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Is the app cutting up the picture itself or did that need to be done manually?

The app is cutting the picture itself. You don’t need to cut images into small pieces. Depending on level there are 12, 25 or 49 pieces created. Look at screenshots.

What is the width and height of the puzzle images?

Width: 525 pix, Height: 700 pix.

Is graphics for buttons switching images created automatically?

No. It’s not good to scale 525×700 images to the small size of buttons. It’s better to select characteristic area (it must be done manually) from the image and create button from it. Buttons have two states: normal and selected (so there should be two images for each button) It’s up to you what gfx you use for image buttons.

Can I load images from the server?

No. They are hard coded. You will have to change the code by yourself to load images from the server

Is it working with New iPad (retina display) ?

it was created for iPad1, iPad2. I don’t have the New iPad (iPad3) and so far I don’t have a chance to upgrade the file and test on new iPad.

How many different images are used in the game?

There are 5 images in the game.

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