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Excellent although pity we cannot see it in action.

Does the scoreboard allow users ability to put in a name?

Can you use your own pictures?

no i didn’t add the functionality of users, but it’s not hard to add you use a prompt(“enter your nickname”) and display it using Get element by id innerHTML and the same thing using upload (element by id src) for the avatar.

Does this work on phones and tablets?

For the website design , it’s compatible with tablets but for drag and drop using tablets and phones, i’m not sure and i can’t test ,

Can we integrate this to a FB page ?

Yes, Facebook gives you the ability to present the user with content within an iFrame.

Hi there, can I integrate it with a other HTML 5 app that run on android devices.

unfortunately the current version of the puzzle is not responsive ! and as i know, the html5 canvas is supported on android devices, may be you will have some performances issues …

Hi. I recently purchased your puzzle, because you said that it work in IE7. But it doesn’t work in IE7. Please, contact me and give me the neccesary instructions to solve this. I don’t know if the problem is the canvas tag. And how to initialize the function without this tag.

Can you make it into a multi-player game with PayPal integration so you can make a wager and challenge friends to win cash, like this one?