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make it word press

There will be wp version soon.

how do i get all the example in the demo. i am looking for the hurry up especially

You can edit index file of package and on bottom of it you’ve got puzzllerry function called for each of them with settings. Thats if you ask about js settings.

About styling. All of them are using default puzzllerry styles and 2nd one with circles use border-radius: 500px; and icons as background.

If you’ve got any more questions or dont understand something, feel free to ask. And I’m not sure what you mean by ‘hurry up’ – you mean quick response or something else?

Is there an option for each puzzle to link to a url? Also is there a size limit for the puzzle size?

You can use normal html links with puzzllerry, there is no limit for size of puzzel

I mean when you open each puzzle, there is a piece of text floating on the bottom of the image. Can that link to a URL?

Yes, of course.

This a is very nice piece of design and coding. Five stars.


This is an awesome plugin!!! A few questions:

1. Is there a way to define what happens on a second click? Or disable hyperlinks while hidden? What I’m trying to do is set a link on text or image that appears after clicking an item. The problem is that the link is accessible even though its hidden. So instead of clicking tile, then clicking link, the first click triggers the link. Does that make sense?

2. Is there a way to start movement after a timeout while cursor is still on slider? If not its cool I’ll try to find a task or something to automatically move the cursor out of the way so the tiles will move again.

Thanks for this great plugin!

Sorry if I wasn’t very clear.

Okay well first off I’m using the ants mode. When I click on an item it expands and reveals the “label” section, right?

Well lets say I click on item B, the item should expand and reveal an image that contains a link. Well, when I click on item B I’m taken directly to the url of said hidden image. Item B never expands. I did find a work around though. I’m moving the “label” div off screen with css and then having it re-appear with the “puzzllerry-opened” class you supplied. Very cool by the way. So yea that’s my first issue, but as mentioned its kinda patched up so not too concerned for it as much. But if you know of something better I can do about it I’m all ears.

Okay now the second issue: I’m putting this on big touch screen where people will interact with it. I have the browser reverting to this page every time the computer is idle so the page is always displayed. However because the mouse cursor is sometimes left in the region where the plugin is located, the cool movement animation does not continue. Is there something I can do about this?

Unfortunately I’m not familiar with jQuery. I have taken a look at the code for it and found some timeout and hover stuff but I don’t even know where to start tinkering. lol

Thanks again.

about 1st one – I will make option like ‘disable link of closed puzzel’/.

About 2nd one – I will make some option like ‘stop on mouse hover’

Thanks a lot for poiting them. However I’m busy for about a week now, so if you need it fast, let me know so I will give you some quick solution.

Thank you, that would be great! No worries, no rush. Thanks again

wrong section, my bad

Hi; is there any way that cubes always appear in the same order. at the moment each time I refresh the browser, the order of cubes change. Thanks

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