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Any preview?

Now i am Changed preview image maybe 4 hour later you can see thank you

@chillmen see the red image down below with the qr code in the right bottom side….


Thank You BackuPs i am uploaded new images

This is a great idea..

Thank You Very Much

How you tried it with Video or the thumbnails generated from Youtube or vimeo ?

i am try this problem i think how i can do it

hello from Greece, well done mate :) May i suggest also a way to insert a none QR watermark in videos? not only in youtube and vimeo but also in selfhosted videos. It will be unique one! I hope you can manage it. I look forward for your answer Regards Takis

hello, thank you i will try your idea

its possible change size, x,y position and alpha?

yes of course i will try

anything new regarding the video’s watermark?

Do I have to put this in per image, or can I have it done automatically for images to my site?

Bumping this so you can hopefully see my last question. Don’t want to buy and be wrong :)

guess the answer to goku’s and my question is no – since it’s never been answered and the plugin hasn’t been updated for several months.

This only works for images or also for videos

Please update your plugin it’s not working.