QrDesigner - Premium QrCode Generator

QrDesigner - Premium QrCode Generator

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QrDesigner – Premium QrCode Generator

QrDesigner is an advanced and well designed tool to generate and customize QrCodes on the web. It’s the perfect app. for your QrCode Generator website or QrCode application.

Premium Features

  • Elegant design
  • QrCode Coloring
  • Logo/image insertion
  • Use your own QrCode Generator
  • 10 different QrCode Types
  • Input validation
  • Google Maps integration

Installing the script

Setup with the new version was made easier. Simply copy the QrDesigner files to your web host directory. Then open the page “”. This file will give you information about your web host. It’ll detect the availability of fopen, curl and PHP GD and tells you which extensions or changes are required.

QrDesigner requires Fopen or curl; PHP GD is required only to download JPEG and GIF format.

Browser Comp. The script uses HTML5 files API and Canvas. QrDesigner will degrade gracefully for browsers that don’t support these features.

Version History

  • Version 1.0
Initial Release