Pzen Ajxcart - Ajax Add to cart for Zencart

Pzen Ajxcart - Ajax Add to cart for Zencart

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Pzen Ajxcart

Pzen AjxCart is an Ajax add to cart module developed and designed for Zencart. Now add the products from Homepage using Ajax that is without loading the whole page, which makes your store feature rich. The plugin supports default Zencart functionality, which means multiple products acan also be added from the Product listing pages like All product, New Products, Featured Products and Category listing.

Plugin is responsive supported, a unique flyout cart is displayed for smaller devices making your store standout from others. Remove the item dropdown without loading the page, items in Shopping cart too can be updated or deleted individually based on this plugin. The plugin comes with dedicated ajax cart sidebox, which can be enabled/disabled from the Layoutboxes controller.

Pzen Ajxcart - Ajax Add to cart for Zencart - 3

Core Features

  • Add products to cart without loading page
  • Add multiple products to cart on listing pages using Ajax
  • Cart dropdown menu on hover
  • Flyout cart for responsive/smaller devices
  • Dedicated Ajax Cart sidebox
  • Delete/Update items individually using Ajax from shopping cart page
  • Display popup with product detail including image
  • Supports latest zencart version


03-05-2018 - v1.10

-- Fixed : Cart dropdown display item price issue

02-05-2018 - v1.9

-- Fixed : Product Listing Single Product Qty Add to Cart Issue

11-04-2018 - v1.8

-- Fixed : Cartpage Single Product Update Issue

09-04-2018 - v1.7

-- Fixed : Attribute File Upload Issues

08-03-2018 - v1.6

-- Fixed : Sticky header cart update issue
-- Update : Ajax validations for pzen daily deals 
-- Fixed : OutofStock allow checkout issues

02-10-2017 - v1.5

-- Fixed : Display Attributes in Added cart popup
-- Fixed : Product Info Add to Cart increase qty issue.
-- Fixed : Also purchase product add to cart issues.

01-07-2017 - v1.4

-- Fixed : Product Info options validations.
-- Fixed : Cart Remove Product Action Update Shipping Estimator.

01-06-2017 - v1.3

-- New : Cart Page shipping Estimator Update.
-- New : Update cart qty in info page.

15-05-2017 - v1.2

-- New   : Full Cart Page Update using Ajax
-- New   : Added Validation for input Quantity Box
-- Fixed : Attribute Price Issues.
-- Fixed : Some Css Issues.

28-04-2017 - v1.1

-- Fixed : Min-Max Quantity issue
-- Fixed : Some CSS
-- Fixed : Discount by quantity products issue