QR Code & Barcode Scanner and Generator for iOS Swift with AdMob

QR Code & Barcode Scanner and Generator for iOS Swift with AdMob

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Product description

This is a complete application with QR code and Barcode reader and generator.

We have included scanner as well as custom QR code and Barcode generating option into it. It will store history of scanned data in its local database so that use can use it later. Also user can copy output result directly as well as visit through browser if scanned result is an URL. After generate a QR or Barcode, user can share or save the visual output as image.

We designed it as simple as possible. All features are easily accessible and navigations are so easy. Still it contains all standard features what a standard app QR code scanner must have.

We also integrated AdMob fullscreen and banner Ad so that developer can use it to make money through the app.

Feature list:

  • Scan QR code
  • Scan Barcode
  • Generate QR code
  • Generate Barcode
  • Copy output result
  • Visit result URL directly from app
  • Share/Save generated QR or Barcode
  • Keep scanned result history
  • Copy result from history or browse directly
  • Autofocus and camera flush controller
  • Included AdMob banner and fullscreen Ad

See video demo

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