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is this plugin will protect from all kind of ddos attack ?

No this plugin only made to reduce http flood or catch it so it’s helping apache to get real requests only, these days most attacker use http flood to shut down apache

what is best Rate Limiting?

when you set 10 visits in 5 seconds its means if user refresh or open page 11 times in period of 5 second will be blocked less seconds and visits may give false block

how to remove plugin manually

when plugin installed automatically line of code will be added to wp-load.php open wp-load.php in main directory of your wordpress install and remove this line

require( dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/wp-content/plugins/qaidi-ddos-protection/public/index-attach.php' );new Qaidi_DDos_attach();
this will completely disable Qaidi DDoS Protection

if auto ban option is enabled in Qaidi DDoS Protection you also need to check .htaccess file and remove your ip

is this plugin checks while in admin area?

No . plugin checks if its admin area simply skip

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