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its great to see you are back again and i updated all the settings to be done

now i have some doubts , should the firebase account be made with same gmail account where videos are uploaded in youtube? if not where should i put the channel id in the app…,

Dear nishadts We are here to make your life easier , no you don’t have to own the channel Thanks a lot

i have add youtube channel details and other stuff in fire base now am getting this error

FATAL EXCEPTION: main Process: com.xxxxx, PID: 5690 Theme: themes:{default=overlay:system, iconPack:system, fontPkg:system, com.android.systemui=overlay:system, com.android.systemui.navbar=overlay:system} java.lang.ArithmeticException: divide by zero

Just add another channel ID and then click on get Sync Data again and the new data will replace the old one , we will contact you via email never mid

it worked dont know what happened i have 2 private videos in my youtube channel so the sync is stuck any solution?

We have already sent you an email to fix the issues


Demo app doesn’t show any videos…

and does the app show just the videos from our YT channel? and does it support search bar within the channel?

Dear Benspy001,

Please make sure that you have downloaded the full APK , make sure that you didn’t use any custom application to download the APK just use the browser.

Also please make sure that you are connected to the Internat.

If it’s still not working please provide us with your email and we will help you.


قمت بتباع جميع الخطوات لاكن لم أعرف كيفية إضافة معلومات القناة يضهر لي خطئ Error , Please make sure that the Api Key & UserName are correct

Dear Zakaria , we have contacted you via email thanks a lot

أهلا لقد حللت مشكلة القناة الآن لدي مشكل في إعلان native التي تضهر بين الفيديوهات لاتضهر برغم من أن إعلان int يضهر وشكرا مرة أخرى