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Nice Work :)

thank you! if you like it, please don’t forget to rate the product :-)

great work! this script use google chart API or similar?

thank you! no it doesn’t use google charts or any external API, it uses its own built-in QR encoding functionality

Hi, Nice script, 2 questions, is to possible to erase the “QR code generated …” and is it possible to get a direct download (save file) instead of opoening a new window?


1) the “QR code generated …” is called the “branding notice” and there is information about how to remove or customize it in the product’s README file. If you experience any problems with it, just let me know :)

2) right now there is only this way to export the codes, a direct download would involve a server component. if you need this kind of customization, don’t hesitate to drop us an email to contract@w-labs.at and we’ll message you a quote

best regards, w-labs | we love the web

Hi again, Is this a PHP script?, you mentioned that it has Easy Customization with .LESS, what is .LESS?.

I need to translate it to spanish, would it be difficult?


there is no PHP script involved, all the magic happens on the client. :) .LESS is an abstraction of .CSS which makes it easier to organize styles. if you want to translate it you just need to edit the index.html’s text content

best regards, w-labs | we love the web

The support I have gotten on this product has been probably the best I have gotten on Code Canyon. The script works very well, was easy to set up and implement.

Hi, I have 2 questions: a. When i customize my QRCode and use “smooth”, I see some vertical lines. How can i remove them? b. how can I access the ecc and the module size?



Hey lealexandre, thank you for buying the product.

The ecclevel can be configured in the config object (property is called ecclevel and should be an integer [1, 4] ) Regarding the module size: unfortunately you can’t with the current architecture

Have a nice day, w-labs | we love the web


The svg export doesn’t work. Could you please fix it?



Hey, it would be great if you could send a private message with more information about how you experience that the svg export isn’t working so it’s more clear what to fix.

Thank you, w-labs | we love the web

I need this scripted edited, do you do freelance work?

Hi socialgrower,

I usually do freelance work but it depends on the budget (it doesn’t make sense for me to do small freelance projects)

Best regards, w-labs

Hi, is it possible to add .eps to download options? Background and images are easy to edit with our own?


What you did was great, that way people download the image directly. Can you tell me what files were changed so i don´t have to apply my design again? Regards.

index.html: change btn_download to btn_downloadx, add swfobject and downloadify javascripts, replace the whole $(‘btn_download’).onclick block with the code that starts with “var downloadCfg = {” (it’s line 236 – 290 in the live-preview). upload new js files, upload media/btn.png and media/downloadify.swf. and you are ready to go :)

Great! All Working fine now. Thanks a lot!

Hi, if I purchase these scripts, will I be able to change the text “QR code generated by w-labs” to my own? Yes its possible, found under solutions tab:)

hehe you’re welcome ;) let me know if you have any other questions

Hi, after successful implementation of this script, we encountered one minor issue and we need your advice.

In general the script works great, however when we try to encode Cyrillic characters, and then decode it back (regardless of the QR code scanner) the result contains some random not Russian symbols.

can you add feature : Telphone vCard MeCard Location Bookmark WIFI

and can you add map in Geo-Information? So Latitude and Longitude automatically add number if shift map.

if you add it, may be I’ll buy from you..

Hey intanz, thank you for your interest! If you’re interested in adding custom features feel free to hire me for contract work, this is a 10$ item.

I search items about qr code in codecanyon in http://codecanyon.net/search?page=1&term=qr&utf8=%E2%9C%93 i found feature Telphone, vCard, MeCard, Location, Bookmark, WIFI include in item and several items have Latitude and Longitude automatically add number if shift map. You author this item, so decide add or not. but customer decide buy or not also. thank you for your time

If there was more demand for it I would consider adding those features, but so far there was not enough demand. I guess this item does not fit your requirements, sorry. Wish you the best with your search

hi w-labs :-) I would be interested aswell in vCard and Telephone and i would buy it immediately cheers

Very nice!

I would be interested in additional features too!

I am looking to modify a QR code generator to make QRs for a URL sequence I define, Examples of the sequence…. http://twm.im/2013CTaaa http://twm.im/2013CTaab http://twm.im/2013CTaac The generator will ONLY make these QRs for this URL sequence (not vcards, sms, meCards, etc.) Colour and Shape options would be good also Are you available for this customization and at what cost? Thanks for your time, Ken

Great job! my five stars! :)

thank you! :-)

Does not support Chinese .

Hi, the QRs Codes generated with this script, expires? , has limit date of use?

Hey maytepa,

no they don’t expire (they’re generated locally, if you want them to expire you should encode URLs to a website where you can control the expiration)

Best regards w-labs


Where are stored the QR CODE?

Thank you

Also as I have a multisite, I want member to be able to create a QR code url for their subdomain example: http://www.domain.com/subdomain1 but I don’t want them to write the whole URL http://www.domain.com/subdomain1 but just “subdomain1” and the QR CODE GENERATE will be the the whole URL http://www.domain.com/subdomain1

Is it working with your other script img safe?

the QR CODE is stored on the client-side. your feature request regarding the subdomains is certainly achievable, but you’d have to modify the script so it adds a prefix to the subdomain text. —it is not working together with imgsafe