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all list view have pagination function? Can we upgrade asp.net mvc 5?

Can I have list of third party tools used in this source code?

when you register user, it will automatically create there account with only dashboard page and you can assign permissions to each employee, up to every module , which is covered in permission section, if you have time you can see our youtube tutorial which have 10 videos and you will user permission/management there. thanks.

we have used only opensource tools like asp.net mvc,plugin for print,html bootstrap for designing, all source files is made by us , so no need of worry for 3rd party tools.only asp.net mvc , mvc ipagedlist and bootstrap for designing is used. thanks

Hi, can we translate the system to another language ?

you can assign HR admin , the access of attendance module ,http://www.purehrms.com/assets/img/features/attendance.png (screen), when a users/employees apply leave, that leaves will appear in red color on the top of this sections (no applied leave is show in this image given).and from this you can see leaves. Also the upper member (reporting person) can also see and approve leaves of the junior members. Thanks

How can we arrange those sections? And can we translate english files to another language ? We don’t need multi language . Thats all we need another language as one. Thanks.

Please see these tutorials one by one and you will get all information https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa4PFMtUK5xnwWNqdgWH48kL9ICAzvHb9 .Also if you need more tutorials we will make more tutorials after your purchase and let you know. Happy to help. Yes, but you need to translate it by yourself if you want , because currently this application supports only English language (because i only know english). Thanks

when are you finishing the under process and other items?

Hi, can this operate under another erp which is PHP?

and can i host it on our company server?

it requires a windows server it will not work on php (linux) server, yes you can host it on your server if its a windows server.

Hi there,

I would like to add new page under Basic Controls. I have created and written code for Model, View and Control. But, I am facing one issue. When i try to run, i get error like The resource cannot be found.

I think it is because of the permission in database. Can you help me with this?

How can I add new page and make it run perfectly? is the error because of the database input?

Thanks in advance

Thats nice feature to have. Thanks for your update.

Your welcome :-) , Please give us 5 rating if you like our product, it will be thankful.

MVC 5 Entity Framework ?

Too much work and too tedious assigning permissions to each employee. What happens if a company has 1000 employees? Why don’t you set up user group permissions instead?, such that if an employee is added to a particular user group, the employee inherits that grous’s permissions? Much easier and faster

good suggestion, i will think about it in future updates. thanks.

is there a step by step tutorial for the installation? Can I install on Wamp server?

This is an Asp .Net Software it can’t work on Wamp . Moreover a document is included in the item for changing setting for asp.net web server. You can read that. Thanks

the document is for the settings not the installation itself.

Step 1: you just need to upload the files inside the folder ’ ‘UploadOnServer’ all files should be uploaded on root folder. Then go to ’ web.config ’ file and change the connection string as said in the documentation. That’s all you have to do.

Step 2: a. make a database and a user of database on your server. b. restore the database provided ( in database folder ) on your server. c. pass username and password of the database you created in ‘web.config’ .

All things done.

PS: it should be a windows server with asp.net and MS Sql 2008r2 and above installed.


Can this system pull/sync employee, department, manager info from ActiveDirectory and/or support LDAP or Windows authentication?

No, it uses a custom module using permission stored in database tables and check each time when request arises. Thanks.

we try to Install but not working and we have send you email no one replay

Hi, I didn’t get any email from you. please try to contact again or leave here your email so I could contact you.

Adding user roles to Controllers and Controller Actions inside the Web GUI

Hello, we have an ASP MVC 4.52 web app, and want to purchase a user role management GUI with controls for adding, users, roles, permissions.

Does the component support the following.

Adding, Users, Roles, Permissions  




  1. In the Web Gui for admin role, does the application list/show all the controllers and actions inside the controller?
  2. When I add the permission for a role, does it let me add or map the User Role to the Controllers and Actions.
  3. Does implement hte security and authentication correctly, if the user does not have a role, will the roles prevent user from typing the path to the controller/action (route) to the action.
  4. Can I also manage multiple companies/groups (multi-tenancy) inside my applicaiton – for e.g. Company A has Manager, and workers – Company B manager should NOT be able to see company A employees

I am asking because, I notice, when I typed the route directly in the URL to controller – action it went gave access, even though your app did not have to role permission for the user

1. No its not available 2. No , we don’t have any gui for roles. we only have permissions modules. 3. No roles using GUI not possible 4. No it does not support multi-tenancy. Thanks

Hi, Do you have any calendar integration, can the users see their timesheets or their plans on the calendar or the admin?

No we don’t have calendar at this time but we will upgrade if we get time. But you can see back tim?sheet after selecting date. thanks

have purchased ur source codes today, am facing a proble of configuring database pls assist me.

Dear All greetings we are interested in your system but we one to know if you could provide us with some modification on it such as - RTL support because the Arabic language is what we use - We need the system to work on a local drive and sync with the system online on the hosted server due to the situation in our country now days the internet is not reliable and we could set a numbering and items number so that the data won’t conflict !! what i mean if some one is adding lets say a new item when the internet is off and at the same time someone is using the system online adding another item under the same category most likely the system on the both sides will issue the same number so form my point of view we could ad may be OL to items number when the system is off line - the system needs to count the items price average ,, when adding a new item with its price under the same category the pice mite vary from day to day so we need the invoice when distributing the item to count the average between all the item category price

please let us know if this is possible and how long would it take to be finished and your fees thanks alot

Hi, Sorry for the late response, this options are not possible in this version Thanks


I am not sure how I can use this in my server. I have copied the server items and I have changed the database entries. I still do not know how I can get this to work. The videos on Youtube do not work. And your instructions are very vague on the installation for a non programmer.



Hi, First you need to check if your IIS is working ok. What do you get if you run http://localhost ?

Hi, I get the iis splash screen.

Try to install visual studio 2015 (it’s also free) to rut it from local host or local computer.

Hi, Can you please provide more information about deploying the application on IIS?

Hey you do not need to configure IIS , i never did, just upload it on server, it will work.

Moreover, if you still need to configure IIS than make a virtual space and add files in to that space (Many online tutorials are available for free).

Also note that you need to have ASP,MVC & SQL on your server

Like! Congratulation!

Thanks :)

source code included

Yes, whenever we update, you can download the latest version available.

can we edit the code?

Yes, you get the code so you can edit it

Hi, do you have a desktop version of this? I hope you can sell only the database schema of this project as a separate product with complete documentation of the fields used their description and their relationship to each table with PK and FK. Thanks!

Hi, There is no desktop version. In case you want the database schema you can purchase the regular product and connect only to the database without using the web option.

Hi, I hope you can sell separately the Database Schema because I am developing for the Desktop. Thanks!

Hi, You can but it as is and have the database schema for it Thanks

where is reporting section, i want to see monthly attendance and leaves etc??

Attendance can only be seen by admin, users can’t see it. If you give access to users they can see all attendance of users. Also see video tutorial to get the more information, it will guide you to see the attendance using admin account.

self service => My attendance not working

Hi, Sorry for late response, what error are you getting? can you send us a screen shot?