Discussion on Quform - WordPress Form Builder

Discussion on Quform - WordPress Form Builder

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Is it possible to have a tickbox field showing in the admin area, but hidden on the form? We would like a field called “Approved” that admins can tick when entries are reviewed – but this would not appear on the actual form.

No, it’s not possible to edit the submitted data in the admin section, the only option is to mark an entry as read/unread.

Regards, TC

Very happy with the process to create a long form. But I’m having a bit of trouble creating groups. When I put form items inside a group and save the settings, the form looks different in the page. When I come back to the form in Quform, the group borders are moved.

Is this something I can fix? If not, can I get a refund? I definitely need to be able to put items in groups for display reasons (set apart sections of the form) and to display items horizontally. Thanks for any help.

I’m using WordPress 3.4.1 with the WooThemes Canvas theme. See the form at

I haven’t seen any problems like this with the group system before. Could you please send over administrator login details, your admin URL to the contact form on my profile page.

To keep your website secure, it is best if you could create a temporary user account just for us with the “Administrator” role, which you can then delete when we have resolved your problem.

Regards, TC

Can I publish this form results in a wordpress page? Thank you in advandce.

You can create a post/page using this guide. To add more fields and HTML you would further build up the $content variable before inserting.

Regards, TC

Can whatever they choose (via the questions) show as a preview at the end? For example they choose a s colour, material, Jumper and then then they have the end product in a preview….

It’s possible to do this with custom JavaScript, you’d create JavaScript event bindings on the fields and when the user interacts with them you then update your preview. There is no part of the plugin that can help with this.

Regards, TC

Hi how do I make single line text (input fields) longer? Also how do I make two fields on a single row?

To do this for all text fields, in the form builder go to Settings -> Style and at the bottom add a new style “Text input elements” and enter your CSS width in the box.

width: 250px;
Regards, TC

Hi there,

How can I translate:

a) “This field is required”

b) “Send” - (text into the button submit)

c) “(required)”

Thanks a lot, jczafra

a) In the element settings, go to the Optional tab, and enter your translation at “Error message if required”.

b) Settings -> General -> Submit button text

c) Settings -> Style -> Required indicator text

Regards, TC

Do you provide extended license please? Thank you

Do you mean you would like to use the plugin on Unlimited number of sites? It’s not possible while the plugin is on CodeCanyon, but we will make it available soon.

Please fill out this form and we will notify you as soon as it becomes available.

Regards, TC

Hi My friend

I really appreciate your good work and support. I have few problems with JQuery UI I think , as none of JQuery functions work in my theme such as datepicker and tooltip. could you please check of this simple form that I have made already Thanks

You have jQuery version 1.7.2 in the head of your page, which is good. But further down in the head section you have another jQuery version 1.3.2, which is not compatible with our plugin. It looks like another plugin may be adding this code, if you can remove it it should fix the problems.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Regards, TC

What an amazing plugin! Well worth every penny. Love to spend my money on this quality piece. Thanks!! well done kudos for you

Thank you :)


The popup works fine when put in the tempate .. but when place on the page as a shortcode , it won’t work (?)

any ideas ?

Could you send me a link to a page where it doesn’t work?

Regards, TC

This thing is SUPER NICE !!!

The only issue I am having thus far is ..

1 ) The contact form is not sending out a reply email to the SENDER .

Isn’t it supposed to send out a copy of the email OR an auto-reply to the sender?

I have this activated in my Admin panel.

Just wondering…

Does your NON -Wordpress version of this script do the same thing as this one? Is it as robust and feature-rich?

What is the admin panel like for your NON -WordPress version?

Definitely planning to buy more of this plug-in!!!

1. It’s usually caused by your host blocking the email or the PHP mail() function not set up on your server. Can you try setting the “From” address to an email address that is associated with your hosting account. To do this, in the form builder go to Settings -> Email and for “From” address (for both notfication and autoreply) set it to “Static email address” and enteran email address that is associated with your hosting account.

If that doesn’t work you can set the form to send using a SMTP server at Quform -> Settings on the WordPress menu.

2. Our non-WordPress version doesn’t have an admin panel or form builder, the form needs to be built manually in the HTML .

Regards, TC

Will give it a shot and see how it goes.

One very important element this form is missing are “Radio” buttons.

Will this ever come with “Radio” buttons?

They are there and called “Multiple Choice” on the Add element box.

Regards, TC

Oh OK. Thanks.

In an earlier email you mentioned that we can have File Download URL links sent to our email, instead of attachments.

1) how do we do that?

2) How do we delete the files that are on the server?

It’s set up by default to save files to the server and send you links in the email.

If you want to change this behaviour, go to the element settings for your File Upload field, Optional tab. The settings are “Attach uploaded files to the notification email” and “Save uploaded files to the server”. If you want to delete previously uploaded files you would need to do this manually via FTP or a file manager plugin.

Regards, TC

Thought I had posted this before, but we do have it set for both:

1) Attach uploaded files to the notification email

2) Save uploaded files to the server

3) Path to save uploaded files is set to “iphorm/{form_id}/{year}/{month}/”

And it only attached the files but does not send the URL links

I haven’t seen this problem before, I would need to take a look for myself. Could you please send over administrator login details, your admin URL to the contact form on my profile page.

To keep your website secure, it is best if you could create a temporary user account just for us with the “Administrator” role, which you can then delete when we have resolved your problem.

Regards, TC


how can i set a checkbox field dynamicly to be checked or unchecked i set the “dynamic default value” field , but what ever i do (flters) nothing happen.

Checkbox values can be set by returning an array of values that you want ticked. For example, with the default Checkbox options and a Parameter name of “cbox” you can use this code to tick Options 2 & 3

add_action('iphorm_element_value_cbox', 'mytheme_set_checkbox');

function mytheme_set_checkbox($value)
    return array('Option 2', 'Option 3');
Regards, TC

how do i create fields side by side


thanks for all the help.

can you please guide me how can i add or change form element option like: “Column alignment”,”label placement”. to have a right side option ?

beside that i think right side option is a must in future updates to all the RTL users.

Can you set the Label placement to “Left” and go to the Advanced tab of the element settings, add a CSS style for “Label” and enter:

float: right;
You may also need to put a CSS width on the Outer wrapper to keep the label and field close together.

Regards, TC

Im trying to customize the email subject with the Post Name/Title. I used the form post/page title variable in the subject (ex {post_title} : {Name|1} ) but when I tested it, only the Name shows up on the email subject. Need help!!! Thanks!

This is a bug, to fix it open the file iphorm-form-builder/includes/iPhorm.php and search for the code:

case '{post_id}':
    return iphorm_get_current_post_id();
case '{post_title}':
    return iphorm_get_current_post_title();
Change it to:
case '{post_id}':
    return isset($_POST['post_id']) ? $_POST['post_id'] : '';
case '{post_title}':
    return isset($_POST['post_title']) ? $_POST['post_title'] : '';
Regards, TC

hello TC

about the checkboxes set, i didn’t understand how to implement the example.

my checkbox named detailes with one option(‘yes i want to fill detailes’)

let’s say i filled my form and want to save the value to a post metabox i do this ? what detailes will hold ? the option name ? 0 ? true ?
    $my_post = array(....
    'detailes' => $form->getValue('iphorm_1_16') , 

  wp_insert_post( $my_post );

and if i want to pull the value from the metabox and set it on the form (edit from the frontend), i think your example will do here, no ?
add_filter('iphorm_element_value_detailes', 'mytheme_set_checkbox');
function mytheme_set_checkbox($value)
$meta = get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), 'detailes', TRUE );
return $meta;

I don’t think you can save post metadata directly from the wp_insert_post function. You may need to do this:

$post_id = wp_insert_post($my_post);
if ($post_id != false) {
    add_post_meta($post_id, 'detailes', $form->getValue('iphorm_1_16'), true);
Regards, TC


i have a big problem with the uploads, all the uploads arr stuck here: wp-content/iphorm/

if the file i uploaded is file.doc in the folder his name is:iphormEIgDiB

i set the upload path to this: wp-content/uploads/singles/com/

but for odd reason the file is not renamed or moved to the folder, i didn’t touch nothing in the folder permission.

the form is submiited normal the values with the url are empty in all 3 upload fields i’m having.

i don’t know if that belong but just to remind you in the past i wanted to add custom validator to non english file names and you found a bug and wrote me to change a js file.

js/jquery.iphorm.js find these lines:
uploadError = true;
$('.iphorm-upload-error', $form).text( + ' - ' +[0]);
Replace them with
swfUploadError = true;
$('.iphorm-upload-error', $form).text( + ' - ' +[0]).show();

I sent you an email about this.

Regards, TC


I have purchased this plugin and it is fantastic.

I have a question : when I create a form, I can see that the names of the values are value=iphorm_1_1 ; value=iphorm_1_2 ; ...

I would like to change the name of the value and for example instead of having value=iphorm_1_1 for NAME I would like to have value=name

Is it possible to change the name of the value and where can I make the changes ?

Thanks for your answer

It seems to work with the following changes, I can’t guarantee that it’s 100% compatible with every feature in the plugin though. In your theme functions.php add the following code.

add_action('iphorm_pre_display_1', 'mytheme_change_element_name');
add_action('iphorm_pre_process_1', 'mytheme_change_element_name');

function mytheme_change_element_name($form)
If your form unique ID is not 1, change it on the first two lines. Change iphorm_1_1 etc to the unique ID of the elements you want to change.

Regards, TC