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too few styles for forms, useless plugin, do not buy

Hi Markovab – Pity you feel that way. As a sidenote: Did you actually buy the plugin?

I have everything in order, and where you see the anger, just 4 very ugly style of money could be made even beautiful, but not so ugly

markovab, are you ok? So much anger

Where’s the like button again? ;)

Good Idea, bad implementation … the Future and Keyword is “Livepreview” ;-)

I completely agree. But WP’s customizer’s UI isn’t mature enough yet to handle that amount of options – the user will be scrolling up-and-down to death…

Finally – the fields we’re using are not supported in customizer as yet (e.g. Typography).

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Awesome, thanks!

i see nothing into Dark version (only background quform_bg_dark.png … maybe something wrong?

Hi barreoblique,

Do you mean that you can’t see anything on the demo of the dark version?

i see nothing into Dark version (only background quform_bg_dark.png … maybe something wrong?

I’m using Firefox 35.

It’s something that’s on the drawing board; However seeing as the plugin allows you to upload files, there’s something extra precautions we need to take when it comes to security.

That’s why we opted for video preview with lots of screenshots in the meantime :)

Maybe just desactivate the upload files option? (and tell why… ). This is just a suggestion. You do like you want to do :) & sorry about my poor english :)

Hmmm, It’s something I’ll investigate further – although it won’t be short term.

As for your English – no worries, I understood you perfectly!

Please Ignore i have now figured it out. Thanks

Hi Oxidar – Awesome; Glad you figured it out :)

Shoot an email if you run into trouble again…

When I unstalled this I had lots of memory issues and it stopped bbpress and buddypress from functioning. When its deactivated they all work again. My hoster says this plugin is not functioning properly and is using too much cahe memory. Ill wait for next version.

Ah man – that totally sucks!

Do you know how much memory you do have and what PHP version you’re running? Also, have you got any error logs I can take a look at?

hello; s Gravity Forms supports rtl ??

Hi Pramji,

This is a plugin for Quform – not Gravity Forms :)

Hi, I have already purchased this item and in error I have purchased it again. May i ask for a refund. I meant to purchase an additional QuForm License but not the Styles… Please and Thank You. PS Your support website is down.

Hi Hasokeric,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately Envato we don’t have the ability to provide refunds as all payments are processed through Envato itself. For more information refunds and sales reversals, I suggest the following links:



In terms of our support website being down (Sigh) – Yep, our hosting provider, WPEngine, is currently experiencing a DDOS attack. We’re working with them closely to resolve this issue.

Thank you for the reply; actually… i will use you for the 2nd site as well… I love the plugin; enjoy the funds. I think it would only be fair to pay you for it despite having the file already and your plugin is not enforcing me to input the Purchase ID… Keep up the good work… looking for an update to make it atleast a little bit faster :-) would love the save to happen via Ajax.

Hello! Hope you are well. So, did you took a decision to test the plugin in the WordPress backend?

Hello. Your plugin killed my site with a fatal error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function dfd_module_animation_styles() in R:\www\Festivus\wp-content\themes\ronneby\inc\vc_custom\dfd_vc_addons.php on line 1348

I would very much like a refund.