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hello, i am interested in this script but one question.

I have an already existing android app with about 50k active users. Can I use your script to send push notification all my users?

This is the purpose of which i need this script. If this is possible please let me know so i can we can make purchase. If it requires customization also let me know..

Thank you

Good day, first of all, the project is conducted in eclipse if you use android studio will have to make corresponding changes. No there is no problem when added to your application will detect the lack of registration on the server and register the device or the user depending on the recording mode you select. You will need to do an integration of my code with yours because as I defined in the product description is not a library, but a project to start a development will require programming skills. Greetings and hope to have solved your doubts, otherwise I am available to assist you.

Hello, Can the notification ring with sound?

Good day, Yes, you can change the notification sound. Greetings and hope to have solved your doubts, otherwise I am available to assist you.

I get an error from android studio ?

I’m trying to project..

He does not, it fails. and you sent me made? maxidestek@gmail.com

I paid no avail.. :/

add time and date notifications.?

hola se puede agregar ya a un proyecto existente una aplicacion personal y que esta sea una layout mas. y si pueden tener fecha y hora las notificaciones. gracias.

Hola, buen día si se puede incluir en un proyecto existente pero requiere de bastante trabajo, necesitas tener conocimientos medios de programación. Lo que recomiendo es usar la aplicación como base para un desarrollo. Saludos.

se puede trabajar en android studio

Hola buen dia, claro te dejo un video donde explican como importar el proyecto a Android studio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJGOwTlzgw0


aviii Purchased

How to get message display automatically without refresh button ? what to change ?

Hello good day, you need to create a thread in the main thread every X amount of time see the API to bring the last messages stored. It is also could place a call on onStart and onResume. If you give me time I could make this update, at least one week. Cheers

Dear Support I have Install App demo but how i can try and how our staff can join the app to try Thanks and i waiting your reply

Hey nice app. Can it be modified to get a preset location of a device and then send a notification to the admin(one of the user) and same when they leave the location.

Do you have a dedicated admin panel like izooto?

can we manage user group and post category.. means can we sent notification to user group??

and is that unlimited notifications??

please reply i have to buy it now

Hola, como puedo acceder al panel de control? Un saludo

please Developer Reply…

i cant configure

Can you please provide me your skype ID or contact me on skype ID:- howardmeldi01@yahoo.com