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The plugin has been developed precisely for those who want to develop their own apps (from scratch, or using our free libraries). However, now we also offer on our website a pre-packaged Android app (iOS app coming soon). Hope it helps!


Is it a requirement to have to register a user’s email address?

According to this:

the email string is optional.

However, according to this:

it’s required? Please let me know where to find the code that doesn’t require the email address and just submits the user’s token / Device ID.


Hey! ok thanks, that worked great. Can you point us in the right direction for Android? We can’t determine how to get around the email address for Android. Thanks.

On Android you have to use the refreshToken, as described in “Integrate Push Notifications into Your App’s Main Activity”. I advice you to read all the documentation we have written for the libraries, and follow the steps in the same order you’ll find there.

ok, thanks. We weren’t clear whether it went directly into subscribing after doing the registration.

For oauth, we’ve set up the consumer and secret keys in the Oauth section of the WP plugin. Copied these over into Xcode (AppDelegate.m):

self.restClient = [[DSRestClient alloc] initWithKey:......

However, when we run the app, we get the following error:

application:didFailToRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithError: Error Domain=PushErrorDomain Code=401 "Parameter oauth_consumer_key is missing" UserInfo=0x15e203e0 {NSLocalizedDescription=Parameter oauth_consumer_key is missing}

Can you please let me know what we missed? Thanks.

Hello! Please send a detailed message to our support team, providing your purchase code to check the license because it does not appear that you have purchased the plugin.

Hi there,

Is there some sort of code we can add to Xcode to clear the badge # when the user enters the app or have it count up correctly?

Right now, whether we send 1 or 6 push notifications, the badge number always stays at “1” and doesn’t disappear even when we go into the app afterwards and then exit.


Hello! Yes, you have to call [[UIApplication sharedApplication] setApplicationIconBadgeNumber:NUMBER]; (Push Notifications for Posts sends you the correct number of unread notifications, then it is your job to decrease them when the user reads the post on the device). Hope it helps!

I’m new to push notifications, please explain to me how users actually revive these. Do they need to install an app on there mobile I guess?

Hello! Yes, you can only send push notifications to a specific (your own) app, so an app is always required. This is not a limit of Push Notifications for Posts, but an Apple/Google requirement. If you are interested, we sell a pre-packaged Android app which transforms your WordPress site into a native mobile app thanks to Push Notifications for Post/WordPress. Hope it helps!

there is a big issue im facing and it seems i cant find any solution or explainations for it

once my tokens reach big numbers it doesnt send notifications anymore, but somettimes it does. at this moment it stop completely and i just reach 17k

if the problem is from my server it means that once we have a lot of tokens the plugin breaks ?

ive contacted you on the support but you didnt give me answer otheer then update the plugin


Hello! You never answered to our question :) From what you wrote it appears you use a very old version of the plugin. Perform the upgrade (following the documentation), then if the problem persists please contact us through our support form. Hope it helps!

i have updated the plugin and started the gathering the tokens but after it reached 7000 it stoped sending notifications.

right now i have 15k and i see only 800 messages on the statisics thats how many users recive the notifications and also non of devices receive notifications which mean that maybe no body is reciving a ntotifaction at all.

Ticket received! Our team will respond via email.

Does your WordPress site need to be https in or to send push notifications?

Hello! No, it is not necessary that your site site secured with HTTPS. Hope it helps!

Hello, I am using Cordova app and now i want to send push notification from wordpress to my Cordova app. Please help me how can I connect wordpress and my app ? I have purchased your plugin.

Hello! Unfortunately there are too many combinations of platforms, frameworks, and languages to enable us to write an “official” guide for each one (the combinations are almost endless!). However, some of our users have written tutorials for the integration of our plugins with Cordova. We recommend you to follow this one (which applies not only to Push Notifications for WordPress (Lite) but also to Push Notifications for Posts). Hope it helps!

Hello, I have two problems, first ,some post send two notification for same post and the second how i can tell the website the post will be read only send not read and the picture below describe this issue

Hello, can you answer me

Hello! Regarding double notifications: you are the first that report such problem. Our technical support team will need more information to be able to troubleshoot the problem: plugin version, WordPress version, PHP version, operating systems (iOS? Android?), what’s happening exactly and when. Please send us this informations via our contact form. The more relevant and detailed information you can provide, the more likely our team will be able to diagnose and resolve the issue. Regarding the other question, I did not understand what you mean, could you explain?

Hello, I send the information to your contact form plugin version: 2.0.1 WordPress version: 4.2.3 php version: 5.4.39 operating system: IOS

Hello, I have a news paper web site and app as well of this web site (wordpress) I want to setup notification on my app.

For app i juse json API pluing .

Here is my site link :

app link :

The problem is m not too good in java to setup this plugin on android studio. if i buy this plugin can you guide us to setup notification on my app ?


Waiting for reply.

Hello! Developing an app is something extremely complicated and requires fundamental programming skills. It is impossible for us to guide you step by step. However we offer a pre-packaged Android app. Alternatively, if you need the help of our team developing your app(s), TSIs (Technical Support Incident) are available for purchase. Hope it helps!

Hello, we do not know that plugin, but we think it’s not compatible, without changes, with our solution. Hope it helps!

Hello, I bought Push Notifications library for iOS , and when i use this library i have this error ((DSConnection.o)) was built for newer iOS version (8.3) than being linked (7.0)) and i changed the version but the error same

Hello, for the libraries support write us directly through the Contact page of our website. Hope it helps!

if I install the plugin and created an application with, work?

Hello, we do not know that system, but we think it’s not compatible as it has its own push notifications plans. Hope it helps!

Can this plugin be used for sending push notifications on desktop chrome ? I dont have a mobile app , I just want to send notifications to my users on their desktop chrome, like

Hello! Push Notifications for Posts only supports mobile push notifications, but we are working to integrate desktop notifications in our premium plugin. Hope it helps!

Hi, i have a pre purchase question. I publish a app with a wordpress plugin, i need push notifications, it works without modify the apk code and the most important question is if is work for the buddypress activity. Best


please note Push Notification for Posts has been discontinued on February 2016 in order to focus entirely on the most powerful Push Notifications for WordPress.

Regarding your questions: - Your app should be modified to accept and show push notifications. - You can use Push Notifications for WordPress with BuddyPress, but a little server-side coding is required. Specifically you have to implement the BuddyPress’ hooks of your interest by calling the function pnfw_send_notification($user_id, $message, $user_info).

Hope it helps!

Hi, thanks for abswer me. If i give you my apk app that it is syncronize of course with my buddypress and admin wp credentials, can you give me a quotation for this extra feauture? Best.

I doubt I bought this plugin and do not know if it is the lite version that you offer on your website for free and if the professional version.

Do you have a dedicated admin panel like izooto?

I have this in my debug: INFO: Disconnected. 19/12/2016 10:02:27 STATUS: Sending message ID 5 [custom identifier: unset] (1/0): 237 bytes. 19/12/2016 10:02:26 STATUS: Sending message ID 4 [custom identifier: unset] (1/0): 238 bytes. 19/12/2016 10:02:26 STATUS: Sending message ID 3 [custom identifier: unset] (1/0): 238 bytes. 19/12/2016 10:02:26 STATUS: Sending message ID 2 [custom identifier: unset] (1/0): 238 bytes. 19/12/2016 10:02:26 STATUS: Sending message ID 1 [custom identifier: unset] (1/0): 238 bytes. 19/12/2016 10:02:26 INFO: Sending messages queue, run #1: 5 message(s) left in queue. 19/12/2016 10:02:26 INFO: Connected to ssl:// 19/12/2016 10:02:26 INFO: Trying ssl://…

Hi,I bought the wrong plugin by mistake and would like to know How I can have a refund of that,I just see when was trying to install and notice when the plugin couldn’t install because of my wp version is not compatible ,I talked before with envato support and they redirect me to this place to contact you,thanks for ur help.