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Good Day, I want to buy the app and just have one question. If I buy the app and re brand it for personal company details then can I upload it to google play store for people to download and use?

Hi, yes

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In order for the chat in the application to work in real time – you need to configure FCM:


In step 3 Click -> Add Firebase to your Android app

I will not accept a refund, because my application has no problems about which you write.

Have a good day.

I already did it

Also: FCM does not work on emulators! Use only real devices for testing FCM!

Esse appcaon2 fica comprando scripts aqui e cancelando as compras sendo que ele já tem o produto em mãos, temos que denunciar este perfil para o codecanyon.

Dear, you can report to: support codecanyon, the administration of Donald Tramn and the UN is your right! Nobody forbids you to do this!

But I ask you not to create garbage here and not write nonsense in the comments!

Thank you for understanding. Have a good day.

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Dear, you can report to: support codecanyon, the administration of Donald Tramn and the UN is your right! Nobody forbids you to do this!

But I ask you not to create garbage here and not write nonsense in the comments!

Thank you for understanding. Have a good day.

How do you disable the facebook button please?

Site: config/db.inc.php line line 19 to false

App: Constants.java line 7 to false

Push Notifications: http://ifsoft.co.uk/help/how_to_create_fcm

in step 3 Click -> Add Firebase to your Android app

Hey QA, i have done that already but nothing, also would it be possible to help me with custom integration? the only thing causing me a problem is the password encryption method, My Main site uses MD5

All passwords are encrypted and stored in encrypted form – so will be further

Any news about new update? What will be new? Do you know month of release new version?


crosite Purchased

Facebook says: URL Blocked: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not whitelisted in the app’s Client OAuth Settings. Make sure Client and Web OAuth Login are on and add all your app domains as Valid OAuth Redirect URIs.


crosite Purchased

Any news?


crosite Purchased

Any news with facebook login? Update project?

sir i need help- i shift my site other server, all file and database, also change databasename. but not login in website. mobile app is fine login, but website not,please help

cloud hosting,- webso cpanel

Contact your hosting provider for support.

mode sucurity instrall in server

i am not move to photo folder its is 5 gb, 4 same photo uplos different size.how to solve?

no need rewrite the code only say short cart solve.thats all

The class is responsible for processing and creating images: class / class.imglib.inc.php

Change the code for yourself as you want! Information is provided.

Have a good day. The question is closed.

thanks my dear friend but i am not a developer. any thank you

Update for 2020 or 2045? just I don’t know;) While I’m still using it, Good script but abandoned

I think I will do it in 2017 :)

I’m so glad to hear that, thank you

The only things the script need to sell more! http://i.imgur.com/pmSpft9.jpg

PRE-PURCHASE QUESTION: Does this encrypt user’s messages in transit?

Is this still being actively supported or has this been abandoned?


User messages are not encrypted.

This is not an abandoned project! The update will be soon.

How soon is the next update dropping? How easy is it to add encryption to the messaging system?

hello, it is possible to use the nearby Person function in the Website ? after install the websitescript on my Server i dont see this functtion in my account. it is only function for mobile app? thanks for answer

Sorry no.

Function “Nearby” is only used in the application


mroxso Purchased

Encryption would be a nice thing! :-)


mroxso Purchased

Also cached session, messages, chats, etc for a faster start would be great :) + answer directly in push notification would be great :) these would be awesome! :-)

Hello, You could help me with something, buy your code recently, but problems have occurred, the application does not allow me to register and login.

I’m sorry, I do not read people’s thoughts. Please explain your problem in more detail


appcaon2 Purchased

this seller is a liar, makes a false announcement, do not buy it by putting money in the trash, defective files and misleading advertising.


appcaon2 Purchased



appcaon2 Purchased


Forgive me for the nonsense you write ??

I never provide paid services and do not take money from customers! I’m selling the full source code – a ready project! The documentation contains all the necessary information for setting up and running the application.

If you contacted third-party people for help with installation or configuration and paid money – it`s your problem!

I repeat: I do not provide paid additional services! I do not take money for support and installation!

If you can prove something, prove it here and now, otherwise I will appeal to Envato for asking for your block for reason: a lie!

Forgive me, but for the moment I see that a liar and a writer of total delusion – it’s you!

I’m waiting for evidence and explanations!

Have a good day


My application has been clean-rebuild, now i;ve downloaded it on my phone. Logged in and tried to change my cover or profile photo and it closed the app. Next to that, i had 5 errors about camera. So maybe you can look into it. Errors were somethign about OnCamera… or Gallery something. Cant remember probaly.

Also i’ve done all steps of your GCM to FCM, still doesnt work on the website. Keep getting Failure. Aswell i dont get the number counting in menu about notifications and chats and no FCM either GCM Message



in step 3 Click -> Add Firebase to your Android app

If i upload a cover or profile pic, it crashes the app