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Hello, i have bought it and i cannot connect the web messenger with firebase, i do ot see anything in firebase when i talk via web messenger. Also the android app closes after i build it.

Can you please provide a support to update message number in chatlist in real time? (i the list where you see who msged u and how many msgs). Thank you! I really need this support.


Sorry, it’s not a mistake. Adding this feature – a difficult task. I can not afford to re-write the application logic for a single person. It has no relation to the support. In the future, I will try to add this feature (I can not promise by 100%)

But you have real time ajax in chat, can’t you do the same in that counting number? And real time in chat is working even without firebase. It is with ajax.

Hello, I am getting the following error :Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home2*/public_html//*/config/db.inc.php:1)


1) You have made a mistake (or typo) in db.inc.php file

2) You have edited the file in the usual editor (eg notepad) or in a web browser.

Replace the file by original file, and adjust again.

Please update the chat like typing status online seen etc like in media network

at the moment it’s not in my plans.

How can we use this qachat plugin in WordPress ?


I’m sorry, this is not possible. My scripts are not compatible with Wordpress – otherwise the script would be sold in category Wordpress

Hello, thanks for fixed errors, Do you have plan to work app when users without the Internet for just going on chats and read them like whatsapp?

I have already answered this question earlier. The answer is the same – no. It’s not in my plans.

Pre-sale is this project supported with eclipse is this project supported with interstial admob?


Android Studio Project. Only adMob banner

can you add interstitial for code at opening and closing app

Sorry no. I am totally against of this type of advertising. I do not use this type of advertising.

do you support video or just images only ?

images only


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Its full support – work with PHP 7.x., ?

I have not tested. On my server has not php 7.x


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Hello when users upload a photo in server side upload 3 or 4 versions of photo! or when user upload new other avatar or cover do not delete old avatar or cover in server photo folder so this not good for low stroge hostings please fix this big problem thanks.

This is not an error, and does not need to “fix”

I want it! I do not want to delete the user data! If the function is not worked not so much as you want – it’s not a mistake.


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i think this is a mistake When a user deletes his photos or update new photo, but the old photos are not deleted from the server


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hi, your media network script better than qachat for a chat application please add “seen/typing” features – cancel request friend – option manual select online offline profile in qachat too please please thanks a lot :)

Hello, can you please provide to me a way to make the “4 min ago” disappear when i click on it’s message?

I have tryed this:

viewHolder.mRight_Message.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
    public void onClick(View v) {

inside ChatListAdapter, but it tell me “Error:(224, 21) error: local variable viewHolder is accessed from within inner class; needs to be declared final”

So the only way to fix it is to set

1) ViewHolder viewHolder = null; TO final ViewHolder viewHolder = new ViewHolder();

2) Delete row viewHolder = new ViewHolder();

3) Delete row viewHolder = (ViewHolder) convertView.getTag();

But if i do so, when i scroll up and down inside a chat window the app closes.

I do not understant why u use that elements inside this java file. And please, help me with a practical small code to work for my setOnClickListener.

Thank you.


1) I almost did not understand

2) I would have done so:

a) in file model / ChatItem.java add new variable “private Boolean showTimeAgo = true;” and two methods “setShowTimeAgo” and “getShowTimeAgo” to set and get variable

b) in adapter/ChatListAdapter.java

if (chatItem.getShowTimeAgo ()) {      viewHolder.mRight_TimeAgo.setVisibility (View.VISIBLE); } else {      viewHolder.mRight_TimeAgo.setVisibility (View.GONE); }

c) in file adapter / ChatListAdapter.java when click to time layout: “chatItem.setShowTimeAgo (false);” and adapter.notifyDataSetChanged ();

So by default, you show TimeAgo for every message.

I need Facebook Messenger style:

- TimeAgo should not be shown all the time but only when you tap on a message. Reason: too much space form the screen taken.

In the method, which I have given above, I would do:

showTimeAgo = false; // By default

Can you add verified accounts to this as well?

I’m sorry, I do not know what “mybb database” :)

I only use mysql for the server side

Oh, its forum freeware. Baiscly it has users, avatars and passwords already there and i was wondering if it can be migrated somehow. Its sql as well

I think that this is impossible :)

For applications created a unique backend and database structure.

The application is not compatible with third-party server parts.

This is not a web browser, it is a native app.

how to upload files and how to convert app apk file..i want just change the logo and some links remove..and where is db file.. what i am dong step by step revert back..

thank you..web side is working fine…

when i generate apk file its showing error…Cannot start compilation:the output path is not specified for module “Android Project(client)”. Specify the output path in Configure Project..what i am doing…

Dear, creating apk – does not refer to the support.

How to create an apk file – look on the Internet. A lot of information.

In this case, I think that you have not configured Android Studio.

How can i search users with just username?

username, fullname, email, country

i cant find that in the app, theres only sorting options, also twitter and custom home page url field would be useful as well. I might buy this soon tho.


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Update… The greatest problem is that all the projects you have very little speed applications ( Its ok when just the user Live in the country with high-speed Internet) – And when users haven’t internet like in the road or somewhere should be able see history and cache in offline mode (Because we live in the era of competition). While you do not care about this issue and customers are unhappy you have poor after-sales service and Not more sales So please focus on the immense problems. and PLEASE Do not say this is now the problem, not plan.


I’ll speak for the tenth time – I do not plan to add support for offline mode (local database)!

The speed of application depends on the speed of the internet connection and server performance.


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why you don’t have any plan?! This feature is very important for every chat application Its very funny when user open app in offline and and was transferred to the first register and login (app activity) At least you can make the program a little bit more professional- Or a chat application does not have seen/no seen messages / is typing… / ... ................ Do not you think your all applications have immense problems?