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You could show backend demo?

I would also like to know if any beginner can create your apps

How do you mean show backend demo? What do you mean by “any beginner can create your apps”? Please be more descriptive.

These are questions.

You can display a demo: Php scripts for the server.

It includes documentation?

I’m no expert, it is easy for me?

Yes, it includes documentation. You just need to upload php script to your server and edit the connect.php file and input your server credentials. You also need to edit config.json file in the app and add the url from your server files. Everything is documented and you just need to follow the steps. It is very easy for anyone and you don’t need any programming knowledge. All the steps are explained in the documentation. If you are stuck at any point please contact me and I will be happy to help you.

is it ionic framework? Is it possible to scan (plastic card with barcode, which user already have) and re-generate it’s on that app? Does all POS-barcode scanner possible “read” data from the phone’s screen?

It is not ionic framework. It is Titanium Appcelerator framework. It can scan barcode from plastic card, but can not regenarate. I am not sure that all POS barcode scanner can read from the phone screen. That should be checked on the POS scanner.

any demo of backend, and apk?

No, there is no demo at the moment. But, there are pictures from all the screens that the app has.

yes, but i can not see how app functions without demo apk, and admin demo, as other app sellers offer.

I am sorry, at the moment I don’t have app demo nor admin demo. I will provide in future.

Why is there no demo. Did you test it on the Android AppStore yet? I would like to see at least that much and if it works. I’ll gladly purchase. Also, on the server side are you able to manage more then one stores app or do you have to setup each new store with it own individual install?

Hi, I answered you by skype

hi i would like to purchase your product protestit possible

Hi, what exactly do you mean with “protestit”?

demo script

I am sorry, I dont have demo at the moment.

make demo then you sell your product better !

ok, i will.

Really beautiful

Do this application intended for use as a loyalty program for a number of individual organizations under a single database? Are there mobile application screenshots for cashier? Is there a testing video of both of these applications? Is this application support Cyrillic fonts? How the discount is reading? Is there a video that shows the effect of providing Discounts and payment of previously received QR-codes?

This app is intended to be use for a single store but it also support more locations for that single store. Yes, in the screenshots also cashier app screens are included. Unfortunately there is still no video for the application. There isnone xml file for the language and you can only change the values there and it will be applied, so yes, cyrillic is supported. The discount is readed from the database from the server.

i would like to buy it can i have a demo of this working in some way