Discussion on QR Menu Maker - SaaS - Contactless qr restaurant menus

Discussion on QR Menu Maker - SaaS - Contactless qr restaurant menus

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1/ I’m trying to change the plans (pricing) for restaurants. I found that I can edit the text (separated by comma), but can I actually limit access and grant access to such features? and to what extent can I add/remove extra features later? 2/ In the ‘share your QR menu to others’ , can I share a menu that doesn’t allow for ordering within? for example, keep the ordering feature in the in-restaurant qr code , and remove it from the qr code shared with others (google maps, etc.)

82110 Could you answer the support request no. I’ve been waiting 4 days for an answer.

Hi, I have sent you a message about four years ago without reply, I would like to buy the software, but I need a little customization work, to be able to add a code in the header page of the menus for things like external ads popup.

Can you do this customization work?

Hi In general we don’t do customization work. But you can send us a ticket here

Hi, is it possible to charge restaurant owners for each order? I mean like 2% or 2$ per order for example. It’s in package features or have to be set for each owner? And is there any promotion for this product? I know it worth the price it’s just we’re in a situation believe it or not 90 bucks a lot in some countries. Thanks

Yes, you can set fees on each order. Login as admin, and in the restaurant management, you can set the fee ->

at the moment there are no planned discounts.

But it only works when you set in admin to collect all sales money for superadmin and restaurant owners can’t use their own payment gateway in that way, right?

When Update?

The update got prolonged for numerous reasons. but now back on it, adding new functions, templates and fixes. no eta at the moment

D-Help Purchased

Why don’t you support? We can’t do business because of you. Ticket: 80501


Ticket was in another category. Replied on ticket.

its support menu translation option?

Hi engryousefsalman

Yes, we have 2 options here. Automatic translate by Google Translate (Via plugin). Or Manual translate, item by item

Hello there! The KDS plugin seems to appear without css. Why is this happening?

Hi TechnoBaby

Can you send me ticket, or tell me the ticket id. And will send you instructions.

ticket# 82078

Our ticket ID: 81999 has not been answered for a few days. We can not access our site because of server error 500.



We have replied on ticket yesterday. Can you check

I can’t confirm after placing the orders in the cart. This is what it says next to the cart icon on the screen CART {{counter}}


Can you send me ticket here, or let me know the ticket id

What do you mean by ticket id?

When you create a ticket, each ticket has an ID. I see you have created an account, if you can please send me ticket, and will look into it.

yctan Purchased


We have purchased and are using your QR Menu Maker system. Thanks for everything; however, the “staff” section does not appear in the panel of the restaurants we have defined and the staff is not added. However, the accounts we define can only add 1 restaurant. We can’t change them from subscription plans.

Can you give information about these issues?

I created a request from the support system, but you did not return even after 3 days!

Replied on ticket.

D-Help Purchased

80501 Will you respond to support request no.

Replied on ticket.

Hello Daniel, Pls i sent an email regarding refunds, I am not satisfied with the product am sorry…and looks like no update is coming in the future

Replied on mail.


midacota Purchased

Hello Daniel,

Two months ago, you said that the new update would be ready, what are the problems, check this comment of yours.

Thank you

midacota Purchased

????? ???

We had some issue with out new scripts. And that prolonged the work on the other open issues. But working hard on releasing both client and dirver app for QR Menu maker asap;

Hi Alenko; Can I use all the features in the demo when I buy a Reqular License? Does Hostgator work on Cpanel hosting (baby plan)? What version of Laravel? The software is very nice. I want to get a Reqular License and create a qr menu for restaurants myself. Is it true_?


First of all, you get the same code and functions in both license types.

According to Envato rules, you need to have an extended version to charge end clients.

So with an extended version, you are legally covered.

Furthermore, with extended you get access to all the plugins we offer for free.

At the moment, it uses Laravel 8. Yes, it can work on Hostgator starter plan

if if i buy with extended license i can upload script on multiple domains?

Hi Alenko

Please, can you send me ticket here

And explain me the usecase. Probably not, if different brand. There is no license that allow that, but please send me ticket and explain me. Maybe you can acheive this via the custom domain module.

Hello Daniel, Pls reply to my ticket – #80481

Also i want to purchase the Lux Theme but the negative reviews is scaring me. Should i purchase and you assure me support?


Hi stanbuggy

Replied on ticket. Luxe, don’t know what to tell. After few emails client do get response. I haven’t heard back from him. To be honest I can assure support since the theme is not mine.

can I make change on the landing page ?

Yes, you do get all the source code.

D-Help Purchased

hello, some of my acquaintances asked me for a qr menu. There is a version of all the add-ons of your software that is sold for 119 dollars. Can I sell to these people when we buy this and that whole package of add-ons? Do you want an additional payment so that I can sell?

Can you send me a ticket on ( presale ) and explain me the use case in more details.

Hi, I opened a ticket 6 days ago. I got an error setting db. Could you answer me please? Thank you

No problem Daniel, thank you

Hi Daniel, you are very kind but you take too long to answer tickets. Is there a faster way to get answers? Do you prefer that I write to you here? Thank you

Replied on ticket.


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