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I scanned the large QR Code with my ipad and it said that it could open the URL and “frame load interrupted”.

This also happened with the smaller QR code too.

Also, is this script specifically and primarily concerning downloading compatible APPs ?

Because I was not aware that this is an issue when it concerns QR codes for website pages

What qr code scanner are you using. It works just fine for me.

As for a website, it would work more as a determination of tablet vs smart phone.

It can also be used as a standard redirect without the QR code.

I love the idea of this script! However, the RedLaser app seems to prevent it from opening the app in the app store. Since this is one of the most popular scanning apps available… it would have been nice to know this before hand. Is there a workaround for this issue?

Red laser is aware of the issue and is working on solving the issue seen here:

One user states that using a link seems to redirect correctly. So, this could be a work around for now: Quoted here: “As Brett mentioned redlaser on iphone blocking the opening of external URL . what i noticed is, when using url redlaser is able to open those URL but not the other 301 redirects.

is there any exception made to”

Thanks, Mitch

Hi There: Just one quick question !! I have got a flash based web site and knowing that it doesn’t work on the iphone nor ipad for this reason I am thinking of having a HTML website that will work on both devices but I would like to keep my flash website as well. I am just wondering if this script would automatically redirect the URL to my flash website when a desktop device is detected and redirect the URL to my HTML website when mobile device is detected ?

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon

Best Regards Alex

yes, you can set it up that way.


Is this a plugin for WordPress?

- Thx

Is a script for read QR CODES???? I need a QR reader for my app

I’m looking a wordpress version of QR code scan reader. Have you some idea to integrate your script ?