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great stuff , i wish to put a link with each image slider so that user can quickly reach another page in new tab. Is this possible? pls advise how

Yes that’s possible, just change the slide div to an anchor (make sure it’s displayed block):

<div class="QuantumSlide" style="background-image: url(http://macleodwebdesign.com.au/QuantumFader/images/QF_1_5.jpg);">


<a href="" target="_blank" class="QuantumSlide" style="display: block; background-image: url(http://macleodwebdesign.com.au/QuantumFader/images/QF_1_5.jpg);"></a>

Hi Jesse,

I’d like to know if it’s possible to get the text animate on his slide.

Basicaly, what i would like is a h1, a p and a button in every slide, and every time it’s fade to an other slide i would like to see the animation text.

Thank’s Claude

Yeah well if that’s what you wanted, the Quantum Fader doesn’t support that sorry!

Don’t be sorry, thank’s for your reply

Hello. Can I add links to the slides at the bottom of the slider. Thanks. ~ Justin

Sorry, you can’t do that Justin. Just the left/right navigation buttons.

Hello again. How large is the easing js script? Is it the main js script that is 3Kb? Thanks. ~ Justin

Hi you don’t need easing for it to work, and the download files do not come with easing script. It can be downloaded here: http://gsgd.co.uk/sandbox/jquery/easing/ and is 7,9KB uncompressed

Can I use it to slide images and video (full screen) with auto play. For example slide 1 is image, slide 2 image, slide 3 is a video it plays and when it finishes it goes to slide 3 which is another video or image, etc etc.

Hi sorry about the late reply. No, it cannot do that, otherwise the script would be too large and would defeat the purpose… The user would need to pause auto play manually, or you could just run the fader without auto play

hi, I am very interested in how to do this, as the example on the site https://www.wistee.fr/certificat-ssl/geotrust-ssl.php#

I have to ,buy anything like script?

thank you

hi, I really need this system please thank you

Sorry I’ve just gotten married so I haven’t been responding. If all you want is a script that fades through a series of slides, the Quantum Fader you are commenting on will do the job. Thanks

hi, I really need this system please thank you

Very nice! do I really need jquery.easing.1.3.js ? what about an Update with LAZY LOAD function ?

hi, I am still waiting for a response

thank you

is it possible to do? thank you

superr, good luck

Is there a way to rotate slides based on a specific date with this slider? If not, will this become a feature in future update?

Sorry Brian I missed your comment! Do you mean: the most recently added slides are automatically shown on top of older slides?