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what is the requirements server to app work , the user average 200K .

im getting error 500 wat can i do

Possible reasons:

1) The script is installed in the wrong directory on the server (not the root)

2) The config file db.inc.php is not configured to access the database (or entered incorrect data)

See the server error log

Ok set it up and it worked well but cannot create accounts now. My site is on tsoka.life

Please install you script (read documentation):

enter in browser: yousite.com/install.php

how to chenge notification count colour like 1 2 need red

sir i ask for website not andriod

please edit css file: (server)\css\materialize.css

have a good day

but sir which code i not fiend notification code

how to add https in site

i change in confige but its not sshow

1) (server)\common\header.inc.php, in line 22 use “https” instead “http”

2) config db.inc.php, use “https” in APP_URL

3) config Constants.java, use “https” in API_DOMAIN


Good Job,

Would love to purchase the script, however have a clarification; tested the app on couple of devices, when we select “people nearby” options, it doesn’t show Green circle for people who are nearby.& ONLINE

Is it by default set in that way or is it a bug.

Thank you!

Also, when we go for “search” option and select “online” the list shows online people after scrolling to the middle or bottom of the search result, Wherein it has to sort/ show online people on top of the list.

Appreciate your patience and understanding in clearing the above queries.

Thank you!

sign up & login via facebook isn’t working on site & android app dmitry any suggestion please

I know about it. I will replace the version of the Facebook SDK in the near future. This is not a big problem and the solution already exists – wait for the update

thank you so much Dmitry,please send me the update on my email once it’s done. zakariaaitiken@gmail.com the app is working fine and also the website even i host it in a free host(000webhost) everything is ok. have a nice day Dmitry

Hey dmitry,i just realise now that when i send a fcm to the app ,when the app is down,it’s ok,but if i send it and the app is running ,it stops the app crush and stop(the app is only on my phone for test i don’t upload it to playstore yet)

It’s great! I am very happy!

The application should only work for buyers :)

what r u talking about sir,I’m a designer working together with a friend who is the developer,we make apps for our associated account and this time we bought the code by her codecanyon account,so don’t make judges for nothing plz

Have a good day

can you please tell me where is on submit send handeler buttom in chat


I think you missed out a comment in between, please clarify this.


Thank you!

This script does not have these functions! It’s not a mistake! Have a good day

Hi Dmitry, its seems you are busy on android .. I have a question in your IOS on sending notification to all users always fails, but can be send individual. Also I am seeking you to do some personal add-on, please advice .. Cheers

Hi? My social Network Deleted??? Why?

app on moderation. do not worry

Sir i want to buy your code the one you just removed please mail me back

I did not delete anything! Applications moderated!

Have a good day

the app is deleted how can i make payments for it please the mysocial network app and website


mohamza Purchased

when login or sign up on the website, it show a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. can you help please?


mohamza Purchased

i did it but in admin, it show failure; 10 good morning For all users failure 0 2017-06-10 03:59:01

file: server side/class/class.gcm.inc.php

try replace in line 64: 1 to 0


mohamza Purchased

great, it’s ok now, good luck

Hey Dmitry,i want to ask you if the update will be more delayed so then i can start trying add the new facebook sdk myself.

please write from customer account. support only for customers. have a good day

so should i buy this code twice,there is some specific situation like mine,as i told u,i don’t work with my last partner who buy the script for us anymore,so try to be human & understand this special case,at least just because i told u the truth,if not ,u can feel free to not help me. Have a good & more sales bro.

Dear, I receive daily more than 4 letters with such nonsense: blocked the account, my friend the buyer, a gift from my uncle, etc.

For this reason: support only for customers with a badge “PURCHASED”

Have a good day. Thank you for understanding.

I am getting error in your PHP Engine (server) after added required information in config/db.inc.php file. Please guide me.

Warning: include_once(D:/xampp/htdocs/core/init.inc.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in D:\xampp\htdocs\chat\install.php on line 12

Warning: include_once(): Failed opening ‘D:/xampp/htdocs/core/init.inc.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’D:\xampp\php\PEAR’) in D:\xampp\htdocs\chat\install.php on line 12

Fatal error: Class ‘admin’ not found in D:\xampp\htdocs\chat\install.php on line 15

Not showing emoticon message next time if you see the message. It is only showing while composing new message.

Please read documentation, section “How to add emoji support”

Hi, I have bought your IOS version and have written multiple emails to you via your profile page, seeking if you can add features and I am ready to pay for that extra for both Android and IOS version. However, I didn’t receive any comment or reply from you. Wondering if my email didn’t reached you. Hence pardon me bringing this up here. Any comment please ?

Excuse me, I can not now do the work for users – I do not have time

any plan for group chat and broadcast messages ?