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I am very happy with the purchase. Nice clean code easy to translate.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Hi, does this work from a database? I got a little band list and it would be nice if this generates QR codes automaticly. Cheers, Denis


This doesn’t work wit a database, but can be customized as you want, you can contact me through my profile page with more details if you are interested, thanks

Hi, I want to use my own url shortener from CodeCanyon, is it easy to change from the google api?

Yes, the shortening function are all centralized in one class file, and you could just update it there to call your own service instead of Google for ex

This looks great and I just purchased it and uploaded it via ftp but the program doesn’t work. Email me and I’ll send you the url so you can help. Thanx


Thanks for your purchase,

For all support please send me a request through my profile page with a link and temporary FTP access and will help you out, thanks

Great code – thanks. Just a quick question – how can I change the background main screen color? Cheers Maxplay

Thanks – got it :-)

and 5 stars

Thanks man

hello , I too loved the script, but there is just one problem, download picture does not work you can try , please help me


Thanks for using our script ! Please send me your request with a link and temporary FTP access through my profile page and will check it out for you

do this have a logo in side the qr code?

No sorry :)

Are there set of APIs? instead of GUI? So I can generate the qr code programatically with php instead of generating from your GUI interactively?

Thanks a lot

You can use the functions used by this app yes.

I noticed this was last updated September 6, 2011. Will this code and related APIs still work in 2014?

Yes sure it will, and we keep it updated whenever necessary :)

Thx for the quick reply. I purchased and I think it will work great. I’m sending a support question to your profile address.

Just answered to your email, thanks for your purchase !

QR Codes Ultimate Generator is a good barcode software. I can use it together with free qr code reader.

Yes why not. You can read the created qrcodes with any good qrcode reader ;)

Hello, I verified that the generator QR Code I bought works well. When generating the PNG file is not visible .. if you want to try this site

Thank you ;)


I cannot see your buyer badge. For support please contact me with your request through our codecanyon profile page using the account used for the purchase, thanks

Hi! this could run offline? I mean in a VPN with a Xampp server

A download button can be generated that would call the PHP image functions to generate on and do the download, but need some customization. Please contact me through my profile page if interested !

I’m still trying but does not work. I send you a email to your author contact box. Any idea?

$image = file_get_contents(url); file_put_contents(’\images\codeqr.png’, $image);

Dont work :(

is it open source?

No sorry


aqli Purchased

hi there, how to put an image in the middle of the QR code


aqli Purchased

hi there, how to put an image in the middle of the QR code

Currently no plans, but why not. Need to see that will not interfere with the QrCode scanners as well (to make sure it’s still readable even with an image in the middle)


aqli Purchased

thanks for the info. Any additional feature will be upload file from your local server ie pdf file

What do you mean? Upload that image as a PDF? Of put the qrcode and export as a PDF

2 pre-sale question.

1. I notice there is spacing surrounding the qrcode. is it easily to remove the spacing? for instance, this 1?|0

2. Does the script rely on or standalone script ? Some countries cannot access .


doesn’t seem to work any-more php 7.2.4 / apache 2.24 etc