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How do you manage them? Can I have some in a list or just in the shortcode? Can I see a screenshot?

It’s based on a shortcode or widget. The widget would automatically display the shortcode of the current page for ex. The shortcode will activate the generator that can be added to any page ;)

Software Version compatible wordpress 4.4.1?

is there new feature coming?
like tracking, user profile, login ??

No plans for that sorry.


I’m looking to using QR codes on artworks/paintings so visitors to my gallery can just scan with their phones and get taken straight to the relevant page/product detail page to purchase the artwork or contact us.

Is this something this plugin can help with? Printable QR codes people can scan with relevant apps on their phones and get taken to the embedded product/website page URL?

This plugin have a widget, that will display a QRCode on all the pages the widget appear on. So if you images are on that pages that would work. Otherwise you may need a more personalized version

Good morning. Very good your work. I would like to use this plugins but from my cell. You can easily change the options for the image of the QR code is shared by whatsapp, email, google plus. I would like to only have facebook, twitter, whatsapp, email and google plus, and the icons were bigger to share

Please reach us through our profile page for customization !

Thank you. And buy the plugins and yesterday wrote to explain them .

HI purchase question. i have an index website, and i want to show qr code on any bussines page. is it possible?

Can be done using a widget


Just want to ask if this plugin can support editing the url or content of the qr code. Let say I have generator a qr code with link A. And later I want to edit that link, can I do that with this plugin?

Thanks zul

Yes you can create the QrCodes with the links and text you wish. If using with a widget, you can define one, then change it later

can the QR code be made for individual user profile pages?

Not directly, can be made on widgets, and some plugins allows to have widgets loading only on certain pages for ex