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Looking really nice so far! Its not working in IE9 for me though (Version 9.0.8112.16421). Not in the demo nor the downloaded file. I can type in the box (obvisously!) but none of the buttons have any effect.

It has been tested in IE9 before it went live – I’m currently working from a mac at the moment so I’m unable to test but i will look into this again.

I ran into a problem with this. Sometimes I don’t receive what’s been typed into the text box, 2 out of every 10 posts I submit, it only returns the default message I had before I started typing into the box, so I end up loosing everything I wrote.

Something I would also suggest is, when copying from another site, and pasting back to the text box, it pastes everything including background. It would be nice if you can make it strip certain tags so it doesn’t paste everything. Leaving the background color out, font style, ect… and just leave the basics like the link, underline, strong, ect…

super fab. thanks for getting back to me =]

Yes, its working better but it still does it sometimes. I even removed the validation. But this time I notice it more when I type something quick and press submit right away, like in 2 to 3 seconds. Sometimes I get nothing submitted, and sometimes I get half of what I typed. But its doing it less than before. But it still happened to me about 6 times from about 40 posts since last night. I’ll email you a link to my site with a test login incase you want to test it out.

emailed you with a fix for your issue.



Is it possible to obtain a br > valid ?

br > -->  br / >



Hi Mick,

Could you re-word your question so i can make sure i understand your request properly.

Many Thanks


The line breack are recorded with a br not valid.

Do you think that it is possible to obtain a line breack valid <br /> ?

>Line breack and W3c validation.

Thanks! :)


The code generated is generated by the browser using technology which is not controlled by the script, there is scope to validate the code before its submitted but there is no planned maintenance to sort this in the coming weeks. Keep your eye on the script for updates and i’ll do my very best to look at this during the next update. Many thanks.

I think your answer above applies to my comment also, but whenever i use enter to break the line (while using chrome) it creates an instead of

does this support for images and video?

Pure Lite clash

work independently of each other

you can watch the following video

This seems to be a UI bug rather than a functionality bug, where by the button state is incorrect when clicking between editors on one page. I will look into this and get back to you when i can.

thanks Could you give information after the update

By making a request or suggestion to copy and paste data is added to RTE that match your html characters optionally be provided clean right?

are you planning to add additional functions to this editor? i really miss some basic functions like lists and alignment… but great work so far!

thx :)

Its definitely on the cards however im so far behind on my schedule at work at the moment i honestly have no idea when this might be – it will be before Feb, but i can’t say when, could be 2 weeks, could be 2 months =[ so sorry!

I’m having troubles, it doesn’t submit changes when I edit on the html view, only when I work on the WYIWYG . Any ideas?

Well this be updated to work with the latest jQuery Version?

I’ll look to get an update out this month, i can’t promise but ill do my best. Cheers

hi, i’m having troubles with val(); i try to assign a value trought jquery like this $(“descripcion”).val(“texto”); but doesn’t work…! any idea ?

sorry, was a type error… in the program, the selector is write right… but doesn’t work, thanks in advance !

please PM me your page and ill tell you where you’ve gone wrong :)

hi, thanks for the reply… i resolve the problem, use html instead val and exclude the code line from $(document).ready {} and work fine ! thanks a lot… !!

Amigo, gostaria de saber quando será possível você fazer a atualização nesse código? (Muito excelente). Estou querendo incluir imagem mais não estou conseguindo. Abraços

Can this be use in wordpress out of the box? thanks

Could you message me through my profile with your email and i’ll collab with you to find out.

This is not a wordpress plugin if that’s what you’re asking.


Can I insert your editor into a <textarea> element in a <form>?

Can I load multiple instances in same page?

This code work on iOS?


Hello, can I use it as online editor like google documents and save all my files online ?

You’re welcome to develop it further using the files you download but that functionality does not exist “in the box”

I am having a problem with the form sometimes being posted without updates, that is, the text received does not contain the last changes done using the toolbar… this seams to be due to the updates firing when loosing focus on the toolbar… is there some way i can use jquery to manually trigger this update on a button onclick? further, is there a way to clear the text using jquery? clearing the textarea does not work since it is hidden …