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Hi there, We have been facing an error during building process using Xcode7: “Module ‘GoogleMobileAds’ not found. Do you have any suggestion to solve this error? Do you have an install/procedure documentation to configure your code? Thanks in advance.

im having problems with the google ads banner how do i remove this?

Hi thank you for purchase just comment out Google ads where its located as import and remove Google as a framework from your project

Hi so i have a bug and i’m not sure why. Apple say it freeze up on the more page in app on iPad Air 2 .. We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on the iPad Air 2 running iOS 9.2 on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Specifically, after tapping on any of the more options and returning to the app from Safari, the app freezes.

Need a working fix for this.. WIth out Google ads in it

Yeah i just test app on my iPad and it do freeze. It’s in the links outside app. And once you go back to App it freeze. Mobile is find. I also have the data Matrix App. If i was to use that one i would need a tap for two outside links. And not to freeze when you go back into App. And no google ads .. Thanks.

Same very app was accepted several times by Apple in App Store and nothing freezes. You must be sure that this is not due to modifications on your side, custom build settings or just an Apple bug related to browser.

Dear developer, Apple reject my code with this message

11.16 – Apps may enable additional approved features or functionality when used in combination with specific approved physical products (such as a toy) as long as the additional features and functionality are either completely dependent on such hardware (for example an App that is used to control a telescope) or also available through the App without the physical products, such as by way of reward for achievement or by use of IAP

What can you do to fix?? I did not understood this message.

Did you made any modifications with the code?

Nop. Only trnslate the code to Portuguese and removed GoogleAds

This response is related with purchasing and currencies section according to Apple’s docs https://developer.apple.com/app-store/review/guidelines/.

By default this app doest have any in app purchases or virtual products. We advise you to contact Apple for clarification.


Hi there, can this app recognize Datamatrix barcodes? Thanks

Hi, seems you are using old zBar libraries and I must disable bitcode to be able to use your code in my app. So, what if I NEED bitcode and can not switch that off. Means your code CAN NOT BE USED !?

thanks, please send to ap.thst[att}gmail[dott]com


Hi, how easy is to modify this app? we need something like this: app should be able to scann barcodes like ean-13 etc., after successful scann it will open up a buit-in browser with a predefined link and the scanned-code as parameter.

we are just beginner in iOS is that hard to be done?

thank you! best regards

Hi, try this app maybe it will be better suitable for you: http://codecanyon.net/item/datamatrix-scanner/13225814 It has a built-in browser where you can send your parameters to.

Does NOT work – Will NOT build – Pure Garbage

We are unable to provide you support unless we know what type of error you experience. The code is 100% working because it is used by hundreds of thousands users worldwide.

Hey Kenzapsia, we need to modyfi the scaner. Can we do a skyp conversation?

Dear Sir/Madam, unfortunately we are only working with long term contracts. If you want to discuss some large project with our technicians please first send your project specification at info@kenzap.com.

Good afternoon I bought this app and have downloaded and opened with xcode and I get an error Home googlemobileads module not found could help me?

I have already solucionado.como I can add a generator qr I have seen a tapeworm like a greeting

I have already solucionado.como I can add a generator qr I have seen a tapeworm like a greeting

I take weeks waiting for my answer to the question generator greetings

is this app or the android version also have the QR generator code? if not could you please point me to your QR generator app page so i can buy it also? otherwise please recommend which QR generator is compatible or will work perfectly with both ios and android version of yours. Lastly … is there any chance you can make custom work: to add the QR generator and scanner to my current app? thank you in advance

We are not working with small freelance jobs. As for QR-generator you can refer to github.com. There is plenty of free code including generators for different platforms.

Do you have a update to this that work on Tablet and iPad.. For IOS and Android. I have them both… Thanks

Yes we plan to release new version of Android apps, but can not tell you the exact day yet.

Hi how can I make it possible for the scans to open safari within the app. Like restrict everything within the app and not redirecting users to safari all the time

Safari is a standalone program and can not be used within the app. Please refer to built-in browsers on android.

When i uploaded to AppStore i don’t see it in iTunesConnect > App > Build

There are lots of small details you have to set up properly in order to publish your app successfully. This page can describe it in more details: http://codewithchris.com/submit-your-app-to-the-app-store/

Admob id : Banner & interstital ??

We did support you by providing free consultation. Free support does not mean free customization services. You are welcome to pay extra money in order to get your work done unfortunately we are unable to work for free.

The banner Admob is in the code ! but did not work ???

You need register at admob to get your codes….

Hi, We can Build it on build.phonegap.com

Sorry could please provide more details regarding your request

Sir I had purchased some theme but i cannot build in command line only on Adobe Phonegap Builder online but its not working. So if i purchase your app theme then i will change some design how can i build it for apk. Thank you.

You have to be familiar with mobile development. Its usually harder than with WEB. While we can assists you for free. Free customization and publishing services are not provided because they are environment specific.

Hi KenZap, I want to buy both the iOs and Android versions. Do these codes work with the xCode 7.0 and similarly with latest Android Studio. If so can we integrate our own api. Do you also have service to customise the app. Thank you.

Yes we just updated both codes so it should work with no problems. As for customization services we charge $25 per hour but we are usually not working with small freelance projects.


miukun Purchased

Hello, This is a very nice product.

I love it.

Anyway, I need a bulk delete for QR history.

Can you add plan this function?

Please regards.


It is embedded already. Just go to the last tab and disable scan history. A popup will ask wether you want you remove current history.

Hello, How are you? Did you update thisapp for xcode 8 and iOS 10, also app have Admob ads and in-app purchase in the app? Regards

Unfortunately Admob ads and in-app are supported by default. But its not that hard to integrate Admob using their online docs. As for update we make it only if some problems arise during build. So if you have some problems we will send you an update.