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Integrate other application

It is neccessary to copy the following files to your application, in the base directory: src/com/pushnotification/app
  • CommonUtilities.java Change these variables by their own
static final String SERVER_URL = Constants.SERVER + "register/setRegisterAndroid";
    *static final String SENDER_ID = Constants.SENDER_ID;
  • ConnectionDetector.java
  • GCMIntentService.java
  • ServerUtilities.java
  • WakeLocker.java

In the res/values/strings.xml copy everything that is within the following tag<!- GCM ->

In the AndroidManifest copy everything that is within the following tag <!- GCM ->

Copy the following function verifyRegistration() of RegisterGCM.java file to your project and your application will be integrated.

Notifications not arriving?

The sending of the notification depends on the following:

  • Internet speed
  • Number of requests to the server GCM
  • If the device has internet

Unicode characters?

Yep, place the collation as utf8_bin in the message table.