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the last update on 11 july 2015, long back sir, pls update it,i am ready to purchase this.Thanks

Soon in the end of this month.

update please, i am ready to purchase too

i m working on the new version so just hold on please.

‘ve logged a support querry but havent heard anything from your people.

your issues resolved please check thanks.

3 months ago you said will be a new update, when it will be done ?

When i will release i will let you know

What new features will be in the next update and when will the update come out? Its been long overdue.

currently i m working on another script i will update this when ever i finish that and move to this.

mail function not working good … maybe in new update you change with https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer thank you

Wow this script hasn’t been updated in over a year, is it still being supported? Also, is the mail system working? I want to purchase this script but it doesn’t look like it gets a lot of attention for the author.

I m not sure about the update for this script because of only few sales if you want customization please email me at delightcode@gmail.com thanks

Hello, I wanted to know how I have to do to install windows because I have not done the installation on localhost Linux Operating System x He says Server does not meet all requirements, installation can not proceed.

Can you customize? Do something similar to care by professional (Doctor) would need a “booking system” to take the appointment a day and time fixed by the doctor, but that the user can access without permission, on the day of the consultation the patient pays on a “Payment gateway” Paypal and local Sistem of gateway , before the private “Online chat” (with possibility of attaching images pdf, studies of the patient) and together with this chat to create a “Ticket System” (to end in delayed medical or professional consultation)

It would be possible for this script

“Expertrack Script – Find Experts or Jobs Online”   Or for “QAEngine Script – Online Question Answer Community”

I do not know if you have a bit of both, which one would be better for my project? I made the purchase of the two

Best regards

German Pace

Excellent professional attention !! Highly recommended I give 5 stars

thanks :)

when is the update sir?

I m not sure about the update for this script because of only few sales if you want customization please email me at delightcode@gmail.com thanks

No Demo,last update was for a while….

You’ve deceived us well. No updates were made. I feel stupid myself.

there are always people like you i don’t need your $24 you can have refund any time of give me your account details i will send you your money back i never ignore my any client ever.

Make Seo friendly url

sure it will an update will be there soon.

hi what is exactly this script ,

question answer community.

hello, can this script be responsive ?

Hi, Yes it is.

Hello. Demo not showing. Just white blank page. Kindly give me a working URL. Thanks.


How do I change the website name??

from admin panel general settings

when the update will come. I also want to see a demo

Can I set it so that no register/login is needed (but moderation from an admin) for asking a question?

Yes it can be modified like this if you want me to do like this please let me know thanks.

Is this an extra cost? If yes, how much?

please email me for further discussion thanks