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Great work GLWS :)


Great work :-) GL


Is there also a possibilty to create albums with songs / lyrics?

Luogo, This plugin is not about creating albums / songs / artists… These custom post types are just there as an example.

My plugin is an add-on for Advanced Custom Fields. More specifically for ‘Relationship fields’. I think you should start to take a look at https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/relationship/

Will you have a demo for testing?

Hi Luogo, There is no demo available at this time, but you can download and install the free version of this plugin, which only works with ACF free version, and which provides the exact same features as this pro version.

Nice plugin, but bidirectional relationship would be perfect! When user creates an album from an artist page (“artistB hasAlbum albumA”), he shouldn’t have to create a redundant relationship from the album page (“albumA hasArtist artistB”). Maybe this plugin could be compatible with Advanced Custom Fields: 2-Way Post Relation to make it possible.

Bidirectional feature is not in the scope of this add-on. You can find a great tutorial about this in the ACF documentation : https://www.advancedcustomfields.com/resources/bidirectional-relationships/


I’ve bought your plugin recently and I was wondering if the following feature is available. Imagine I have 2 CPTs: Parent, Child.

  • Parent has a relationship acf to Child.
  • Child has a Post Object acf to Parent.

I want to know, if in the Parent page, when I create a new Child using your plugin, is possible to pre-populate the post field (html select) value to the parent from where it was created. Is that possible with some hooks or filters the plugin has?

Thank you.

Hi Moxienyc, thanks for purchasing this add-on!

I recently had a similar case. `Quick and easy Post creation for ACF Relationship Fields PRO` add-on loads the child post form in a lightbox-contained iframe, with some additional URL args:

  • `acf_rc_from_content_type`: the post type of your parent post.
  • `acf_rc_from_content_ID`: the ID of your parent post.
I’ll try to document this asap in my plugin description.

So you are able to use these URL params to populate ACF fields on your child post. Example:

add_filter('acf/load_field/name=${NAME_OF_YOUR_ACF_FIELD}', 'populate_acf_field' );
function populate_acf_field( $field ) {
    if( !empty( $_REQUEST['acf_rc_from_content_type'] ) && $_REQUEST['acf_rc_from_content_type'] == '${YOUR_PARENT_CONTENT_TYPE}' && !empty( $_REQUEST['acf_rc_from_content_ID'] ) ) {
        $field['value'] = 'whatever you want';
    return $field;

Of course, you’ll have to replace `${NAME_OF_YOUR_ACF_FIELD}` and `${YOUR_PARENT_CONTENT_TYPE}` with real values.

Hope this helps.

That’s exactly what I needed.

Thank you, it worked perfectly.

Glad to be helpful :) If you find this plugin useful, a quick review of your part would be much appreciated. Thanks Moxienyc


dweb Purchased

Bonjour J’ai installé votre module, le signe + s’affiche correctement mais je n’arrive pas à cliquer dessus pour créer un autre post ! Merci


Premièrement, assurez-vous que tous vos plugins sont à jour.

Quels types de contenus peuvent être liés à votre champ (Articles, Pages, Media, ...) ? Actuellement, le plugin ne prend pas en charge les contenus de type Media, donc si vous avez paramétré votre champ pour que seuls des medias puissent y être liés, le plugin sera effectivement inopérant.

Si ce n’est pas votre cas : il est possible qu’un autre plugin interfère avec le mien. Pouvez-vous désactiver les plugins autres que “ACF” et “Quick and easy Post creation for ACF Relationship Fields PRO”, et retenter la manipulation ? Si ça fonctionne ainsi, c’est qu’effectivement un autre plugin provoque un dysfonctionnement. Vous pourrez alors les réactiver un à un pour identifier celui qui pose problème.

Si malgré tout ça ne fonctionne toujours pas, êtes-vous en mesure de me dire si vous observez des messages d’erreurs dans la console Javascript de votre navigateur ? Si vous n’avez aucune idée de ce que cette dernière phrase signifie, est-ce que ça vous embêterait de me donner un accès temporaire à votre site, pour que je tente d’identifier moi-même le soucis ?

Merci à vous pour votre achat.


dweb Purchased


PM sent !

Thank you


gbreen Purchased

I am going to be a buyer for sure. I am wondering if you have any idea how to make current posts click-able to edit in an iframe similar to how your plugin functions.

Well, that would be a nice feature for a future version of this plugin! I don’t know any other plugin that lets do this. Thanks for the idea gbreen.

Hello, a quick pre-sales question; can this plugin replicate woocommerce product data metabox?

Sorry, I don’t see the point about WooCommerce metabox… My plugin is just a kind of “shortcut” to create content without leaving the page you are working on. Could be a WooCommerce product though.

very very good.