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What codes does this support, e.g. URL ’s, GEO tags, Vcard, MEcard etc?

It supports all kinds of QR code actions. The encoder just takes a text. In order to trigger actions (e.g. like URL , vCards, etc.) you have to set a prefix before the text. For example if you’d like to trigger a sms action you’d have to encode “smsto:<number here>” where smsto: is the prefix

Thanks for the quick reply, so all the options it supports are in the documentation?

yes, here is a preview of the documentation (unstyled)

type (String): The type of text that should be encoded (mobile phone actions are triggered based on that type) Possible values: “telephone”: for telephone numbers, text should be nr “email”: for e-mail addresses, text should be email “geolocation”: for geocoordinates, text should be lon lat “mecard”: for MECARDs, text should be mecard “sms”: for opening SMS , text should be number “mms”: for opening MMS , text should be number

if you want to support other types too it’s no big effort to implement them

sweet! any plan for wordpress conversion? or creating quick links to populate the prefixs?

thanks. This is the low level script to generate QR codes on the clientside, if you have it you basically can build anything on top of it (wordpress stuff or whatever you want) ;)

however, if you want a specific product you could either contract me or if it’s a good idea for this marketplace maybe I can find some time to build it anyways or a mixture of both :)

This is awesome! Thank You. If I make some customizations I will shoot you a link ;)

Hi there,

a question. can I buy a regular license and create a chrome-extension? or I need to buy an extended license.

as the excerpt says, if I don’t charge the end user to use the script then I can buy the regular license, but I want to be sure.


I thought I was buying the ability to both encode AND decode QR codes. Is this not the case? If I can’t decode QR with ths then I would liek a refund.

Hi, how do you have an image in svg format? by modifying the following code : format = config.format || ‘image/svg’

It’s don’t work… :(


did you set the format option in the config? like

var cfg = { text:’...’, format: ‘image/svg’ }; QR.encode(cfg);

Can input the Japanese? e.g. ???

(I’m sorry,Re-post)

Can input the Japanese Character?(UTF-8)


can the geolocation add map zoom like: 12,13,14, etc?

Also, is there a list of the available options like WiFi, PayPal?

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Hey gioglifx,

1) the QR Encoder JS library enables you to encode any text into a QR code. a geolocation is also just text with a seperator

2) only text is available but all the QR code types can be created with text (by prefixing the text)

1. Can I add PayPal link (as the same you’d send in an email)? – being a text and all..

2. Can I add a complete vCard including most fields that are expected:
...etc, etc..?

I LOVE the idea that you’re NOT restricted to predefined fields as the other options sold in Codecanyon. I’m just wondering how flexible it is if the prefix is NOT there.

Kind regards.

Have a look at this document: it’s all text, even the vcards :-) in order to support other QR types you have to have a prefix (that’s how decoders implemented the standard)

Is there a way to initiate a save of the PNG or SVG?

It can not work while I typing Chinese “????”, why?

Hi there, where can I see example – how your QR works? I need more detailed info about customization of the code. What options are available to user while generating QR? Besides colour change and dots form change? I am looking for the code with Background colour change, adding logo and so on.

Very good work!