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great, but this class is not standalone ? you are using google services …


Yes thats true, the class uses Google APIs to create the QR-codes.


Yes thats true, the class uses Google APIs to create the QR-codes.

Why should I buy your script versus the other QR code class on here? :)

Hello! My script supports many other “QR-methods” than the existing one. Mine supports for example SMSes and so on.

Bought the script to see what it does but well… Uses Google API . It just returns a string of the Google API URL . Wasted 6 dollar here…


I’m sorry to hear that you believe you wasted your money on this class. The reason I created this class was to make it easier for you to create QR-codes without having to find the URL ’s every time.

Thanks for your comment anyway!

Ridiculously bad. Same results as glooh. Just a string. DO NOT BUY .

it shows me that message “[an error occurred while processing this directive] ” why this appears??

what would it take for you to quicky turn this into a form version so we can simply enter the data and hit submit?


Hi Attache

I like your script and dont feel like i wasted any money on it all!

Your script really helped me out and works great

I created my own form and was a good learning experience!

If you decide to upgrade the script it would be great to also include the following classes:

Email with Message Contact Details (VCARD) Event (VCALENDAR) Google Maps Location Paypal Buy Now Link Social Media


I just tested it out and it works really well. It doesn’t bother me that it uses Google API to build the images. The fact is, that it works, its easy to setup and I was able to generate a ton of these codes in testing without much effort on my behalf. There is a decent free class out there that I have tried as well but for $6 this one is definitely worth the money and is better than the free one.

Hello, I want to add a QR code to each of my events detail pages in:

I want to include: Evet title Event URL Event Date

Can I do that and pass dinamically the data?



Just purchased it, and after uploading the example files via FTP (without any edits)... I am already getting a syntax error through the example that says “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /qrcode.class.php on line 7”... Could you please tell me how to fix it?


demo is broken

Recently I need to encode user information to Qrcode format, and I found this resource. I works well in my app. Meanwhile, to test the data acurracy of my QR Codes, I tried a QR Code Scanner Tool. Great, the data output is accurate. Amazing job!

can we save the code to Mysql database ?