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I just want to ask if the pager(1 of n) is available in grid?


Yes, paging is available in grid whenever required.

Hi Good morning, we are interested in the product, we need additional customisation while calculating costing not only man hours, need to consider raw materials, equipment / Instuments they utilised to be considered. Can you do it as per our changes. We need source code also. How fast you can respond in case a service call. Do you come by Skype or WhatsApp or other …..

My Skype Id: jacob.consultants and WhatsApp: +91-789-3929-769

You get the source code when you purchase the product, but we cannot guarantee any change or response time.

Thanks for the response but, we are ready to pay customization charges /change request. Please advice

before buy, can you help to install on premise or cloud until live

Installation is not included in this package, users have different environments so we can not make installation on other servers or remote servers.

If you still need installation, you need to buy hosting from us, than we can help you to install.

We can’t provide help for your environment.

Really sorry for this.

I am confused to use HRMS

1. A project have different module and task, how to keep all module under one project. 2. If I want to create a team under a project, at the initial time itself need to give the time time and cost. Once assigned the time can’t edit. 3. Assigned Task just showing the task details. Once completed where should I mark as completed and time taken. Also showing under which project? 4. Didn’t find an option to get consolidated report. 5. Attendance management feel wrong. Every one punch time show as 9 and once punch in 6 pm taken as punch out by default. 6. Total working hours per week is not showing. 7. There is no option for check the completed task, progress task, uncompleted task. 8. How a web master get the details of time sheets filled by people under him

1. Task is just dalily things , which doesn’t contribute much in the system, it is just like you write notes for your team. 2. You can delete and assign time and cost again (it will work ), ex: if you want to increase hours just delete old one and assign new, its simple, please try. 3. As i said these are just notes. 4. You can see timesheet and project summary/status on manage project page. 5. It is made like this. 6. This is not in the system. 7. Again these are like notes 8. Just click on my team and you can see all details. Also please see youtube tutorial , it will help.