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Where is the live preview??? :/

You can view it here

Good work !!! Good luck with and big number of purchaser. I viewed your demo page and i have small suggestion . Close button on polaroid frame that well be nice function

Can you place a link to jump to the artist on Last.FM??

Sure, you could use the “url” property of the artist object for this.


How does the API work for this?

Can we create a xml page that gives the images ? i dont need last.fm connection ?

Did the following but page wouldn’t load. “To make the plugin work, you need an API key from Last.FM which can be found at http://www.last.fm/api/account"

Does this work with wordpress?

Hey, You need to be a little more specific for me to be able to assist you in any way. The page wouldn’t load is not very useful to me.

I’m sure you could get it to work with WP, but that’s not what is was intended for initially.