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Aanvik Purchased

Hello – I changed the php settings as per the documentation and called the install.php file. It created an Admin account successfully and I was able to see the dashboard the first time. But when I logged out and tried to login again – I got invalid username/password issue. I am very positive that I am using the correct login and password. Can you help?

Log in to the admin panel link: yousite.com/admin/login.php

yousite.com/login.php – only to users!

Error:Android Source Generator: [com.narappa.narappa] Android SDK is not specified

what i am doing…


1) I use the SDK 23

2) Update the SDK and Gradle

3) There are dozens of reasons for the error and not one of them is not relevant to the code. This is a mistake of your IDE. Look on the Internet – tips and solutions are many.

4) I think Configure your IDE – has no relation to the support


Aanvik Purchased

I followed the instruction as per the link here. http://ifsoft.co.uk/help/how_to_migrate_from_gcm_to_fcm/

Then I updated the google-services.Json file at qachat\qaChat\Android Project (client)\MyChat\app location but now when I reload the project I am getting error “no matching client found for package name ru.ifsoft.qachat” -

Can you help?


Aanvik Purchased

Can you explain what do you mean by rename the correct package? ru.ifsoft.qachat I used this as per the link.

2) I followed the instruction as per the link and created the package.

You are required to rename the package!

ru.ifsoft.qachat – is the name of my package! You can not use the same name of the package. The package name must be unique – it is rule Google, Google Play

How to rename a package – look on the Internet. Information and how to do it very much


Aanvik Purchased

Ok – Thanks ! Sorry – pretty new to Android so asking basic questions.


xinql Purchased

Dear, I received a new version and made an update. Push notification fails. When I check it, it fails to call sendToAll () in class.gcm.inc.php. Can you help?

Sorry, Mistakes …

file class/class.gcm.inc.php

replace line number 62 to:

$laps = ceil(count($this->ids) / 1000);

xinql Purchased


when i send message to user through admin panel message is failed..what i am doing

and messages success.. but user not received message..any changes

1) Use the correct file is google-services.json

2) The device can be constantly changing deviceId. Perform re-entry in account from your device to get a new deviceId in database

3) the FCM does not work on an emulator

okay..i will try and let you know..

hello does this app have call option?


Aanvik Purchased

Hello – I am facing the following issue:

16348-16348/threevarapp.com E/Profile: Malformed JSON: “{error client Id.”}” 16348-16348/threevarapp.com E/Profile: Could not parse malformed JSON: “{error client Id.”}”

Not sure what is wrong. Can you please help?


Aanvik Purchased

Ok- Let me try to see how to change it and will change it. Thank you !

I’m sorry, I do not write for server configuration instructions

How to set timezone are looking for on the internet or contact your hosting provider support


Aanvik Purchased

Sure – I’ll support my hosting provider for that info. Thanks.

group conversation features available in this application or not?


its run in share hosting

reguler = shared hosting

after purchase can you set andriod app for me. ihave no idea

sorry, no. I do not make setup and installation for users.

only set andriod app

sorry, no

i will extra pay for this

sorry, no

how to change heder colour in website

edit all styles, file: css/materialize.css

In this case, the lines 1014 and 1022

Sir are u planning for group chat and broadcast feature or not.

Sorry, no

Hello sir please add seen, online, status, typing.. etc features and i am going to buy today this app

How to change the chat bubbles color help plz





emosation smile erore when i send its show ??. how to solve. and in admin panel send all push notification-GCm not work- send -always failed

1) http://ifsoft.co.uk/help/how_to_create_fcm/
in step 3, click -> Add Firebase to your Android app

2) mod_rewrite module must be installed and run on your serrvere

3) Users must be registered (or logged in) with an application to receive notifications

in scarch i click setting and sellect only femal to scarch but its not work also not work in demo app chak and solve

Excuse me, but I will not answer the questions: which contain false, misleading information or pointless consuming my time!

Watch the video from my demo: http://qachat.ifsoft.ru/search.mp4

Thank you for understanding. I hope that this will not happen again!

Have a good day!

how to change site heder and foter background colour

I say again, file: css/materialize.css

how much it costs to add features group conversation. My email drivetransport99 @ gmail. com, thx

I’m sorry, I now do not perform additional work for users.