Discussion on PWF - WooCommerce Products Filter

Discussion on PWF - WooCommerce Products Filter

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I use the latest version of the following plugins: - WooCommerce and - PWF – WooCommerce Products Filter.

I have created a page “New arrivals” and I use the WooCommerce shortcode [products limit=”9” is_new=”true” paginate=”true” cache=”false”]. I wanted this shortcode to return only new products so I made a custom attribute “is_new” to achieve this.

I have add the following code in functions.php: I followed your instructions for Custom Query from here:

So far, everything worked perfect, except one small issue:

As you can see here:

There is a list of the newest products. The filter on your left, shows the colors and here is where my problem lies. When you click on the blue color it should return only blue-assigned products. And it does. But the counter of the blue button is not correct. It shows 4 in total while the actual number should be 3.

This issue of course happens for every filter, not just for colors. It’s just the counter that seems to be off for some reason.

If you visit the /shop page where ALL products are shown: You can see there the number 4 also on the blue button, but this time the counter is always correct.

What I need, is when a query runs (either after page load or after clicking on a filter) to show the correct count number of the results. This of course happens only on pages where I add the custom shortcode that contains the “is_new” attribute. Every other default WooCommerce shortcode works correctly.

Looking forward to your reply, thanks in advance.


You described the issue very good.
The problem is the code you add to filter products depend on date you didn’t add it to the code that count products.
Please download the version 1.9.5 I made some changes.
Try this code

add_filter( 'pwf_parse_date_query', 'customize_pwf_parse_date_query', 10, 2 );
function customize_pwf_parse_date_query( $date_query, $filter_id ) {
    if ( 6119 === $filter_id ) {
        if ( empty( $date_query ) ) {
            $today  = getdate();
            $days30 = getdate( date( strtotime('today - 30 days') ) );
            $date_query = array(
                'relation' => 'AND',
                    'after'     => array(
                        'year'  => absint( $days30['year'] ),
                        'month' => absint( $days30['mon'] ),
                        'day'   => absint( $days30['mday'] ),
                    'before'    => array(
                        'year'  => absint( $today['year'] ),
                        'month' => absint( $today['mon'] ),
                        'day'   => absint( $today['mday'] ),
                    'inclusive' => true,
    return $date_query;

Support #1 I have installed WP Fastest Cache plugin to optimize the website, I have noticed that since then I have had some problem with PWF filter plugin. The categories are displayed without the need to click on the ”+” or “v” sign, the filters are visually present but disabled, when I position the mouse and I want to filter any attribute, nothing is executed. I must clear the cache so that it can work correctly.

I would appreciate if you tell me if I should do something in the PWF plugin configuration or in the WP Fastest Cache plugin configuration.

In that case, does it mean that I can’t install any WordPress caching plugin? What solution would you have to optimize the website without affecting the filters?

Hi, I don’t say that. Any cache plugin has options to disable some JS files from cached in minfy file.

You need to check this option

Good day,

I would like your assistance to resolve a number of issues with the paid version of your PWF plugin.

(1) When I edit a Filter, some changes don’t look like they are applied. For example, if I go to the “Database Query” tab and change the “Pages” setting and apply changes, when I reload the page it will still show “No selected”. I had someone check the MySQL database and they say the selected page is there. So the settings page is not getting the saved value from the database, it just keeps showing “No selected”

(2) When I asked someone to check the Filter settings for me they saw a code error. In class-pwf-meta.php on line 1057, it is doing a foreach on $setting_values, but $settings[‘filter_display_pages’] is a string. This causes an empty array to get saved into the ‘pwf_woo_query_filters’ option, when it should be an array with the page id from $settings[‘filter_display_pages’].

(3) The filters do not work properly on my WooCommerce Shop page. I tried different combinations of settings with the Ajax settings and the Pretty URLs. With all Ajax settings ON and Pretty URLs OFF, if I apply a filter on the shop page, the products being shown does not change, but if I go to the next page (using pagination), the applied filter start. Afterwards, if I go back to page 1 from page 2 (pagination) the filters remain active on page 1.

The ajax that is supposed to update the product list on the shop page when applying a filter is not working properly.

(4) There is no way to completely turn off ajax. Even setting all Ajax options to OFF, applying the filter still shows the spinning image trying to update the main shop page using Ajax. But nothing actually happens. With the Ajax settings OFF, if I apply a filter and go to the next page the filter is active. But if I go back to page 1 the filters are not active. Can there be an option to completely reload the page when a filter is applied and it uses the query string or the pretty url to do the filtering. The Ajax is not working at all on my site.

— I have turned off all caching on my website and the problems are still there.

With these problems, the plugin is pretty much unusable on my site and had to be disabled. I am hoping you can assist to resolve these issues.

Kindest regards.

How can we get the filters to work on the WooCommerce shop page.

We have tried the “Pages” option under Database Query but the filter does not seem to work. It only works on the Product Archive pages

We also notice the filters don’t work properly unless we turn off all the Ajax options and disable Pretty URLs

I think you need to add the purchase code for pretty urls


apexs1 Purchased



apexs1 Purchased

Hi, We are still waiting for reply from your side,

please revert asap. its urgent for us, we want to know the solution

Filters not working due to Fibo Search plugin. its conflicting.

Can you please check and confirm the solution.

check this link. filters not working

First, I add the purchase code this purchase code work for limited time. you need to add the original purchase code.
The purchase code is so important to work with the Pretty URLs.
The filter works well now.
Also I edit the filter settings. For the tab Database query, I disable Ajax because it makes an error (admin-ajax 500 error)

Website >> Requirement No.1 When I enter the “TIENDA” page, it only shows me the “CATEGORY” filter, because that is how it was configured, but I do want the other filters to be shown without having to previously select any of the CATEGORIES (Calzado, Electrónica, Entretenimiento, Mujeres, Regalos), Can be done? How should I configure it?

Requirement No.2 I have the banner “Piñata” (It is a subcategory of “ENTERTAINMENT”) on the page “HOME”, this banner redirects to the store page, but it only shows the subcategories of “Piñata”. Since the user is only looking for Piñatas, I need it to also show the other filters that correspond to this subcategory. Can be done? If so, how is it configured?

I have a PDF document with images of the current configuration of the Filter. If you want I can provide it

Hi, Where I can find this issue?

I only have 2 products that have the attribute “Neon Yellow”, but in the text “Showing all 8 results”, which lists the number of results does not match. See the following images with 2 examples:

Could you try this solution. Edit the filter settings and clicking the Database query tab set the option “Posts per page” to empty.


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Thank you for considering my proposal. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,


apexs1 Purchased


We have implemented this plugin in site.

But filter is not working due to inflict with Fibo Search. so can you please fix the issue.

we have detected issue, filter is not working due to Fibo Search

Do you need login details for site?


Hi, I can’t fix the conflict with the plugin Fibo Search. I can help you to make the plugin work on your website. Please send me login details using the contact form on my profile page.

Hi, I got a notification that the plugin has an update available. In WP I usually just click the ‘UPDATE NOW’ link but I noticed with your plugin – it does not have that.

Can you please advise on the best way to update your plugin without losing any of the settings, data, filters, and custom css.

Thank you.


I can’t understand how SEO rules work. I’ve created a filter with the color attribute.

I’ve created an SEO rule to optimize categories for the request “category+color”.

My URL pattern for categories are

For SEO URL i’ve put this pattern category-name/couleur- any / and I’ve selected the page of the category i wanted it to appear.

The filter work on the front end, but anything from the SEO rule seems to happen : no change in h1, description, meta title, etc.

Could you help me understand please ? I’ve bought your plugin specifically for this feature.


Hi, thank you for reaching us. could you send me login details using my contact form on my profile page?
Which SEO plugin are you using?

I’ve sent you my login details on your contact form. I am using Yoast SEO and Premmerce permalink manager as SEO plugins.

Hii, how to make categories without url key. (The “URL key” is the URL-friendly version of the title. It is usually all lowercase and contains only letters, numbers, and hyphens) . I want to have static product categories links, thats good for SEO. Ofcorse option to show parent categories, but also to be static.

Hi, could you provide example of the url you don’t need and example of the url you need.
On Demo, the category link is and the SEO link or default link is

Hi, I need it always to be like , that means without url key, basicly just normal categories links

Hello, unfortunately, this option doesn’t exist. But there is an option you can disable all URL keys. Edit the filter settings and click the tab “extra” and set the option Enable browser hash to “OFF”

Hi there, Nice plugin, just purchased yesterday. Have run into a couple of issues with presentation and styling and how it works in general.

1. When clicking any of the filters, the Products already displayed don’t get filter, instead the plugin replaces the top container with the filter Products (in my case it removes the list of categories from that Elelmentor container and displays the filtered products).

2. The filtered Products do not adhere to the styling of the non-filtered Products. Not sure where to adjust that.

3. I can’t seem to get any CSS to work on the display of the filter (just changing to change font colour and font-size).

4. Is there a Sort feature by any chance?

Could you advise please. Thank you :)

Hi, For the shop page it is difficult to filter products because there are more layouts that are displaying products so customers can feel conflict. But if you need to set the filter on the shop page you need to assign which layouts you need to filter and add unique CSS to it then edit the filter settings and click the CSS tab and set this unique CSS class to the option products container. And aslo you need to use custom query check this tut
For sorting, You can use radio button or dropdown menu to add order by like default woocommerce order by menu.
What do you need or explain what do you need for this point “3. I can’t seem to get any CSS to work on the display of the filter (just changing to change font colour and font-size).”
You can send login details using my contact form on my profile page What do you need exactly especially for the shop page and I will do that.


TSC-tech Purchased

Thanks you. I have emailed you details. Cheers :)

Hi, I will check it right now.


Just purchased this awesome filter to our store. But somehow if I filter products by “On Sale” it doesn’t work it just filters some Sale products and show also regular priced items. How could we sort this out? Check out:

Hi, thank you for purchase our plugin.
Please set the pagination type on the theme to numbers. Then edit the filter plugin and set the pagination type to “Infinite Scroll”.

Hi, I’ve just purchased your module and I’ve created a filter. I’m using an elementor template for the product category page and archive page and I’m using filter shortcode on the left column. The filter appears properly but filter doesn’t work (it doesn’t filter products on the right). Thanks for your help.


Hi, thank you for reaching out. Please use mu contact form on my profile page and send login details and I will check your site as soon as possible.

Hello Im having an issue with SEO Rules. I created one with the atttribute – brand and it doesnt work despite having created a filter and SEO Rules

my website login: testadmin W!e#dXosznwjS1&w7YJboNBV

I can’t login on your website also I didn’t find any JS code related to our plugin

sorry here it is testadmin Nhd&MI44^kZq6$&bAuzc%MW

( please add a Q to the end of the passw) and change it immediately please.

Hi, First, the filter doesn’t display on the front end.
Second, Where can I find the JS code?
Third, What is the SEO RUle you add this SEO rule any -mother-of-the-bride-dresses but when I check available variables I can’t find any thing starting with “any”. The word “%any” must be at the end. To fix this issue you need to edit the filter and add product categories. Then add the SEO rule.

I sent you message

Hello. When I added products to subcategories under 2 different categories it is not possible to filter by few categories > sub categories in one category archive page. For example Product added to categories:

- Product type 1 > Size 1

- Brands > Brand 1

When viewing “Product type 1” category archive page it is possible to filter only by size. It is not possible to filter by Brands. Sub categories filter from another category, where also product added, is not shown. How it is possible to fix this problem it will be possible to Filter by all categories>subcategories on all categories archive pages.

Second problem – How it is possible to fully change colors on Active Product Filters, check screenshot

Please also fix you demo-page there filters also work.

Look, problem with filter not fixed! Please check my video This problem on my site and it is also on your demo site Please check my video and fix it!

Hi, I think the problem when the item title on the filter without toggle content is clickable.
Now I understand you. To fix this problem you need to add HTML for pagination tag if is empty. I will try to add some code to fix this issue.

Hi, try to add this code
add_action( 'woocommerce_after_shop_loop', 'pwf_add_html_taga_for_woocommerce_pagination', 11 );

function pwf_add_html_taga_for_woocommerce_pagination() {
    if ( function_exists( 'is_plugin_ajax' ) && ! is_plugin_ajax() ) {
        $total = isset( $total ) ? $total : wc_get_loop_prop( 'total_pages' );
        if ( $total <= 1 ) {
            echo '<nav class="woocommerce-pagination"></nav>';


Im using your PWF filter plugin on this page: Im using the latest WP, Woocommerce, Rank Math and the GeneratePress theme.

All filter fields have the setting “Display toggle content” set to off. This does hide the toggle icon, but the title remains clickable and thus toggleable.

I would like the fields to be visible at all times, both on desktop and smartphone. How can i accomplish this?

If you have any other recommendations about my use of your plugin, please also let me know.

Kind regards

Hi, I think a clickable title is an issue in our plugin. I will try to fix it as soon as possible.
For a mobile device, Please edit the filter settings and click on the responsive tab and set the responsive option to “OFF”.
Finally, there are no recommendations you did a great job specially design.

Hello, everything is working great except for PWF plugin filter is not displaying on shop pages on mobile devices.

Please provide instructions on how to show on mobile device.

Thank you

Hi, I will response on email as soon as possible. (You team support ask the same question)

Hello, I’m using ACF on my site (not woo). Avada theme. Is it your plugin compatibile with ACF? Thanks

Or using my contact form on my profile page and send me login details

Message sent…

Hi, I’m sorry to late. I responsed in email.


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