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When I try to upgrade I get this error : Duplicate column name ‘offline_notify’

What version are you upgrading from? Try removing the database tables that are prefixed with “qc_” and then run the installer again.


I am looking for php based chat software which has below features

1. Install in 1 website but we can put html code of chat on multiple website 2. Pre chat customized form with the field i want 3. Geo location through ip address of visitor 4. After chat completes I should get chat transcript on my email id . This chat transcript should contact all details which he filled while filling pre chat form 5. html chat code to be put on web pages. 6. visitors information and tracking 7. online/offline chat icon in email signature

Does your chat software provide above features ? If some of the feature are not there then kindly inform which feature are not there.

Waiting for your reply.

It doesn’t have all of these features. It’s more of a simple solution for those who need to communicate with their customers on the go.

I am adding these features!


The window is not opening on IE, any suggestions or workarounds to this issue?


I was out of town, sorry about that. 2 questions come up in regards to this:

  • Have you modified the script?
  • Which version of IE?

1. No, I have not, except for the images that were translated to Spanish but formats, names and dimensions were kept the same

2. 9+

Ok can you message me through my profile with a link to a page that has the button? I’ll check it out and see what’s going on.

Life keeps sucker punching me in the head.. I apologize for the delay, but I WILL find a way to update this app despite my financial problems.

I am happy to announce that I have been able to continue development. Prepare yourselves for the AMAZING CHANGES that will be made!

Is this app cross-domain?

Cross domain? Are you trying to install the app somewhere and then put the button code on multiple sites? If so, you can only use the pop-up style chat.. inline will not work with this configuration.

thanks for coming back

Hello – is it possible for me to initiate a chat with a webpage visitor – by saying something like ‘hello, welcome to our website – how can i help you’


Hello, thank you for a great question. that feature is coming with next release. you will also be able to watch your users across the pages they visit and see where they are on your website in real time. no ETA on next release yet, stay tuned :)

Hi, good morning. I have installed the script on one domain and now i want to appear this chat in my another domain. Please advise how to to that. Thank you

Yes, it can be installed on a subdomain. However, the cross-domain restrictions of Javascript prevent it from being used on another domain UNLESS you use the POPUP window style chat.

i have installed and not sure what is wrong I did not get notification while I am offline. Please advice

It’s usually something simple. Are you setting it to notify you via email or text?

Does this use the newer SQLi or PDO database functions?

It does not, is that something you feel should be added in future releases?

i need to see the preview. it will prompt me to buy. do you have a link to text the chat App. Thanks

I’m sorry, there must be something wrong with the preview link. Here is the direct link.