Push Notification App + CMS

Push Notification App + CMS

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This application allows the sending of notifications and creating different content through the same feel free to try the demo.

My main idea is to facilitate the work for the development of applications that require notifications, alerts for scheduled appointments, new events, etc. Anyway This application arises from this need. The versatility of it is that you can use two functions that produce massive sending a notice to all registered devices or can select specifically who need to send the notification. Using as a basis the application allows you to save development time basically.

It is worth mentioning that notifications arrive at the device once this count on internet, if it is the case you do not have internet at the time of delivery, the notice reached the moment that has internet access.

Push Notification App + CMS - 1

Application features:

  • User Registration on a server both data anonymously.
  • Receive notification server.
  • Viewing the latest notifications.
  • Creating different events through notifications.

CMS Features:

  • Developed in MVC.
  • Sent mass notification.
  • Sent personalized notifications.

What You Get:

  1. Full android source code (Eclipse IDE)
  2. Full server side
  3. Documentation in javadoc format
  4. Documentation to configuration
  5. Data base in sql format

Server requirement

- PHP 5.3