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c_poole Purchased

Purolator plugin shows “No Tracking Data Found” for all shipments via the order page although if you click it and go to Purolator’s page it shows in progress or delivered. Any ideas?

Maybe Purolator needs to enable the function “TrackPackagesByPin” for your Account in Production? In another comment, they had not enabled “GetServiceOptions” and in so doing it was not getting a success message when validating credentials. Could you ask Purolator to enable “TrackPackagesByPin” on your Production account? If this fixes the issue, then I will add this as a setup step (When asking Purolator to enable your production account, also to list the methods needed). All the best!


c_poole Purchased

Sent the request. Will keep you updated. Thanks for the quick support.


c_poole Purchased

That did it! It’s working correctly now. Thank you again for your help.

Hi there. I’ve just purchased this plugin and am trying to integrate it in with my Woocommerce store. I’ve enabled it in Development mode and my development credentials are valid. Just can’t seem to get rates to show up in my cart. Here’s a link to the store.

My flat rate pricing shows up but now my Purolator prices.

Thank you for your time. Mike

For the US drop shipping, you could use the built-in Woocommerce flat rate shipping for just US customers. This particular flat-rate method can be configured by shipping class as well. However, it is not by the location of the inventory, as that is a much more complex setup (and I’m not sure if there is a plugin for that yet).
The multiple warehouse feature of this plugin assumes you’re using Purolator for each of them and want to choose the most economical distance. All the best!

Hi there. quick question. If we were to use Purolator for our shipments from the US as well how do we go about allowing the plugin to set up a US based place of origin.

Right now in the plugin we only see Canada as an option when trying to set up a place of origin. Is this something that needs to be setup with Purolator directly?

Currently the plugin is not able to use a US address as an origin for the rates lookup. Let me know if you are able to ship with Purolator from the US location and I will look into this functionality. All the best!

I have a few pre-sale questions. My client has a Woocommerce web store with a flat rate of $15 for shipping within Canada, and a flat rate of $20 to ship to the United States. The web store has no dynamic shipping rates at all. If a customer’s order is equal to or greater than $150, the shipping is free. My client is based in Canada and uses Canada Post (specifically we now use your Canada Post plugin, which is great btw!); But now it looks like Canada Post might go on strike, so we need a backup option. She also has a Purolator account. Will this plugin work for her needs?

Will my client have to weigh and measure the contents of the packages and enter those details into each product separately? Or can she do it manually after the product has been ordered?

I am not familiar with how Purolator works, will my client have to print a shipping label? If so, does your plugin provide that functionality?

Besides having a Purolator Developer account, is there any other service, free or paid, required to use this plugin?


Zach Miller

Great! Yes, all you need is the Purolator Developer account (free). This plugin will do rates and display tracking information on orders. It currently does not create shipment labels for Purolator. (Hopefully in a later update this will be provided).
After an order is placed where the customer has chosen a Purolator method, it will display the weight & dimensions used to calculate the rate right on the Woocommerce edit order page. So your client could use this information when packing/estimating the cost. However, they’ll still need to get a packing label and ship at a Purolator office. But then they can enter the tracking info on the order and the tracking details can be sent to the customer on the email invoice from Woocommerce. Hope that helps!

Hello, after WP update plugin still calculate shipping but not adding shipping fee to total? Did we missing something or something was broken?

Have you updated this Purolator plugin up to at least version 1.2.1? Then with the new version of Woocommerce, you’ll need to add Purolator to the “Rest of the World” shipping zone so that the rates will be calculated. Hope that helps!

Here is a quick guide on how to add Purolator as a shipping method in the new “Shipping Zones” feature of Woocommerce. All the best!

Thank you for quick reply. Will let you know.

Hi there. I purchased this plugin but unfortunately it doesn’t allow to drop ship from different locations in different countries. We have several warehouses in Canada and the US and this plugin doesn’t allow us to define the proper shipping rates.

Thank you, Mike

Hi Mike, Currently this plugin doesn’t calculate from a US sender address—- We would like to update it. But the method GetQuickEstimate that we use from Purolator Webservices does not give the option to use a non-Canadian source address. (I tried a US address and it provides an error message). I would need to learn more from Purolator EShip webservices if they support US addresses as a sender location. All the best!

Thanks for this truemedia. At this time may I request a refund as I will need to find another method to accomplish this?

Sure, since there is functionality that is not available to you. You can make the request through Envato. All the best.

I have a client using this plugin and we’ve run in to a couple of issues: 1. The plugin is set up following the directions on the support page, but when I try to add Purolator to a shipping zone, it’s not in the drop down box.

2. Purolator shipping methods do show up on the checkout page, but once selected, the section reloads and automatically deselects the Purolator option and re-selects the default shipping option.

Thanks for using our plugin. This problem is just because you’ve upgraded Woocommerce to 2.6 and haven’t also upgraded this plugin to the latest version. You can get the latest version from your CodeCanyon downloads page. When you replace the plugin, your settings will be preserved. All the best!

Worked like a charm. Thanks!

I have purchased the purolator add on into my woo commerce but i need to show all the shipping option live. I have already selected the live option inside purolator but it is not visible at frontend of my site

If you’re already using Woocommerce 2.6+, make sure you’ve added Purolator to the “Rest of the World” shipping zone. (Go to Shipping zones and click on “Rest of the World” then click “Add shipping zone” and select Purolator). If you’ve already done that, here are a few things you can also do to ensure you get rates displayed in the cart. All the best!

Actually the problem is once the customer login via woo-commerce shipping methods disappear default its coming if you want to test am going to send you my website link

Updating to the latest version of Woocommerce may resolve this as they had some bugfixes related to shipping. Does the “Validate Credentials” give a successful result? Ensure you have “Production/Live” selected for the Rates lookup api mode. There may have been a temporary problem with the Purolator webservices server. Hope all is well now. All the best!


I cannot see the purolator shipping method on frontend of the website , so customers cannot see shipping methods i already followed the steps that you given in the plugin section.

how can i resolve it?

Does the “Validate Credentials” feature give a success message? Also, take a look at the “Rates lookup logging” feature to see if there is any issues. The products need weight and dimensions entered for this plugin to be able to get a rate from Purolator. You can try this list of things to get the rates to work. Hope that helps! All the best.


merenes Purchased

Hey there,

thanks a lot for this great piece of codes !

I have this simple question though… How should I proceed when setting up the expedition’s fee/box: Box/letters section if I want to do the packaging myself ? Should I put all my product variations to individually packaged or leave it unmarked ? I added in all the sizes and weight even for the two size of box I’ll be using but I’m afraid that if I’m wrong with the settings it might end up charging a wrong amount for the shipping. I’ve heard many people did that and I don’t want to be the next idiot ending up wasting people cash. This is the first time I build a e-commerce website and so far it’s been quite easy using wordpress. This shipping plugin part seems to be the most time consuming of all…

Thanks for your help !

Hope all is well and if you need assistance setting up this plugin, just let us know if there is anything specific that you still need help with. I recommend leaving the individually packaged unchecked because then the products will be automatically packed to the most efficient package size for the shipping rate. All the best!

I have successfully setup the Purolator Plugin on a new store so that lives rates are showing up in the cart. When I press the calculate shipping button in the cart it takes between 5 and 10 seconds to return the rates. Very frequently(often many times in a row) no rates are returned after about 10 seconds. I have enabled the rates lookup logging. This is the error message that I receive: Failed. Error: http_request_failed: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 5001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

FYI, when I disable the Purolator plugin and only use a Canada Post plugin a live Canada Post rate is returned within 1 second.

Thank you.

That might be either a temporary issue with the Purolator webservices server or if it is still timing out then your server’s firewall is blocking the connection. You may need to contact your web hosting support if this is the case. Ensure you are using the “Production/Live” api mode for Rates lookup. Hope all is well now. All the best.

There is an update notification on my WordPress site for your plugin, but the message is “There is a new version of WooCommerce Purolator Webservice Method available. View version 1.2.2 details. Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin.” so how do I update it and can I do so without having to recalibrate all of my package dimensions and all of my settings?

You can download latest version from your CodeCanyon downloads page. When you replace the plugin, your settings will be preserved. If you’re using the Wordpress admin, you can simply delete and re-add the plugin. You will not lose your settings during this process. All the best!

Hi, we bought the Woo-commerce Purolator plugin. We need it to be installed. Do we need an e-ship account with the merchant key to connect it properly? Thx for your support.

Yes, you can sign up for a free Purolator eship account and use that with this plugin. You’ll need to also submit the form for “Production Credentials” after you sign up. Use these credentials to get accurate rates and tracking with this plugin. All the best!

Hello Your plugin breaks my site. I have installed your plugin and gone through all the nonsense of getting the different production and development keys. Please note that your directions are missing several vital pieces that do not correspond to purolator antiquated developer portal. This means those trying to set up this plugin have a 50/50 chance of setting up the wrong part. AT any rate finally got production keys which don’t work (I guess purolator needs to approve first) and development keys which appear to work. I did get a response the first time I pressed the validation button on the setup page. It only worked once though, after that no dice. Also when I went through to put through a test order, as soon as clicked the button to calculate shipping my entire order and page it was on went essentially blank. My order / cart page did not come back until I deactivated your plugin. And then there it was again. Is there something I am missing. I am using woocommerce version 2.6.8 with wordpress 4.6.1 is the problem that I can’t have the calculate shipping on cart page enabled? I tried turning this off and still everything dissappears on the cart page. Note that I deactivated your plugin and put through a plain order with no shipping to make sure it was not something else wrong and was able to go all the way through to the endpoint and the receipt. Then turning on or activating your plugin again and retrying an order once again the cart page goes blank. Actually this time could not even get to the cart page. Please let me know what to try. I would rather not have to buy the more expensive Woocommerce plugin for purolator.

Thanks, I’m so glad you’ve solved the issue by upgrading PHP. I will put in the documentation that this plugin requires PHP 5.4 or higher. Woocommerce recommends 5.6, so that’s a good one to be at. Yes, you are right about the development api returning random-seeming rates. The development mode doesn’t return real shipping rates at all. (It’s not very useful for website owners). So yes, please contact Purolator eShip support and request them to get your production keys approved and active on their web services. You might even do well to explain that you need them for rates and address information. Hope they get them active soon! All the best!

Yes thank you and yes please add to your instructions. I filled in the wrong form and applied on the purolator site several times to get the right thing. Got an activation code first which was not what I needed. Is not clear in your directions or in purolators which choice to make. I signed up as a merchant at first because the explanation for the developers choice made it sound like going that route meant I would have to work with code and setup my own programming. So please add a picture to your directions for that first choice to make on the purolator eship site. Also let developers/web designers know they should sign up with their clients account information and will need to have their client forward the resulting information to them. Your instructions are pretty good except for those starting steps. After you login with that first activation after signing up on the eship site, there is no clear path to where to ask for the developer or production keys..and the link you include in your instructions goes to an error was only the link I found scrolling through the comments here that led me to that correct spot, so please add that into your instructions as well. The purolator site is REALLY bad the development process is explained but not a single link anywhere on the site to get development or production keys. The lack of information turned an easy plugin setup into a 4 hour nightmare. I hope you don’t mind my suggesting some improvements.

Thank you, I appreciate all this information. I will update the instructions with screenshots and steps for the Purolator webservices signup and activation with the clients information and the other steps you mentioned. I’m sorry you had a difficult setup but at least you have it working now and see how it should be set up. All the best!


sharpar Purchased

When I try to validate the production credentials, I get the following error message:

Production/Live Server :Failed loading SOAP XML

Server Error

401 – Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.

You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

StartTag: invalid element name Failed API Credentials did not validate.

This message means that your Purolator production credentials need to be activated on Purolator’s live system. If you are sure that you have copied the username/password correctly, then you need to contact Purolator eship support and ask them to enable your account on Production, to use the “Get Rates” and “Get Address Info” methods. Hope that helps!

The plugin is only calculating a price once and a while. I can start by adding an item and it will calculate the cost correctly but when I add another item it wont calculate. Ususally if I remove City it will then calculate the shipping but even browsing and then returning to the cart makes the shipping vanish. What am I doing wrong here?

The second item you add might not have weight and dimensions entered – this information is needed for the plugin to calculate rates. Also, take a look at this list of things to try when there are no shipping rates displayed. Hope that helps!

Hello I’m trying everyhting and I can’t get a rate to show. If I pay for installation can you debug my problem?

Well, I can try to help. Is your Purolator eship account working—- when you click “Validate Credentials” does it have a success message? If not, you’ll need to contact Purolator support and have them activate your account for Production. This sometimes is an issue. Also let me know if there are anything on this list that may help show rates in the cart. All the best.