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Nice Work ~ GLWS ~ DigitalCenturySF

Thanks !

I purchased the previous version of your plugin which has since been removed from CodeCanyon. How/why is this different from that version (since I would have to buy this again…)?

Hey there, the previous version only worked on safari and required https (SSL). This new version works on Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers and https (SSL) is not mandatory. We have also rendered the prompt native which increases the conversion rate. We would be more than happy to give you a 50 percent discount since you had already purchased our previous version.

Thanks Eric !

I just bought the plugin, and I just registered, now that I’m going to start secion on my website tells me it is incorrect. Also I realize that besides I have to pay for the plugin I also have to pay a plan?, If so I would feel stolen.

I just tried again to enter and I’m leaving but I still see that one has to update the plan. Tells me I’m a test member. I do not understand that. Payment for a plugin and I have to segir paying a subscription, I definitely do not find the grace to the matter. Or a subcription or is a paid plugin. But the two do not seem to me either taste or grace.

Juan, there is no problem with our push monkey plugin. The problem is the in the way you signed up. You signed up with one website, but installed it on another. Push packages are website specific. You can now sign in again from WP Admin and you should see the expected info. Thanks

Ok I’ll try again. But it is not entirely clear, because they say that I register in two places but use the plugin in one.

1. I first register for free trial with a personal account for but I did not do any process.

2. After I saw the plugin I made the purchase of the plugin waiting for other options. And I register again with the official account of the site where I probe with the plugin.

Are two different things to what they say.

Pre-sale question. Does this plugin support both iOS and Android platforms?

Hey there, currently push monkey supports google chrome browser on android platform and Chrome, Safari and Firefox on Desktop. Web Push is not supported in iOS. We are hoping Apple allows for it some time down the road so that we can implement it on iOS. Thanks

What is the equivalent plan on PushMonkey compared to buying this plugin from here?

Buying the plugin at codecanyon is just a one time fee. There are no additional charges. We do offer monthly and yearly plans on our website but this listing is a special listing for code canyon customers.

Awesome work! Best of luck!

Thanks !

I’m trying it on your website, but I’m stuck at the ‘upload’ logo page. I try to upload a logo but nothing happens. I tried both on Safari and Chrome…

Hey there, We just released our non wordpress version today so there might be a bug that may be causing this issue. We are looking into it now. If you want, please email me the logo and we can add it for you. Email –



Your plugin seems nice.

I have a few questions.

1. Where do my subscribers stored?

2. Do I need a Gooogle API?

3. Do I have to subscribe to your service at I’m a bit confused…

Kind regards

Hey there, the subscribers are stored on our server. You dont need a google API. You can buy the plugin here as we are offering a much cheaper price here at codecanyon compared to what we have on our website. You can simply buy the plugin here and then we can activate your plan.

i already verified

wordpress login always show Your account has not been verified yet. Please try again later.

but in your site can login

and it show You are currently rocking the FREE TRIAL plan.

Hey KaiChi, I have verified your account and the login should work now. Please logout and log back in to see the changes. Please let me know if you need any other support. Thanks

can you clarify for me – does this push notification to mobile safari visitor?

Hey oceandesign, Pushmonkey works on Desktop Safari, Chrome, Firefox and mobile chrome…Thanks

Dead demo link. Common theme here with apps older than 4 months

You can check the demo on our website at

I´m confused. what is the diference between your plugin here (one payment license) and your service at your website (montly payment ?? i mean, if i buy this plugin i will need to pay for a montly plan anyway??

This is codecanyon special pricing. Its just a one time cost and you will be getting the starter plan offered on our website We have added several new features such as scheduling, image push and many more !


Does it have a push notifications for when users sign in and register their unit to my website?

Please confirm. Thanks.

I am confused. I read that we need to have account at and you are providing starter plan. How many subscribers can I add and what is the limit. And on how many websites can I install this awesome tool.

i have created webview application for iOS and android, is this plugin work with that application?

Currently Push Monkey works on the following: Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Samsung and Opera Devices: Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Devices OS: Windows, Android, Linux and MacOS (OSX).

Is this Plugin still being supported?

Hey there, yes, we are still providing support for our plugin .Please let me know if you have any questions. Cheers !

Hi. I am creating Android and iPhone apps using Wapppress plugin. And I need an automatic push notification for when someone has updated a database (patients’ data for instance), and the notification will be sent to all in a member-category. Does this plugin deliver that task? Thank you.

Is there way to collect people from multiple websites?