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Hi I have installed the plugin, validated my Purolator connection and I can see where the rates have loaded from Purolator. My problem is that the rates do not get put onto my cart. the cart says that the shipping method is missing however when I check the shipping zone the Purolator method seems to be there. any ideas on what to try settings seem to be ok.

I looked at all items listed and all seem ok although it has not appeared to rate anything as it says nothing has been calculated in the rate look up. I checked the rates are available when I validate the keys. All that is in my download page is the file I downloaded this morning so not sure where to get it my version say 1.2.4, please advise if I upgrade it from the installed plugin or if it is a downloadable patch and where I can download it.

Great news, the updated plugin is available (version 1.2.5). Please download it from your CodeCanyon downloads area. It should have a much better process to handle box packing and other issues. All the best!


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Hi there, I have this issue: Instead of choosing among the 14 Customer Pacakging defined boxes, sometime the plugin packages the items in a boxe that is not among these 14 boxes, even if there are boxes big enough in this list to contain all the items in the cart. In the options, I have choosen: Package Type: Customer Packaging. And I have checked: Enable Shipping Box Sizes. Thank you for your help!


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Hello, Do you have an estimated date for the release of your next update? Because in the meantime, I should unactive Purolator shipping to avoid confusion with the shipping box and shipping fees. Thanks!

We have just recently submitted an updated version of this plugin to address the box packing. There was a fix for a similar issue that you are having with the several separate boxes. This update will be available on CodeCanyon as soon as it is approved. I will let you know when it can be downloaded. All the best!

Great news, the updated plugin is available (version 1.2.5). Please download it from your CodeCanyon downloads area. It should have a much better process to handle box packing and other issues. All the best!


I have a question to ask: In the Sender address section, if I add more than one address, does your plugin calculate shipping based on the customer closest to the addresses I’ve entered in the backend?

I have a website that has four warehouses products will be shipped from. If a customer buys products from warehouse A and warehouse C I want to know if your plugin recognizes the zip code and charges based on the nearest location.

Any insight you can give into this will help. Thanks.

Yes, that is correct! The sender address is geolacated by its postal code and the plugin will select the closest location to the destination postal code when it does the lookup for Rates. It does this selection by a distance calculation. This choice is saved with the order information so you can tell what warehouse was selected. All the best!

Thanks for the fast reply, truemedia! If I have anymore questions about this issue I will let you know.

Hey i need some serious help with the purolator plugin. i followed the steps exactly but the shipping prices are crazyyy high!

We’ve been using purolator for years, but the calculations shows different from what we’re used to. For example a customer buys 200 notebooks from us and it should cost 35$ to ship. But on the site, when you enter 200 notebooks shipping comes up to $3,516.56! (i the postal code i entered is the same postal code as the sending address too)

you can see for your self here-> Just put 200 notebooks in the cart and see how the shipping goes through the roof.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

Kind regards,

Thanks, I’ve been away on a trip, but I will do some tests using large quantities and those dimensions. All the best!

Hey, just following up; i shot you a few emails. I really need some support with this, we only have 1 product!

Thanks, we’ve responded. One important setting to check is the “Ship Separately (PrePackaged)” option on the Product edit page. Please make sure that this is unchecked, to allow the products to be packed together. We have tested your product (weight and dimensions) with the Boxes you have defined and found that it does pack correctly with 50 or 100 items. So there may be an issue such as the items being marked as “Ship Separately” or missing dimensions (such as height = 0). Thanks and all the best!

hi, We would like to avoid warehouse clerk having to manually enter the tracking code in the woocommerce order.

Is there a way for the plugin to get the tracking number and status from Purolator Webservice based on the information that was entered in the Purolator warehouse terminal? Like the order number? Thanks!

Thanks for using our plugin. No, there is currently not a way to automatically add it by looking up tracking numbers by order id/reference number. There may be an integration solution at some point (such as a custom page that the warehouse clerk can use a barcode reader on) but it would depend on your setup. All the best.


1-The plugin seems to be able to connect to Purolator Webservice to get the status based on the tracking number. Please confirm?

2-The tracking number now HAS to be entered by a human. But the system already have the orderID, and Purolator ALSO has the Order ID after it is submitted by the warehouse system. You mean there is NO way for the plugin to query Purolator with the orderID?

If not:
  a) Is this in the forecast?
  b) Is this something that could be customized?


Yes, 1- The plugin uses the tracking number to lookup all the details using Purolator webservices. The issue with using the OrderID to look for a tracking number is that it may not always be accurate, and sometimes is not found.
But Purolator does have a Webservices method that provides what you’re asking. `TrackPackagesByReference` is a method that needs Reference Number (OrderID), Destination Postal Code, Source Postal Code and a date range of when it was shipped. It then returns the Tracking numbers that match this information.
We don’t have this as a feature in our current upcoming version. But I just wanted to let you know about the method, as it could be developed in a secondary plugin. All the best.

Anyway we can get this guy to generate the slips and pull the tracking numbers automatically. In a perfect world I could send the slips to a folder that prints and the tracking automatically fills itself in. Think this is possible?

This plugin currently does not have the functionality to create shipment labels. You would still need to use Purolator’s software to do create the labels. After the label is created, it will have a tracking number that you can enter on the Woocommerce order. This plugin will then keep the customer updated with the tracking information. Sorry about the manual process to create shipping labels but we hope to add this functionality in a future version. All the best.

Hello, The field to enter a tracking number is not generating. Thanks,


Can I get some support on this?

We mentioned in the previous comment that this plugin currently does not have the functionality to create shipment labels. But it can save the tracking number to the order, as provided on a shipment label (that you create using Purolator’s software or from their depot). All the best.

Hello, I have a few presale questions, I want to be clear on.

I can predefine various sized box sizes to use for shipping?

If the customer buys 8 various sized items it will pack them in the appropriate sized box and give a shipping rate based on 1 box to the customers address?

I can manually enter the tracking # after the order has shipped?

Will it add this entered tracking number to the completed email that woocommerce sends to the customer once the order is marked complete?


Thanks for considering our plugin. Yes, you can define various sizes of boxes to assist in packing the products in the cart. The plugin uses a box packing method and will use the predefined boxes to put the products inside, trying to use the smallest box for the most efficient shipping cost. Yes, you can enter the tracking number on the order and the tracking information from Purolator is populated. This tracking information is then included in the Order Complete email (Or Order Invoice) as well as the My Orders page for the Customer. All the best!

Hi, I can’t access my settings on my plugin it says i’m not allowed to have access to this page. But this is my site, my plugin and i bough the product. Can you help me through this?

The link to the Settings my be incorrect. Try going to Woocommerce > Settings > Shipping (tab) then choosing “Purolator” just under the tab. You should be able to access the Purolator settigns there. Make sure you are still logged in and have activated the plugin. The “Not allowed” messages usually happen when you’re logged out or when the link to the page has expired. Hope that helps!

Hi, the price estimation doesn’t work on my website Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t so i called purolator to see if they receive the evaluation and they do receive request it just doesn’t show up on our checkout estimation. How can you help me making this work?

The Purolator estimation is very sensitive to invalid postal codes. They have to be real postal codes for it to return a rate. Also, if you have multiple items in your cart and there are enough of them to need a second package, it sometimes can timeout because of the secondary request. However, you could enable “Rates lookup logging” to see if there are any errors or view the request to the Purolator API. Hope that helps!

Hi, do you guys have a “get documents/create shipment/void shipment” function on this plugin?

Thanks for using our plugin. No, not yet. The create shipment function is something we hope to add later in the year. The functionality is possible, it is just the user interface that would need to be programmed. All the best.

I’m trying to get a development key from the Purolator development centre but keep getting: 1003: Sorry, your request could not be completed at this time. Is this normal?

Also, your documentation says to Request a Production key, and then to enter your API user name and password, however, when I signed up, Purolator emailed me a Production key and Production password. Is this the same as the API user name and password? If not, how do I obtain and API u and p?

Yes, that sounds like you have the Production Api user and password. Yes, it’s the same thing as the Production key and password. You don’t need a development account to get started, since rates and tracking are only useful with live information. Try putting in the Production user/key and password and click “Validate Credentials”. Hope that all works well. All the best.

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Thanks, we will contact you with information regarding your setup. It is best to email support with sensitive information. All the best.


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A pre-sales question: my customers has negotiated better deals with Purolator. With this plugin, can these better personal rates get accessed based on his client number with them or will buyers on the website only see general rates?

Yes, this is true for our Canada Post plugin as well. All the best!


tbaynat Purchased

Great, and both plugins work well together?

Yes, they work well together and independently. Thanks!

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Can you advise what is the best method to update the plugin? I am presently using WooCommerce Purolator Webservice Method version 1.2.2

I have downloaded codecanyon-6502904-purolator-woocommerce-shipping-plugin.

Is this the update? If so, is it compatible with WordPress 4.8.2?

Thank you! John Brigham

Yes, the plugin zip file is inside that download. You can use the Wordpress admin to delete and re-add the plugin. Don’t worry, you will not lose any settings with that process. And yes, it is compatible with Wordpress 4.8.x as well as Woocommerce 3.2.x All the best!

Thank you. – Scary to do but worked as promised!

Great, glad to hear it worked. You can now use the “Update” tab to enable automatic updates—so then it’ll be easier for any future update. All the best!

When we generate a shipping estimate the value is lower than if we put the values into Purolator’s shipping estimate. Upon further investigation, it appears as though the get_rates() function in woocommerce_purowebservice.php never uses the dimension variables of the package. Could this be the reason we are seeing inaccurate shipping estimates?


Interested in your plugin.

Need to know the following questions before making the purchase:

1. Purolator offers standard and transport shipping. If it is a big order, it needs to ship by transport on the pallet. Is this automatically determined via the Purolator web service when the price is specified or will there need to be some customization on the plugin-end?

2. If shipping will be restricted by region can that be managed via native WooCommerce and your plugin?

3. Based on the customer’s product selection, the dimension, weight, and quantity will be passed to Purolator and the calculated price will be returned. Is there anything else we should know or need to pass?

We are looking to get started with this plugin soon but want to try and make sure we get all the questions addressed to ensure this meets the use case. I will greatly appreciate a quick response to the questions.

Thank you!