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hi there…! iphorm is excelent but i have a couple of problems..

a. cannot redirect to another page after form submission. b. I have a problem with character display (utf-8) in the incoming email.

=?UTF-8?Q?=CE=9C=CE=91=CE=98=CE=97=CE=A4=CE=97?= / REGISTRATION | fdsfs fdsfds Message-ID: Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2011 06:01:52 -0700 MIME -Version: 1.0 Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=”=_swift_v4_13040821124dbab6c0de9ed=_”

=_swift_v4_13040821124dbab6c0de9ed=_ Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

=CE=95=CE=93=CE=93=CE=A1=CE=91=CE=A6=CE=97 =CE=9C=CE=91=CE=98=CE=97= =CE=A4=CE=97 / REGISTRATION | fdsfs fdsfds ...etc




I see in your scripts.js code you have
which reloads the same page on success, if you want to redirect to another page use
window.location = 'another-page.html';
Not sure what the problem is with the encoding, can you send your config.php to and tell me which email software you are using?

Hi, i like the iphorm… but i have one problem: How or where can I change the transferred label-names in the Email like Name, Email, Phone, Subject, Message?

thank you

By default they are automatically generated from the name=”” attribute of the input element in the HTML . You can either change the name attribute in the HTML and in your element setup in config.php or you can override the label by passing in a second argument to the element constructor for each element in config.php as shown below.
$name = new iPhorm_Element('name', 'Your custom label');
The email would then show “Your custom label” instead of “Name”.

Hello, Great Script!

I did have a couple quick questions if you have the time.

1. is there documentation on how to get the tool-tip to display on the left side of the input?

2. and what would be the best way to process the form then initiate a download on submit. Should I edit the config.php or is that simply to define fields?

Hi and thanks :)

1. There is a link to the qTip documentation at the bottom of the documentation section “Changing the tooltips”, you will find help there.

2. See the documentation section “Redirecting to another page after the form is submitted” and instead of redirecting to a page, put the URL of the file in there.

Thank You!

I tried to get it to work before I modified anything and had a little trouble, But it was my fault. It is up and running now, Thank you for your support. 5 stars from me.

Hi, this is great, but I need my contact form to be in some kind of floating bubble and not in the actual page. Would your form work ok in a modal window? Thanks!


Yes it will work in a modal, there are instructions included on how to put it into a lightbox (Colorbox).

Great stuff! Thanks. 5 stars.

I have a quick question about the email sent out. I don’t want to repeat the subject in the body of the email just the child’s name being registered.

the email has this:

<?php echo $this?>_form->escape($this->getSubject()); ?>

I want it to list the field $childname

How would this be written just to echo the $childname element.

$childname = new iPhorm_Element(‘child-name’); / $childname->addFilter(‘trim’); $childname->addValidator(‘required’); $form->addElement($childname);


See the documentation section “Customising the autoreply email”

It isn’t the auto reply email I am changing. It is the email sent to the recipient.

Either way neither section tells me how to change this line to only show the $childname field instead of repeating the subject line.

<?php echo $this?>_form->escape($this->getSubject()); ?>

Since the form is already live I don’t want to mess anything up but the client wants the change.

I see, I believe the code is the same either way:

<?php echo $this?>_form->escape($this->_form->getValue('childname')); ?>

Hello ThemeCatcher,

How can I change the position of specific form elements in the email? I’ve read the manual, checked email-html.php and email-plain.php but I can’t figure out how to do this. Is it possible to create tables and inline css for specific elements?

Amount: (‘form-amount-1’) – Type: (‘form-type-1’)
Amount: (‘form-amount-2’) – Type: (‘form-type-2’)

I use the iPhorm on this website:

Thanks in advance

Dave van Hoorn


By default it loops through every element and displays the value using the foreach loops in those files. If you want to customise what is shown, you will need to remove the entire foreach loop and then get the values individually as shown here.

Exactly the answer I was looking for, thanks a lot.

I had this form working beautifully… then I did something to screw it up.

When one left a required field empty, a message would fade in. Now, it takes you to a new page “Please go back and correct these errors”

I can’t remember how to get it back the way it was.

Thanks for your help

Probably means there is a JavaScript error on the page, so the form is falling back to the non-JavaSript method.


I have bought your files, nice !

I have 3 questions :

1°) How can you control all the position of the form, I have been in pagestyles, but didn’t see the solution, can you help me for that… I want to have the control of positioning all the form. :-)

2°) I have put in my html : Nom & Prénom * it’s function correctly, but when I received the form in my emailing, I receive “Nom prenom” and not “Nom & Prénom”.

3°) When I received the contact form in my email, I want to choose the font and size, in what file I can’t do that ? (It’s very big, I want the information more smaller)

Thanks for your help :-))

SORRY , my english is not very good… :-)


2. In config.php add a 2nd argument when creating the element like so:
new iPhorm_Element('nom_prenom', 'Nom & Prénom');

3. In the file emails/email-html.php there are inline styles defining the font size.

the first question is resolved, I have find the solution in CSS .

the question 2 & 3 is not resolved… :-)

thanks, your answer is ok… all the form function correctly…

Thanks you :-)

LOVE the form. Everything is working good except the form is stripping off the name of the file attachment. The email arrives with the attachment but it has not name. (ie. ”.jpg”). Any ideas.

Thanks for the great work.

Any non-alphanumeric characters are stripped from the file name when they are attached to prevent any issues with strange characters. So if the uploaded file does not have any valid characters, the filename will be empty.

To get round this, you can change the code on line 249 of classes/iPhorm/SuccessHandler/Email.php to be:
$filename = $filenameFilter->filter($pathInfo['filename']);
$filename = (strlen($filename) > 0) ? $filename . $extension : 'upload' . $extension;

So any blank files will now be named upload.jpg. I will add this change to the next version, thanks for letting us know.

I can changed the position of the form on : - TOP - LEFT - RIGHT

it’s function correctly…


I have designed my website with the menu on BOTTOM and it’s doesn’t work when I put (for example) margin-bottom:500px; (it’s function when I write margin-top:500px;)

is it possible ?

Thanks for your answer

Can you post a link to the form so I can take a look?

OK, I have send you an email with the link at

best regards stephen

Hi ThemeCatcher, Can download function accommodate other file types like .pdf and Word doc files? Thanks so much.

Yes it will work for any file type.

Hi- I bought the form script and added it ok, except for the attachment feature which ironically is why I bought it to begin with so I am disappointed I cant seem to figure out the problem. I am a little confused where exactly the attachments go to. I saw someone here mention that it goes to their email which is what I would prefer but in your docs I see you mentioning something having a folder named screenshots or whatever. Right now in my tests, there is an attachment being sent but it is blank (only 5 bytes) to my email- I also made a folder named screenshot(s) in the same folder as “contact-form”, and also in the root under public_html but no attachments are being sent there either. Can you clarify this for me as like I said this feature was why I bought the form in the first place so I do need it. BTW , I did add the required code to config.php – Thanks.


Can you send your config.php file to so I can check it over? Also please send a link to your form if you have it online. The attachment feature and saving to a folder are two separate things with different configuration.

Hi ThemeCatcher, Have a question regarding instructions. If I am happy with a config example file (like config-file-uploads), can’t I just overwrite the “root” config.php with that one and name the example config.php?

BTW : Really nice set-up. Great value. Thanks so much.

Yeah that would work fine as long as the form HTML matches too, and thank you :)

why it says we cant send any messages without file attachment in upload example ?

Because those fields are required… just for the sake of example.

Just a follow up to my last comment. I want to thank you for helping me out with tweaking the script to get it to do what I needed it to. For anyone looking for a solid contact form that looks great with plenty of options, I can honestly say this one is the best I have ever used. I even have 4-5 other contact form scripts I have gotten included free with other templates I have bought and even having to pay separately for this one it was well worth it. 5 stars-