Discussion on Pushy Buttons

Discussion on Pushy Buttons

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Wow great work :D

This is by far the best button pack on here! Looks stunning, good luck with the sales.

Very pushable buttons – nice work! :D

I’ve liked it a lot! Good Work!

Best buttons I’ve seen so far :-)

Thank you all!

I may create other interface elements with the same look and feel :)

Great job on these, they look awesome! :)

Tony, how to style a submit button in a form ?

I tried like this but it doesn’t work, eahh … input type=”input” class=”btn_yellow” name=”search” value=”Submit”

Can you show sample code here ?

These buttons can only be applied to anchor tags not form elements. You can fake the submit to be a normal anchor tag and send the form with javascript when the link is clicked.

Tony, it would be super great if I could get this to work with a form and submit button!

Do you think you can post a small sample code here how to do this with faking and javascript ? It would help me alot and probably some other users also :-)

Can these buttons be used with aswell?

Nice buttons btw, i feel like pushing them :P

You should make a keyboard out of this :)

I just purchased this. The buttons are great, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to include a 5GB CSS file if I’m using only one button. I mean, you should have found a way for separation of styles. Why include all these styles when I only need one.


23KB for sure aren’t 5GB :) I included this file as a bonus for you buyers. You can see those buttons are sold separately on CodeCanyon here:

You can always remove the styles for the buttons you don’t need.


Oops I’m sorry I didn’t which item you were commenting.

Sorry for the misunderstanding


The buttons look great! I’d like to use this for our billing system, however, I’m unable to edit the HTML code, but only the CSS file. This means that I can only define the “input” CSS element in order to make it work.

Would your buttons fit to my requirements?

Thanks in advance! :)


Thank you for your comments!

Unfortunately, the buttons won’t work on input elements. You can only assign those styles to anchor tags.


I need the button in the middle of some paragraphs. When I remove the float: left, the button expands to the entire width of my page. How do I put a button in the middle of the page that still auto sizes to my text?

Just purchased. I like pushy buttons. You deserve for the 5/5 *

Can you please tell me how should i change the size of the button which line have to edit ?


In the buttons.css file you need to change the padding and font-size of the buttons. For example, if you take the white buttons:

.btn_white span{ padding: 5px 10px 5px 10px; font-size: 12px; ...........

should become something like this:

.btn_white span{ padding: 10px 20px 10px 20px; font-size: 16px; ...........

You can experiment with these values until you are satisfied.


Nice work mate