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Hello, I downloaded the latest version of the script, I can not send push notifications from your smartphone also the message list is not updated, to read new messages have to reload the page.

The manual on “Contants.java” file has srtinghe “SENDER_ID” and “client_id” but the script lacks these strings.

I created the account Firebase and updated the “google-services.json” file with the one you downloaded.

So the bees are placed only on db.inc.php files? in the Android sources I do not have to enter any api key or sender id, only replace file google-services.json?

Thank you

how to move site other server. after move site other server its not work

no no you not understand what i am asking? i move all set olde database in new server. but site not work . so i ask its click to instrall with same database(its require) thats all

Re-configure the db.inc.php file with the data from the database on the new server

tankyou for your answer

how get admin deatials. i lost it. how to recovery admin password

1) Delete the table “admins” with phpMyAdmin

2) Run in the browser: yousite.com/install.php and create new admin account

User data will not be affected


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Please, Add feature rotate/crop image

bug app i hire 3 developer the not correct the ting suggest me change in fream work. i think i west mone and time

I tell you for the hundredth time: I will not change this

you make one app and sale 4 time add new features in same code like- dating app,social app, ask all same code

What’s the problem?

If you at least understood something, you would know:

Reusing code is one of the main principles of programming!

Only a person who does not understand anything, each time writes a new, identical code!

I think that you do not understand anything and just take my time with meaningless comments!

What’s the point in your comments ??


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Hi Qascript,

I am follow your tutorial to setting sender id and api client on http://ifsoft.co.uk/help/how_to_generate_sender_id_and_api_key/ and now different found on the google console.

read here: http://ifsoft.co.uk/help/how_to_create_fcm/

in step 3 Click -> Add Firebase to your Android app

Hi Sir , PHP can install in shared hosting or vps only . I hope to buy this Chat .


I use “shared hosting” for this demo

Any Linux hosting with apache, php, mysql

Most users choose hotsing: godaddy


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hi i am looking at similar script in the market, your is the closest that i wish to buy.. do you have audio message and in-app call function like WebRTC / Sinch ? thanks or do you charge for customisation for this addon?

Sorry, there are no functions here: audio message and in-app call


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Hi The project is sleeping?:shocked: No update

In this life everything happens …

There are more important cases and projects.


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Hi, I need your support!

I set my Facebook App to point the Valid OAuth redirect URIs field to my website running your PHP script: http://dachat.appcontrol.info/

When I try to log in using Facebook Login, I received this error message:

This page isn’t working

dachat.appcontrol.info redirected you too many times. Try clearing your cookies. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

Your tutorial does not do reference about how to set Facebook Login for the web, only about Android using Facebook Key Hash.

I try my best but I can not make login on your PHP Script using Facebook, can you help me, please??

Wait for the update.

Error with Facebook authorization fixed (integrated with another Facebook SDK)

bugy sprit online ofline problem. deny to correct

Dear, stop writing “nonsense”!

I’m telling you for the tenth time:

The updated status of “online / offline” comes through when authorizing, visiting the “profile” and “messages” pages!

It’s not a mistake! This is done to reduce the load on the database!

I will not change the function, because you do not like it!

Never in my life I will not change it!

All my scripts use this function, and at the moment none of the 1800 people (except you) have written that it’s a bug!

If you do not like the work of the function – it’s not a mistake!

You can apply to the International Court of Human Rights! Have a good day!

Здравствуйте,я купил ваш продукт.. qaChat но не могу понять как сделать APK моего сайта. Для публикации на Android

Для меня это сложно.. Вы не предоставляете тех поддержку для полной настройки..? Просто я сайт установил а в Android Studio я не разбираюсь.. Мне будет жаль если я купил зря ваш продукт..

У меня не получается сгенерировать apk.. как быть ?

Простите, ваши знания Android Studio не имеют отношения к поддержке

Читайте правила Envato – вы покупаете код, и я не обязан вас обучать

Поддержка – это исправление ошибок и решение проблем

Настройте Constants.java (как описано в документации) и сгенерируйте apk

Как сгенерировать apk – смотрите в интернете. Существует тысячи статей, и в каждой книге по Android есть глава об этом.


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Hi again thank you for your prompt reply to login via facebook question above.

I found other situation that I suggest your attention.

When the user receives a notification on the top bar about a new message when visualizing the message no AdMob banner show on the bottom.

Admob works only if a user opens the app from the icon and is not working when user read a message from the push notification.

Can you add this improvement on your next update?

When will take place this update?


Sorry, I will never add “AdMob banner” to the “chat / messages” section !!

I think advertising in the chat – this is nonsense

Personally, I would remove such an application immediately


wcre8tive Purchased

Sorry, you did not understand or may I express wrong. When the user press left the menu to see People, Search, Messages… AdMob show on bottom Right? But when the user opens the app FROM a notification received on the top on the phone and still using the app like pressing People or Search the AdMob not works. So, in this case, I will lose revenue because most people will open the app when receiving a notification. I do not mean add AdMob banner on the chat screen, but turn it works as it is now in any situations.

Please revise my message.

its not a good script online ofline issue .and the other its bad bhaviour. and he also not refund money. west script

I already answered you to this “nonsense” earlier

If you have nothing to do, please create a tweeter account and write the nonsense there

Thank you for understanding. Have a good day