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Hi, been trying to open project in Android studio and it’s not pulling up right.. Do you have file to where it all will work so i can make changes easy… Thanks..

Hi thank you for your feedback. Could you please send us error report at info@kenzap.com

how do you leave a rating for this….

Hover top right corner where your balance is then downloads. You will find the work. Regards.

I did modify the code to work with android version above 23 so it works fine on emulators (android >= 6 & API 23, 24, 25) but on real phones it crash when selecting “scanner” from the main menu. I should mention that I did solve the problem of runtime permissions, so camera and storage are granted. why it crash ? has that a relation with importing android.hardware.camera2 instead of android.hardware.camera in the ZBarScannerActivity class ?

What is the Crash Stack or error code ?

Hello, can this be embeded into a wordpress or html page please?

Could you please provide more details regarding your project. How its going to be used?

Trying to integrate your code into responsive website- Is this html 5 compatible? Can I add your code into wordpress site?

Unfortunately mobile app algorithms for barcode decoding are absolute incompatible with WEB. What code exactly do you try to integrate?

Can I have demo app apk please

Please download it from Google Play

Kindly provide the playstore link !!

please can it work as a normal barcode scanner. example - http://www.cristallight.com/Images/barcode-generator//barcode-scanner.jpg

It can but we do not recommend it as barcodes are not intended for phone cameras that may provide invalid scanning results. That is the reason why a QR-code is developed.

I am one of your customer, I run it’s on android studio and I have download your apk from google play , it’s cannot run on my machine, it’s cannot open camera, Why?

What exactly you can not run. APK from Google Play or Android Studio project?

Hello, pre sale question. i checked the demo and i have some questions before i buy it. 1- can i make link open option “yes” by default ? 2- can i open the link inside the application not in the web browser ? 3- can i remove My Ticket mode, search engine, bulk scan mode, standby mode, history, repeated scans?

not a problem, but you can guide me to do it ?

how much these custom things will cost me if in need you to do it ?

Actually we are not making small freelance jobs for mobile app as its not profitable for us.

Hi, When I press Scanner it does nothing at all?

When you debug the app are there any crashes?