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Hello (google translation – sorry if bad translation)

I bought your plugin Push Down Banners there’s that long, and then was removed from the market and I had not been downloaded. There you are again with the same plugin, but should have bought (because no option to download again), for me it’s not normal.

I do not understand why, put on the market the plugin removed then back and force users to have bought again what they had already bought?

I would like to download the plugin that I bought this plugin …. Thanks for your response.

Best regards.

Hello Kader, sorry that you purchased without ever receiving the product. This item has been re-listed under a new product ID so any old sales won’t be updated here. Please send me a Personal Message and we’ll sort this out. – Thanks.

Hello (Google translation) Thank you for your response. Can you tell me what email address you sent a message please. Thank you Regards,

Send me a personal message on my profile page http://codecanyon.net/user/steiner_881 – At the bottom of the page where is says – Email steiner_881 – Thanks.

I cannot get the youtube video to work… It also doesn’t work on your demo site either. you can hear the sound, but there is no video to see…

Hi Thanks for pointing that out, ok check now. http://pushdownbanners.com/WP/youtube-example/ – This is only using 1 HTML Banner – Here is the code for you YouTube – www.pushdownbanners.com/clients/youtube_code.html – View the Source code of that page – Since we want the video to start at the same time that Banner pushes down we select No for the “Will your banner auto-open?” Option, then manually trigger it to open and play at the same same using this JavaScript – PushdownAd.get(‘PushdownAd1’).open();player.playVideo()”, 5000 – Try that out and let me know. – Thanks

why is this $15? it’s a free download on the WordPress plugin store

Yes exactly. It is the full version.

great! I had downloaded the other one, and it led to your site with prices for Lifetime, Professional, Plus and Personal. Does that still apply, what do i get with this version as opposed to those prices and plans?

No those do not apply.

Hi Steiner,

Great plugin. I think this is what I am looking for. I looking to recreate the ad experience on http://www.popsugar.com/ (the Nike ad on top of the site)

1. Can your plugin do that?

2. In your demo the close button is below the content of the ad. Can I have the button layered on top of the ad so that there is no space between the ad and the header?

3. Can I change the close button to text or another icon – i.e. to look more like the example I mentioned above?

Thanks in advance for your help! – Paul

Thanks again for the above info. Can you help me replicate the push down ad on this page: http://espn.go.com/?adtar=mkdemo_pushdown to include the open and close arrows shown?

I emailed you admin access to the email address listed in the quickstart html

Steiner any chance to look at this?


Couple of questions:

1. I tried to upload an image but it exceed the 50kb max. Isn’t taht rather small? How do you recommend I get images within that size but still retain their large size? I am trying to create full width push down.

2. is there anyway to duplicate the open and close icons in the push down ad found on this page: http://espn.go.com/?adtar=mkdemo_pushdown

Hello, I’m thinking of buying your plugin, but I noticed another site (http://www.expandablebanners.com/buy.php) that seems to be selling the exact same plugin. Is it the same? If not whats the difference? Is there a monthly fee associated with this plugin? Thanks in advance!

I am having a problem with long URLs being attached to the banners, they truncate after a “&” in the string when you save it. This renders that ad broken for the client. Anybody else having this problem, if so, how did you fix it?

I need to buy this plugin, still sells ?

Great work. Good luck

Hi Steiner,

Request a support, install the basic pluguin and run the expandable banner, install the premium but it does not work and has the same banner


apillai Purchased

Hello, I purchased your plugin and am having issues with a html pushdown. I am trying to use an external html file that has a Brightcove video player. If I view the html file by itself, I can play the video. However when the page loads in the banner, I can see the player but the video does not play. Please advice. Thanks


zbnhb Purchased

Banner link is not working, it’s only working on preview page.

I’m using image banner and Option 2: 2 Images (Open Banner & Main Banner ) + Auto-Close.

When you click this image, will this image dissappear? – this option is not working too.

All the options working only preview mode. When it placed on main site, all things are not working. How to fix this errors?