with option to select the email provider
  • Everything runs in Standalone App with local SQLLite db.

Developer Notes

Android App Template – Demo Play Store URL:

Download the source code is compatible to Android Studio workspace and gradle support

For Customization , Custom Integration and any specific requirements, Please shoot a email to for a quotation.