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Amazing script. Got a custom modification from Alexandr and it works well. Alexandr was highly professional and willing to assist me all the way through. He even helped me with setting up the site and fixing any issues despite being busy. Brilliant author, brilliant script. I am a student with barely any coding experience, so if you have no coding experience like myself, don’t worry because he’s a helpful author. Worth the money! :D

Thank you!

why “Removed PayPal and video answers by old API”?

i need PayPal to By PayPal users can buy points in application.

I do not understand what you mean. For modifications use this email: mymail162@gmail.com

Hello I need to feature login automatically For example, when you enter the first time The second time does not need access to the use of the name and password

Answered on email.

login not working user/user

Hello bniceaa,

Try moderator/moderator

Hi Xandrco

I need login just first one in semi browser, if I go to the browser another time just open the link, see my profile, I mean see my page (my account), I don’t need login again

Hi alikreem,

I answered to your email.

Is it possible to import a CSV or Excel file of Q&A, for example via phpadmin?
Thank you.

Hello annaparis,

That is not included in application or support. I can send you questions table structure if you need it.

Thank you, but before all, I’d like to try your demo, it does not work however ;(

Any Android or iOS mobile app please?

Hi Denimbs,

Unfortunately not.

Hi, i can see russian and english language. Is there a option to add new languages like german etc.?

thank you

Hi gamerPro87,

Yes, you can add it by adding language file (translate).

hello i have an important question i am making a website and it uses ultimate member plugin and i want to implement your plugin to my wordpress is that possible? thank you

Hello adams213,

Unfortunately, this is not Wordpress plugin – you can not install it inside Wordpress.


The demo; user/user not work. Can you please check


1) Is possible to translate to Spanish? 2) moderated the questions and answers? 3) Assign roles of admins and moderator is possible to users? 4) Filter questions by country 5) have security against XSS ans sql injection

Thank you!!

Hi tecno77 ,

Thanks for mention.
1) Yes, by translating language file;
2) Inside admin panel you can moderate (as admin) questions and answers;
3) Not. Only possibility is to add ‘admin’ value for any account inside phpmyadmin;
4) Yes.

what is the username and password, i want to try demo

Error:(19, 1) A problem occurred evaluating root project ‘QA Script’. > Could not find method android() for arguments [build_52ar3pxdhb4795ldqrc4uq9ic$_run_closure2@608445a6] on root project ‘QA Script’.

It shows the above error

Did this script work or is dead?