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Bought it and thought it would be a nice toool on my site. But it completely disables all functionality of the latest Shape5 template: corporate response. The whole template admin, menu, and sliding boxes goes dead. Ive send a mail to the author….yougapi

Sorry, but access or link isnt an option… This is the template: corporate_response , can be viewed at shape5.

Sorry I cannot help you if you are not able to provide the required information.

Well then i will go for a refund as you cannot force people into giving access. I have a few points to, as it doesnt look in any way as the demo to…, so i guess this conversation is over.

Yes im on Joomla 2.5 Ive debugged it all the way to this guilty line: $f1->addCustomTag('<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.min.js"></script>

As soon as i take it out all works…

And with all, i mean my template functions, backend and front..

If you already have the jQuery script declared, no need to declare it again, glad to see it’s working now.

Well, i didnt say it was solved…. I only said ->>As soon as i take it out all works…And with all, i mean my template functions, backend and front..

but then the qr plugin doesnt work anymore….

And my other comment that suddenly needs moderation was about the missing of any css styling….. It doesnt look in any way of your demo….

Please check previous answer. Waiting for a link and admin access, and temporary FTP access to get a look. Thanks.

Hi Yougagi! How are you? You helped me with one of your other plugins! You provide absolutely amazing support!

It’s very ironic that I was looking at this plugin for my new site. Guess what, I’m also using Shape5’s Corporate Response theme!

I have not purchased this plugin yet. Do you think it will work? If you want, I will purchase it, install it and give you super admin access.

Let me know.

Thanks and have a great day! Mike

ps…if you’re looking for plugin’s to write, there are very very few responsive anything available. menus, tabs, accordions, contact forms, etc., you name it. I think if you get in now, responsive design will be huge in a few short time.

Please check your email. Thanks!

Hi Yougapi,

Did you receive my emails? You’re probably busy but I just wanted to check in to make sure you are able to log in and have a look..

Thanks! Mike

Yes, should be back very soon (today)

Hello Dear if i buy i can provide like your demo, on my web site any one can create QR. I need to same like your demo please inform to me if can possible with this plugin . Regards


Please send me a link and temporary FTP access through my profile page and will check it out for you, thanks !

Can you Provide me your email ID then i can send to you. we have other issue also when i enable plugin my many function is not working. like Sub menu not showing and some of modules are not showing. i can provide my ftp details


You can contact me through the form situated at the right bottom of my profile page here ;)