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hi good work I need some questions before you buy 1 – I Can Add currencies such as the Saudi riyal ?? 2-When you purchase the system you will be support available to any request or any addition or modification of any 3- I create an invoice to customers Is it possible for each client to have a special account in order to see its own bills 4- I Can invoices exported to Excel files

Hi osamah88, No the system does not work in that way. It requires custom work.

Thank you How the cost of any new modifications I need ???

Hi osamah88, it solely depends on your requirements. Please inbox us your requirements at quantiklab@gmail.com

good work ;) keep it up !

Thanks !

GLWS, the system looks really AWESOME!

Thanks Max. Please prey for our boss.

working with API ?

Please clarify.

Hello, i would like to know if i can add multiple wherhouse for different locations, and when i add a product i can say where it is located, please let me know, thank you

Hi jvirtuel, thank you for your query. Multiple wherhouse feature is not available in the system. You need to customize the script to have this feature. Please mail us at quantiklab@gmail.com for more details.

Not a very good one at all, needs a lot of development. I bought and found another one near to half price and had to buy that one as well.

Take a close look and test it all over before you buy.

Hello again,


It says that it’s a project management solution where as ours one is inventory CRM. Also no where on that script is said that it’s multilingual and translation is done by using po file. What is your point ?


Here is the author https://codecanyon.net/user/appsdyne, Unfortunetly I do not have link to script. They have used file to translate amd all translation is in a folder. I can send you screenshoot if you want.

As I said they also have item module, but becose they had a lot of modules and did not have the langualge we wanted to use I did not buy theirs.

Here is how it should be to make it easy to se translation.

There is a folder called “language” in your app (should be part of CI). The default language is eng, here is how I would do when translating duplicarçte the dolder amd call it danish, and translate.

if I am adding a word

add_customer “ı would add translation here”

This way it is easiter to translate as.

With your if I am assing a new module “page” I will have ro create a line in mysql amd then add translate in admin. I did that but dis not find it efficient.

Are you asking how po dile, or a language file is stractured?

Hi ,

Your provided author link is invalid. Also there are multiple approaches for translation. I’ve asked the author for your first link on how he made translations. Still not got any response from him. I will decide after his reply.

Hi QuantikLab

I want to know about “Calculating profit was never that easy before”. In the demo is it enable?

Thank you

Hi,carlosamorocho yes, it’s not fully available in demo. Inbox me for more details. Thanks.

superr, good luck

Thanks !

Why Demo is not Working?

Thanks for pointing out. Will fix soon.