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What do I do before I run the install file?

How do I put the App on my iPhone/iPad/iTouch?

After installation, go to the qc_admin folder on your website through your iPhone’s safari browser.. login and click the “online” tab, then tap:

Bookmarks icon -> Add To Homescreen

How do I add this App to my Android Home Screen?

Open the phone’s web browser and go to the qc_admin folder on your website, then tap:

Menu > Add > Shortcuts > Bookmark

How do I add this App to my webOS launcher?

After installation, navigate to the qc_admin folder on your website through your phone.. login and click the “online” tab, then tap:

Menu -> Page -> Add To Launcher

What can I customize about my chat window?

Chat Button

  • File: qc_images/btn-online.png
  • File: qc_images/btn-offline.png

Chat Skin/Logo

  • File: qc_images/bg-chat.jpg
  • File: qc_images/Window_qChat_Normal.png (floating window frame)

CSS (from qchat.php, lines 52-84)

  • input – the input fields where they enter their name or leave an offline message
  • #chat_window – The box where the conversation takes place
  • #chat_message – The box they type in when they write you a message
  • .chatadmin – any messages they receive from the admin
  • .chatquacker – any messages they send to the admin

How do I install this on my Wordpress site?

First, unzip all files into your website’s main directory (not the plugins folder), then:

1. Open your “wp-config.php” file and copy the host, user, pass, and database name from that. Then paste that information inside of “qc_config.php”.

2. Run “qc_install.php” and follow the instructions.

3. After running “qc_install.php”, you will be given the HTML code for the chat button. Place this button on your website.

I installed this on my WordPress site, now how do I use it?

To run the floater on WordPress, you need to find a place to put your header code (some people put this code in widgets or something else that is always displayed)

<!-- Put this into the head of your website / template on all pages where you will place the button --> <link href="/qc_bin/qc_inline.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" /> <script language="javascript" src="/qc_bin/qc_inline.js"></script> <!-- / end -->

Once you have that javascript loaded, you can put the button onto your pages using this code:

<!-- Put this where you want the Chat Now button to appear. --> <a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="qc_inline.create();" title="Need Help? Chat Now"><img src="/qc_status.php" border="0" alt="Start Chat" /></a> <script language="javascript"> qc_inline.initialize(); </script> <!-- / end -->

Be sure to update your href and src links correctly.

I migrated from the WordPress plugin, and I can’t login to the manager app.. help?

If you can go into the database from your MySQL manager, there is a table called “qc_settings” and a field called “password”... You could press the edit button and fill in your password there (make sure you also select MD5 from the dropdown). Or erase the password, login to qc_admin without a password, and then set one within the settings tab.

Where do I upload this plugin on a WordPress site?

In the folder with your WP install.. Depending on where your site is and how your URLs are setup, you may also have to change the embed code to reflect that…

qchat.php becomes /qchat.php or /mysite/qchat.php
qc-status.php becomes /qc-status.php or /mysite/qc-status.php

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