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I am thinking of buying your project but i do have some questions first:

1) Besides QR CODE generation, does it also scan? 2) Zbar SDK supports 2d barcodes. Your project? 3) Instructions of use and storyboard support?

Hello, 1, scan and generation. 2, zbar support barcode 3, no storyboard, using xib.thank you

Hi natuan,

After scan or generate QR Code, can it be save or email? Thanks!

It will save to photo library.
Send email is good idea. I’ll add it to new version.

Thank you!

Thank you for quick reply!

To generate QR Code, It’s OK to save to photo library. However, when you scan QR Code, You can’t save it with all the details such as web address… etc… I download a free QR Code app on appstore. All scanning details save in other tableview. How do you think?

Keep up good work!

I’ve read QR detail. If you have another request, contact via email.
Thank you!

Good day, you could make some changes? freelancer I need a QR Code scanner using ZBar who owns a Splash Screen, Scanner And Browser, 4 buttons – 1 activates the scanner, 1 open web page in the app.

Yes, I can.
Contact via email, please.
Thank you

Can I edit this software with Xcode myself?

This use Zbar sdk. And zbar sdk support android. You can buy this for xcode. And download zbar sdk woth android. It’s easy to use.

Contact me via email, please!

Freelance work?


I’ve sent you a private message, let me know the cost for the project.

Check your inbox, please.


Is this App ready for iOS 7 and iPhone 5?

After scanning the QR Code, can the app handle the content (create contact, open website URL in safari, dial telephone number, create new SMS message, open new email with message, create calendar Event etc.). If not, how much will it cost to add functionality like this?

Regards Andreas

This app is support iOS 7 and iPhone 5.
For more function, contact me via email, please.

Thank you!

is there any version for phonegap apps? i need a qr with html5+javascript code

Does this support ARMv7-s ?

Hi, I’m interested in both your apps for iPhone and Android, are they able to read barcodes and if yes what fonts ?

BR Antoine

Hi, this application can open a URL in Safari or another browser? If it’s ok, I take. Thank

I regret taking this app, it does not work!

Not Url link :(

I want you give me 10$

Ability to automatically open QR code on scan if its a URL?

Kindly have me notified if this app is still working and supported with updates. Thanks.