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Hello ,

Can we traduce into French Iphorm fields,

Is it easy to implement on a wordpress page ?

About your Freelancer portfolio ,is it easy to implement on a wordpress page too ?

All the best,


You can translate the iPhorm fields into French, yes.

I wouldn’t say it is easy to put into WordPress but it’s possible, we will be releasing a WP plugin version of the form some time in the future.

To put the Freelancer template into WP would be the same difficulty as converting any HTML template into WP.

Hi, I’ve been using your script for a while and it goes great.

I have one question regarding the register form, will it be possible to have the form make a query, so and email can only be used once for registration?


Hi, if I am understanding you correctly, you will need to create your own “success handler” (see documentation) which gives you access to the submitted form values and will allow you to write custom PHP code that you can use to interact with your database i.e. save the registration information.

If you need to validate that an email has not been used before to register, you can create your own validator (also in documentation) to check the email address against your database.

Hope this helps.

I’ve now successfully added 4 different forms to our web site and everything is working great! Absolutely love it! :)

We have multiple email addresses on each form and now I was asked by one of our salespeople if he can be added to one of the forms as a bcc.

Is this possible without too much coding? I don’t know PHP at all and have no clue as to how this could be done.

We currently have something like this in the config.php file:

$recipients = array(

And now Salesperson #4 wants to be added without the other 3 seeing him on the email distribution.

You’d need to customise the email success handler (classes/iPhorm/SuccessHandler/Email.php), on line 13 (latest version) add this code:

protected $_bcc = array();

public function addBcc($email)
    $this->_bcc[] = $email;
. Then further down about line 223 above the comment ”// Set the subject” add this code:
if (!empty($this->_bcc)) {
You can now add bccs in your config.php (previously called process.php) by using this code under the lines that create $emailSuccessHandler:

hi there, ive just sent you an email request for help.

if you prefer me to post my issue here than i will be glad too.

here is my error message

Webpage error details

User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8 .0; Windows NT 6 .1; WOW64 ; Trident/4.0; SLCC2 ; .NET CLR 2 .0.50727; .NET CLR 3 .5.30729; .NET CLR 3 .0.30729; Media Center PC 6 .0; .NET4.0C; InfoPath.3) Timestamp: Fri, 8 Apr 2011 11:22:32 UTC

Message: ‘undefined’ is null or not an object Line: 378 Char: 5 Code: 0 URI :

thank you.

I got your email and replied :)

Great script! I was wondering how do I get the error message to appear within the form. Thanks.


You could use CSS absolute positioning to position the errors, add these styles to the stylesheet:
.element-wrapper {
    position: relative;

ul.form-errors {
    position: absolute;
    left: 2px;
    top: 16px;
If you need to position the error for an individual element separately, just use a more specific selector e.g.
.email-element-wrapper ul.form-errors {
    position: absolute;
    left: 4px;
    top: 20px;


Got nearly everything I need to work with this great form, apart from trying to embed an image with the email. I am a beginner at PHP and whilst the documentation is very extensive, I am finding it somewhat confusing.

The image already exists on the server and does not need the upload option.

Hope someone can help :)



Thanks Theme Catcher! If I wanted to change the image dynamically would that be much more complicated?

Would I specify via the config.php? For example I have:

$image = new iPhorm_Element(‘image’); $form->addElement($image);

image is dynamically populated via php in the page which has the form.

If you add a hidden field in the form where you store the path called ‘image’ that would work.

Then you could use
to get the path.

It might be better to save the path to the image in a session variable and then use it in the success handler if that suits?

Fantastic! All working! Thank you!

Hi! please look this:

Fatal error: Class ‘iPhorm_SuccessHandler_Email’ not found in /home/XXXXXX/public_html/form/contact-form/config.php on line 27


Can you check that the file classes/iPhorm/SuccessHandler/Email.php exists.

Done! works perfect. Excellent code. Thank you very much!!!


I’m looking for a way to customize the message sent in the email. Is it possible to change $content found in email.php into specific form elements? Say i’d want an email sent to the customer like this:

Dear (name=”name”),

This was your order:

You’re products will be delivered on (name=”preferred-delivery-date”).

Thanks in advance

I hope you understand my question. It’s for a company website who deliver catering and they’d like to recieve a clear email when someone orders food online.

Thanks, the form works great, check it out on

This is possible in the latest version, it is a lot easier to customise the emails, it looks like you are using the old version. If you upgrade, you will be able to keep your form HTML and if you send me your process.php I will make it compatible with the latest version.

Need a Form? Buy this! Support is amazing, file is a bargain. It doesn’t get any better than this!

This is a very good contact form purchase for me. Totally no regrets. However, this form doesn’t work in the latest IE9 . It doesn’t send out the form and the “Other” input field on the Subject category (that allows for freeform typing) disappears when it is chosen.

Author, you can check it on your own demo site and the errors I mentioned are verifiable there.

Please get a fix done soon because a lot of people will use IE9 .

Thanks for letting us know, we will release an update asap.

FYI , the current version is working in IE9 .

Are any updates included when purchasing, or must you re-buy? I want to buy but want to be sure it is IE9 friendly as the last person mentioned. Any idea when that updated version will be included, or will it be available for download for previous version owners?

Hi, you can keep downloading updates when you buy once. The current version has been updated to be IE9 friendly.

There are many accolades for this project, and I agree with all of them, well written, well supported, flexible, powerful etc.. etc.. But for me the outstanding feature is the capture feature and the fact you can embed this on an html page.

Worth so much more than we paid for it!

However.. I do have an issue in IE 9 where validation appears not to be working, either on my install, or on the demo page on here.

I’m sure this will be fixed so I’m not too worried.

Congratulations on what I consider to be the best value for money script on the entire site.

Thanks :)

The current version for download works in IE9 .

Hi all

We have updated the form to version 1.5.1, adding support for IE9 amongst other things. See the item details for all changes.

Enjoy :)


I’ve just used the form for the first time. It must be an old version, I’ve been wanting to use it for a while. After reading the comments it seems that it wont work on IE9 . I verified that and found that the message just says “Please wait…” nothing happens. Is this normal with the old version?

The reason I came back to the comments was that with the version I have I am experiencing very long waits when the form button is clicked. At least up to 17 seconds until the form sends and the success message appears. This is an eternity in on-line wait times.

Does the new update speed up things as well?

And finally, who can I update a form that is already built? Do I have to completely re-build the form?

Thank you David

Hi David

Yes the old version was built before IE9 was released, you just need to update the jQuery library to the latest version (1.5.2) and use the latest version of the jQuery Form plugin to get it working (both of these are included in the current version).

Do you have file upload fields on your form? Are you sending many emails when submitted? These are a couple of reasons that the form may take that long. The update will not improve the speed, but I suspect the problem may lie somewhere else. If you send me your config.php (process.php in the old versions) I can check it over.

If you download the new version, you can keep your form HTML (the captcha field HTML has changed though) and the CSS is the same. You’ll need to change the JS files linked to your page though and if you send me your process.php I can make it compatible with the new version for you.

Regards, Ally

I just want to confirm what I think you are saying.

1. Replace the jQuery with 1.5.2 (easy I see it in the new download) 2. When you say change the js links on the page do you mean all the js? – iphorm.js, plugins.js, scripts.js and of course jquery-1.5.2.

- So all the js files need to be relinked, yes?

3. I need to cut and paste the new captcha field from the new form page to my current form page?

4. you can make the process.php page compatible with the new. I’m a little confused because I’ve compared the old and new process.php pages and they seem exactly the same?

Thank you for your patients and fast response!

1. Only the link to jQuery needs to be changed, but the JS files should be replaced with the new ones.

3. Yes, also the code to configure the captcha field in config.php should be copied over to your config.php

4. I thought you would be coming from version 1.4 or earlier, if you are coming from version 1.5 then it will work without change.

Thank you ThemeCatcher,

You have been most helpful. How can I tell which version I currently have?

You’re welcome :)

You can check the version at the top of js/iphorm.js

I’ve updated the forms and they work very nicely. IE 9 works and it seems to be pretty fast. Thank you for your support.

Simply amazing form! Endless possibilities, I will be using NOTHING else going forward. Thank you!

Hey Themecatcher,

I upgraded to the newest version but keep on having problems. Firebug gives me an 500 internal server error on config.php. Any idea how to solve this? I tried replacing the form with the original template, but it gives the same error.

Thanks in advance,

Dave van Hoorn


Could you send a link to the form so I can take a look?

Worked it out! Don’t know what mistake I made, created a new form from scratch and it works like a charm. Thanks for the quick reply.