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Great Work Bro .. GLWS :)

Thanks man :)

Nice app but i can’t seen to change the language, check the instruction files they not showing the embedded videos.

Never mind bro i got it working, now the question is when will you release the Android version? Great app you the man.

Where can i increase the number of videos to display on the video list?

Also is not showing the latest videos.

Dude how can I load the latest videos that is all I’m asking? i was able to pull out the latest 50 video from the rss using this url https://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/users/'.$_GET['id'].'/uploads?v=2&alt=json&start-index=1&max-results=50 but i don’t know what to do on the second url $feedUrl=’https://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/playlists/'.$playListId.'?v=2&alt=json';

Once again never mind i just found the way!

why can’t we see the video in landscape mode?

Dear georgecostanza85 ,

this feature will be available in the next version


Good night! I bought android and iOS, however the read me files are missing images, we are unable to put the application to run because of this. Help me to solve this, so I want to talk about after new implementations.

Thanks, I’m in watery.

Dear simoninilucas ,

Sent you an email


Also can you add facebook sharing.

Dear BigBox ,

Facebook Sharing is supported, But the user have to sign in with his Facebook account in phone’s Settings


Hi! I am really interested in your app, but can you please let me know if this will work on Ipad too? Also, if i connect my youtube channel to this app, can i filter what videos to be show or not? I don’t want all videos to be listed… Thanks in advance! John

Dear johnbivol

- Current version support iPhone only, it’s in our plan to support iPad but there is not expected time for that.

- This application show’s you youtube channel’s playlists using a php file that repressible for getting Playlists from youtube , you can customise this php file with filters to get what you want, and the best part of story that this file will work also with the android application it you purchased it.


Hi, Great app but i have problems with the php files, can you help me ? thanks

I’m facing an error when compiling. _description =[dictionary objectForKey:@”description”]; Use of Undeclare identifier ‘_description’ How can i fix that?

Have you been making this application by storyboard or manual

Please Add YouTube v3 api support and Universal app for both iPad and iPhone.

Hi guys,

I’m looking for an app like your but realized you’ve updated it almost 15 months ago and I guess youtube API have changed. Do you plan to release an updated version?

not working anymore

Will you update to Api v3?